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Big Thunder Mountain won’t reopen until after planned May refurbishment, more incident detail

Wednesday, 27th April 2011 at 19:55

Big Thunder Mountain closed

Here’s the latest on Big Thunder Mountain following the incident on Monday which saw four guests injured and one taken to hospital. It now appears to be confirmed that the attraction won’t reopen before 27th May 2011 — that is, before the end of the already-planned refurbishment which had been pencilled in some time ago for 9th to 27th May 2011. This lengthy closure will primarily see the entire mountain (and this time, also the Rainbow Arch) repainted in its rich ochre colour, a task last completed almost five years ago in October 2006. This seems like an obvious and sensible outcome, to roll the closures into one, and the park is perhaps “lucky” with the timing of the incident (if you can use those words) that this is possible. Rumours circulating that the ride will be “closed for three months” should be disregarded at this point. The photo above, taken today by InsideDLParis on Twitter, shows green refurbishment walls now positioned in front of the entrance.

As for the incident itself, latest word is that the faux rock made of fibreglass didn’t fall directly onto a trainload of passengers but onto the track. It was then hit by the train as it passed, launching the debris which injured five of the 25 riders. As noted on Monday, four of those guests, from outside of France, returned to the park after being treated on the scene. The condition of a 38-year old Frenchman who was taken to hospital was clearly stated to not be life-threatening. Le Parisien reports his wife and two children were being accommodated again by Disneyland Paris on Tuesday night. A prosecution against Euro Disney Associés SCA has been opened for the man’s temporary incapacity for work following the injuries, and the Chessy police service continue to investigate. A spokesperson for the company has stated this is the first incident of its kind since the resort opened in 1992.

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  • Maybe it had to take something like this to happen so that DLP could pull its finger out and do whats actually necessary to fix the entire park.

  • Ryan Simmons  27th April 2011, 22:04

    “…this is the first incident of its kind since the resort opened in 1992” – Definitely a testament to the excellent Safety measures taken at the Disney Parks and Disneyland Paris.

  • so when will the ride actually open up again?

  • All we know is that it won’t re-open now before the planned refurbishment (due to start in just over a week anyway), so Saturday 28th May is the earliest possible opening.

  • We were actually at the park, and rode big thunder mountain on the day just before this happened…Its awful that this has happened, but as Ryan said above, its the first incident in all those years..which truly is a testament to the whole of Disneyland paris! We had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed every minute!! x

  • I really hope that those falling rock animation remains.

  • As a first timer coming with my family end of june i am really looking forward to going on the ride soooooooooooo plz get it open in time

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