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Castle scaffolding comes down to reveal a Sleeping Beauty almost awoken

Friday, 20th May 2011 at 14:34

Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment

For all the worry over Sleeping Beauty Castle being covered by scaffolding for its complete restoration, it all seems to have been over in a moment. Visitors have watched over the past couple of weeks as first the decorative scrim was taken down then, after a short delay, all of the scaffolding covering the front of the castle came down. While the scaffolding at the back, in the Castle Courtyard, has risen to new heights, the section covering the north easterly wing of le château, on its right-hand side, is now almost all gone. So, what does all this disappearing refurbishment detritus reveal? Well, a Disney park landmark still in transition… almost returned to its full beauty.

Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment

Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment

Whilst the five new shades of pink have now become very clear, the brickwork a crisp new palette of pastels and clean ivory white, there are many remnants of the previous 1998 repaint remaining. The rooftop above the main window still has its grimy yellow gradient effect, the two golden spires have yet to return with their renewed shimmer and work continues on giving the previously blue/green turret roofs a stronger blue colour. Previously, we’d seen the rooftops painted in a solid, dark blue. This has now been softened with two additional shades on top, to give the same scattered pattern as before, although it’s still clear to see which rooftops have been given the new look against those which haven’t.

Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment

Progress has continued this week with the removal of all the scaffolding on the castle’s north easterly wing, revealing a truly gleaming façade behind. On Twitter, @InsideDLParis has been charting the work and captured the photo below which really shows what a fresh coat of paint does for details:

Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment

Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment

Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment

Following a much-needed clean and repaint, the waterfall on the other side of the castle was also been turned back on yesterday. There’s still much to do before the restoration is finally completed this August, but this will mostly consist of smaller-scale works and final touches done using moveable cranes and lifts. Rooftops to be completed at night and paint colours to be finished up in the daytime. And then, at long last, this Sleeping Beauty won’t be dormant any longer.

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  • wow! she’s looking beautiful can’t wait to see her fully finished!

  • Wow! I hope to take some pictures on Monday.

  • We look forward to seeing it for ourselves on Wednesday (25th May 2011)

  • It looks and will be more gorgeous when it is all finished. A true fairytale castle.

  • I wonder...  20th May 2011, 17:31

    Oh no!!!!!!! I’m going to Disneyland with my 5 year old daughter in July, this will take the magic away from her, I should at least get some refunds or compensation!!!

  • I am not sure about the hue of ble they chose for the main towers…. looks too blue to me…

  • Thats a relief! I’m going in 10 days and I’m happy that I will be able to take a nice picture of me in front of the castle. <3

  • I agree with the person who wrote that this scaffolds takes all the magic away. I visited the park the first of May with my friends and we were all very disappointed with this! We flew from Italy to visit the park spending a lot of money and I think is not fair to see the symbol of the entire park in this conditions! At least they should have informed the guest before selling the tickets! They could have done this works at night like they always did.

  • I have to say this is what I have said for all the works on numerous sites. Whether it is good for 20th anniversary or not – people are going NOW! Why ruin peoples holiday for one year to make happy guests the next? Say for instance someone cannot afford both years and did not know of the works – they have a unhappy holiday because they only care about next year. Or that is the way it seems. The same quality should be given and is expected.

    Maybe if they kept up with the work in the first place?

    And surely – people who see this may not WANT to return for the 20th or any year after that if they are to be made to think this is the quality of the park. The primary focus should be on making guests return in order to lower the debt!

  • Aww, come on guys. Fair play to Disney, at least they care about the quality of the park. And it looks so much nicer!

    If it was left without any of this tidying up at all, it would have deteriorated a long long long time ago. They have to keep standards up.

    And I’m sure they have been working on it at night too! It’s not all in a nights work and they have to do it sometime!!

    It looks beautiful :)

  • Can’t wait to go in October/November and see the finished article! Can’t see how they could have done so much work without putting up scaffolding, but I can understand people’s disappointment, especially if they did not know in advance

  • Can’t understand the complaints here. Sure, I prefer the sight of an uncovered castle, too. But if renovation is needed – no problem. A fun visit doesn’t only depends on a certain building or ride. To me it’s the whole package with lot’s of things to do. A highly frequented amusement park needs refurbishments from time to time. It sure can be dissapointing for some, but at DLRP is so much to see and discover that it shouldn’t completely ruin a visit. In these days it seems like people are more and more unwilling to accept things like this, but complain on the other hand if the parks start to look outworn. It’s not like you get nothing, just because some refurbishments are going on.

  • Just want to settle the score for myself here. I know the refurbs need doing. I am happy they are happening. The castle does look better. YES! BUT! Doing this many in one go may ruin the holiday for the poeple going NOW and not the future. My point is – I expect refurbs. As someone who loves theme parks and rides – DLRP is my favourite. But the theming of the park is what excites me – unlike other park. And with this many refurbs going on at once instead of gradual stages – people may be upset now which could have a negative effect in long run. Which is bad news considering the debt and the improvement in visitor number recently.

  • Hi everybody! Do you know if with all these workd in the Sleeping Beauty Castle is it possible to get in? Or is it closed??

  • Hi Maria! Don’t worry – Sleeping Beauty Castle is still open, this is only an exterior refurbishment.

    For those complaining about these works, you’re a little late — look above! The scaffolding is gone! It’s practically over! The only work between now and August will be smaller-scale repainting that will barely impact on your view of the castle. Disneyland Paris are even doing the vast majority of it at night so as not to interrupt your visit.

  • It looks so beautiful now! It looks nice and refreshed and ready for the next 15-20 years!

  • I really dont see what all the fuss is about, if it didnt look all sparkley and pretty would you want your money back also?? i will be going in August and i can say i don’t mind if work is going on around me i learned from being twice last year that it most certainly does not take away from the magic and amazement that the park offers on a daily basis…there was work on going while i was there in October and it didn’t dampen my spirits or my 5 year old daughters either if anything she cant wait to go back and see the finished product :)

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