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Stars ‘n’ Cars to lose its “petite surprise” stage number as parade stops refreshed

Monday, 2nd May 2011 at 22:23

Disney's Stars 'n' Cars

They say no ideas at Disney ever go to waste and for Disney’s Stars ‘n’ Cars, the daily parade-come-show at Walt Disney Studios Park, that means a refreshed format reported to begin this summer will be a lot like a look at “what could have been”. Matthew Burggraeve (aka @InsideDLParis) tweeted on Friday that the parade would lose its “petite surprise” stage number and instead become a “parade with a meet ‘n’ greet showstop”. Before its Parisian debut in April 2009, the parade was due to become exactly that, before that idea was overtaken by one to pile all those individual show stops into one “mega show stop” on the arguably inadequate Place des Stars stage in Production Courtyard. This has often led to guests needing to arrive over half an hour (and perhaps up to one hour) in advance to find a spot on the front row for this performance, with the vast majority of guests behind them getting a poor view of the action in the cramped and untiered viewing space. If the event becomes a more standard parade, the amount of visitors able to feel part of the action will almost double as the route up through Backlot is brought back to life, for the first time since 2009’s High School Musical Party! show departed.

Meanwhile, Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade will reportedly see even more tweaks after the “interactive” show stops introduced for the Magical Moments Festival don’t appear to have been received too well. Changes apparently due early this month include “more dancing, less interaction and new music”, which might upset those hoping to hear the return of the “Just Like We Dreamed It” theme song written specifically for the parade in its show stops. In this case, you could have said way back in March: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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  • I wonder...  2nd May 2011, 23:30

    I think all disney parade fans were looking forward to this :)

  • I’d actualy much rather see this turned into a proper parade, full production with dancers etc. Even the meet and greet will in some way limit people.

  • I think the show itself was very good, and should be on a proper stage with tiered seating – we badly need a show like this in the Studios. It was the one place where people could see and hear the Princesses sing and dance – very popular with little girls. Saved queueing for Meet & Greets, or paying for Auberge DC.
    I do agree that the location for this was not good though, as only those at the front could see well. By the time people had seen the cars go by, and then follow them to Place Des Stars, it was too crowded for kids to see anything. Maybe not so bad at quiet times of the year, but in summer holidays you had to wait for an hour in hot sun to get a place at the front where you could see the stage.
    People standing behind the stage could not see what was going on anyway, although some Characters stayed in that area for M&Gs, photos etc.
    I agree that it would be good to have more dancers or Characters between the cars – like all the 7 dwarves walking behind Snow White’s car for instance. ( shame they are not in the daytime parade in the DL park any more, I liked them, and they were very popular, along with the Hi Ho song.I’m sure I remember the dwarves walking along wearing lights in the electrical parade as well.)
    I think as long as the cars stop often enough, for everyone to get the chance of M&G, then this could work. Time will tell.
    So the new ‘ interaction stops ‘ in OUAD Parade are not a success – surprise surprise, I could have told them that – it didn’t work last time they did this. OK for people whose kids are chosen ( or shoved forward by pushy parents ) but very boring for everyone else. Most kids seemed to just stand there looking totally lost or confused by the whole thing – I used to turn my video camera off until the floats carried on again – didn’t want to waste film.
    Thanks for the news

  • When will this change take place? Will it take place before 9th June?

  • I wonder...  11th May 2011, 17:51

    I’ve been waiting for this change for many years.

  • We didnt go to see the stars and cars parade last year for that reason, we’re going again on monday, so chances are we wont see it til next year now.

    As for the changes to Once Upon A Dream Parade, I thought the music was great Surely there was no need to change that? It’s a great piece of music that really fits that parade well, wouldn’t really be the same with different music. And as for the interactive show stops, the same can be said for the dance express. I’ve seen videos of it on youtube, and I much prefer the character expresses, not this stupid dance thing that again, will result in kids being upset by not being chosen and such. But then another argument could be that if you want to be chosen or have a better chance of getting in there, get there earlier and wait.

    Last year we sat on the curb and waited for about an hour for OUAD parade, and we did not expect it when a pirate came to sit next to my son, tried to get a reaction out of him, and got nothing, my son was too interested in what captain hook was doing.

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