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Tinker Bell presents the Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary logos, with lashings of pixie dust

Tuesday, 10th May 2011 at 09:45

Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary logo

A 20/20/20 vision: The official logos for the 20th Anniversary are here! Who cares there’s eleven months still to wait and that so far we only know one addition. Tinker Bell couldn’t wait any longer to prove that, when she’s not churning out direct-to-home video movies, there’s nothing she likes better than to jazz up a few anniversary logos with some pixie dust sparkle. This trio of three differently-formatted logos are the first pieces of the resort’s promotional materials for the big events of 2012 to be released, revealing a shiny, pretty, colourful logo that looks, well, exactly as you’d expect. Glossy lettering? Check! Pink castle? Check! Tinker Bell? Check! It looks a definite step up from the 15th Anniversary logo, however, with a much bolder and more modern design style that includes a nice multi-coloured pixie dust trail from Tink (reminiscent of Tokyo’s 25th designs)and giant sans-serif numbers. Even the Castle looks perfectly pretty, with no humiliating Mickey Mouse symbols plastered over its windows, something that had become worryingly trendy over recent years.

Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary logo Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary logo

One of the secondary logos simply features the Disneyland Paris logo with “20” to one side, similar to the classy alternative 15th Anniversary logo which became increasingly popular through that event. The semi-circular design of the main logo, meanwhile, looks like practically every Disneyland Paris logo of the late ’90s. It’s hard to know whether the recurring themes of the castle, Tinker Bell, fireworks, pixie dust and circular shapes show a lack of a imagination or a fun nod to the past. At least this time, the Peter Pan reference might tie into an actual anniversary event.

Past Disneyland Paris logos

What do you think? Let’s have scores out of 20!

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  • I like it, simple and it stands out, well done DLP, lets see what else is in store. Only 3 months to go till our next visit, can’t wait.

  • I like the main one, the others are lacking though.

  • I think I prefer the 15th Anniversary logo, but I like this one aswell. Maybe going a bit over the top with the gold, but I love Tinker Bell!
    Will definitely be going to DLP for the 20th Anniversary with my whole family! I cannot wait!

  • The new logo looks awesome! However, the castle in DLP is one of the parks strongest assets imo – it’s known for being the most beautiful of all the Disney castles! :P So I just wish the logo showed a little bit more of it, similar to the 15th Anniversary logo :) But the fireworks are brilliant! It definitely adds sparkle! :P

  • Yes! I love it. At last!

  • I wonder...  10th May 2011, 19:45

    Nice logo, but prefer 15th anniversary logo, going for my next visit in just 7 weeks, so I will avoid most refurbishments, I would kill to go back right now!

  • I think it looks great

  • Robert/Cologne  10th May 2011, 20:48

    Would love to see Tinkerbell flying from the Castle again……..
    What with LEDs it could be really amazing

  • stargatebarbie  10th May 2011, 21:41

    love it will look nice on all the pins ,bags t shirts mugs im going to buy when im there next year lol

  • reminds me of a snowglobe

  • Kevin Garon  11th May 2011, 08:25

    i score it… perfect 20!It’s been a wonderful year to Disneyland Paris! Hope I can go there and celebrate your 20th anniversary with me!

    Well done, Disneyland Paris!:)

  • Kevin Garon  11th May 2011, 08:30

    20 years has been a wonderful and successful year. Well in fact, I’m also celebrating my 5th year for being a Disney fan.. Well you can invite me if you like haha!

    Great job, Disneyland Paris!:)

  • I wonder...  11th May 2011, 17:50

    I have been to Disneyland Paris every five years and am going in July of this year again and this is probably the worst logo so far…

  • I agree it does look rather like a snowglobe!
    I do like it though – it could have been a lot worse. Nice to have Tinkerbell there as she is always popular, and I like the way she has circled the castle, with the fireworks.
    The other two do look rather plain in comparison though, but still better than being gaudy.

  • I Love it !! Very simple but very pretty :)
    Coming back in October for the International Festival of Dance and Performing Arts! So excited! <3

  • Austin Kelly  4 days ago

    I think the main one is a bit IN YOUR FACE, but the others are all good, if not a bit void of any trace of magic.
    Still, they are the best logos on that list, apart from the near perfect 15 years logo.

  • Wow, it looks really amazing!I can’t wait for the college trip in April!

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