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Jack Sparrow audio animatronics to finally join Pirates of the Caribbean for 20th Anniversary!

Saturday, 7th May 2011 at 16:20

Drink up me hearties: Captain Jack Sparrow is coming to Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris in 2012! The European version of the attraction will finally end a 5-year stint as the only edition not to reference to the blockbuster movies, adding the exact same Audio Animatronics and special effects which “plussed” the Anaheim and Orlando rides in 2006 and Tokyo’s version in 2007. That includes three animatronic figures of Jack Sparrow himself, looking remarkably like the Johnny Depp character — one amongst the mayor/auctioneer scene, one hiding in a barrel and one drinking up in the final treasure caverns. In addition, the captain of the ship in the “attack” scene at the bottom of the first drop will likely be replaced by Barbossa, and the Imagineers will hopefully find somewhere to position the mist screen projection of Blackbeard, which was just announced to replace the original Davy Jones projection at Anaheim and Orlando yesterday. In the three broadly similar versions of the attraction already updated this comes at the start of the ride as a forewarning, but with the Paris edition having a different story layout its exact position is currently unclear.

The update has been confirmed internally for a while now, though so far hasn’t been officially announced and isn’t likely to be for a few months at least. But there we have it, our first known 20th Anniversary addition! Funnily enough four years ago we were talking about this exact update for the 15th Anniversary, but that’s Disneyland Paris. It seems like every year since then the rumour has resurfaced again, as those behind the magic tried to push it through the budgeteers, whilst money was spent instead on theme year after theme year. Most recently it looked like a dead cert for this year, what with the much-anticipated fourth film due out this very month (and enjoying a huge world premiere event at Disneyland in California today). As Captain Jack would have said several times over by now, “If you were waiting for the opportune moment …that was it.” But next year will do just fine, providing a solid Imagineering addition in what’s otherwise looking like a very Entertainment-based anniversary.

So, enjoy “On Stranger Tides” in stereoscopic digital 3D and then set course for Paris this time next year, to see Sparrow come alive in three real dimensions. And he only took 6 years to cross the Atlantic!

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  • Why could they not invest more in entertainment and new rides rather than these updates which may be what fans want but what about first timers and occasional park guests.

  • Thats a shame – i liked the fact that the DLP version hadn’t been tinkered with.

  • Yeah, I agree. The most awesome thing about Disneyland Paris is the touch of class it has. This is not what I would call a touch of class, and I LOVE the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise.

  • Have we heard of any specific dates?

  • Such a shame and in my opinion a waste of money.

  • It’s definitely going to be a shame to loose the last remaining version of this ride that’s still true to the original :(

    I love that the DLP ride hasn’t been changed like the others. After all, the ride inspired the movies in the first place, not the other way around.

    But at the same time I can’t deny that it’s still going to be exciting to see this ride updated with Jack! A lot of younger fans who maybe don’t appreciate the classic qualities of the original ride will probably find this very exciting indeed!

    Hopefully they’ll do a good job of fitting Captain Jack into his surroundings and everyone will be happy :) Fingers Crossed!


  • disney 101  8th May 2011, 15:55

    this version of the attraction was unique to DLP
    but now,its a bit like the other versions of it.

  • I wonder...  8th May 2011, 17:36

    Is this a joke, so instead of investing in splash mountain they add some useless manikin into an already perfected ride.

  • no vision, no money, no clought our resort is like a dog it sits and rolls over at TWDC whim. Look at Midway Mania we did not want it because of the cost but TWDC wanted us to have something to help promote Toy Story 3 so we had a cheap Toy Story Playland which has had numorous problems since opening day.

  • I agree that I would not like to see POTC changing too much ( where has the swinging pirate gone??) but must admit that I am happy to see Captain Jack added to the ride, as most kids will be looking for him.
    My boys certainly liked seeing him drunk at the end of POTC in WDW, and said why can’t he be in DLP.

  • dont agree with the previous comments glad to see this addition seen it anaheim and really enjoyed it great to see the characters from the movies in the attraction. the spirit of the old attraction is still there they dont tinker with the whole attraction looking forward to this attraction in june at wdw and hopefully visiting paris for the 20th

  • Just heard that the swinging pirate is back again, so I’m happy.
    I agree with John – just adding Jack Sparrow to the ride will not change it or make it worse, but improve it.
    They decided not to include any water rides when they first built EuroDisney, so will not build a Splash Mountain anyway – why should all parks be the same? DLP has rides/ attractions that WDW and Anaheim do not have.
    The cost of adding Jack to POTC is not like building a new ride.
    If they build anything, I vote for a Soarin’ in DLP as that is my favourite.

  • I also agree. Captain Jack = good addition. It will make a difference and wont break the bank. But I think for the 20th new rides ARE needed.

    I also would like to see Soarin’ and of course the Ratatouille dark ride be built but these (if romours are true) are for the Studio’s and so I would say get the Little Mermaid dark ride – as well ;).

  • I wonder...  11th May 2011, 17:42

    I suppose the little kids want to see their pirate, idol, but what a waste of money, their already neck deep in dept so if their going to spend their money, they should spend it on something like soarin’ or splash mountain.

  • I wonder...  11th May 2011, 17:45

    @Figgygirl, okay yes maybe eurodisney agreed not to build any wet rides, but new managements have taken over long since so you never know

  • gailytennant  13th May 2011, 12:40

    They prob decided not to build any water rides cuz for about 9 months of the year you would catch your death trying to dry off!! Paris does not have the florida weather unfortunately!! Anyway im really excited to see Jack on the POTC. Tho i would b more ecited if they built a Soarin’……

  • WHAT?!!! How could they ruin this one too? I liked that this didnt have Jack Sparrow in. It made it unique and kept it to Walt’s original vision for it. Something I think should be treasured, not tampered with by making it all about Jack sparrow. Maybe just one scene of him in it, but not like all the other ones

  • Yeah, This ride is Brill, and Jack in Florida is Brill (and Will), Going this june and will now book another trip next year. to see Captin Jack in the ride!

  • I’m on the fence, love both versions. I bet that adding Jack Sparrow will pull a lot more crowds in though. I just hope they fix all the other things in there that need fixing BEFORE thay bring in Jack and his crew.

  • I like the ride as it is now, but maybe we should remember it as the day that we really caught Captain Jack Sparrow ;-)

  • Well this was quite wrong :)

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