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Incident: Decorative rock element falls on guests riding Big Thunder Mountain, injuries reported

Monday, 25th April 2011 at 18:30

Big Thunder Mountain incident

Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Park has been temporarily closed following an incident at around 2.50pm earlier today. An element of decorative rockwork is reported to have come loose, striking guests riding the Frontierland mine train roller coaster. Five injuries are now confirmed, including one guest “seriously” injured — a 38-year old man who was apparently struck on the head by the faux boulder, made of fibreglass and wood, and has been taken to Beaujon hospital in Clichy-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine) with a head injury. Initial reports had suggested this was merely a precautionary measure and a spokesperson later appeared to downplay the seriousness of the injury in a statement given to the AFP, clearly stating it was not life-threatening. According to Le Parisien, his family will be accommodated and looked after by Disneyland Paris tonight and for any duration he may remain in hospital. The four other guests, with only minor injuries, were treated on the spot and returned to the park.

The prop rock is said to have fallen in the final lift hill scene (“Lift C”), where the train climbs amid a simulated rumbling earthquake as the faux rockwork creaks and moves overhead. As is procedure, the attraction remains closed until further notice pending a full investigation.

Update 26/04: Disneyland Paris has posted two official statements on Twitter, as follows:

Disney_ParisEN: Incident at BigThunderMountain: our thoughts are with the family of the guest injured while waiting further information about his condition. (9:05AM) The safety of our guests and cast members being our top priority, BTM remains closed until further notice as we investigate the incident. (9:06AM)

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  • The majority of injured guests returned to the park having been examined by a doctor. One person is still in hospital for examination.

  • Was just riding it 2 days ago… i hope everything will be all right with the injured people !

  • This is a real shame. I feel for the families of those injured. We just returned from DLRP on 31st March and this has always been our favourite ride. Hope the familes are all okay.

  • Ouch. Another BTM accident to add to its (worldwide) history. Don’t like the way the big corporate animal plays things down when actually things appear very serious.

    I’m sure they’ll put everything right for both the ride and the injured guests. The Paris BTM is by far the best of them all, especially with it being on the island.

  • It’s a shame such a thing happened. It just goes to show that no corporation or person can be perfect, not even Disney. Hopefully the injured — and the company’s reputation — are not harmed terribly and will recover smoothly and quickly.
    Has there been any word on how long the attraction will remain closed? My family and I will be visiting in August and we have been looking forward to this Disney classic, among others.

  • What an awful thing to happen. I do hope that the man is not too seriously or permanently injured.What a shock for everyone concerned. I am just glad that more people were not seriously hurt.
    Thank you for the news and information. Sending my best wishes to the man and his family.
    Accidents can always happen, nothing in life is completely risk free, but I sincerely hope that Disney will do everything possible to compensate this man and his family.
    I seem to recall an accident involving BTM in Disneyland California some years ago, when the train came off the rails I believe.( This ride was much older than the one in DLP ).
    I may be wrong, but I think I heard on the news that a little boy was killed.
    At least this accident was not a worse tragedy.

  • The sadest thing is that this accident happened only one week before the planned refurb of BTM. Next week (as of the 5th of may) the works would have started.
    I do not think that btm will reopen untill after the complete refurb of the mountain.

  • If you look at DLRP incidents compared to the Orlando ones, DLRP had had barely anything, and this is the first actual crash, does anyone know when this ride will be open again, thanks, Joshua.

  • I Love Disney  27th April 2011, 09:09

    I think it was an recording problem.know anywone how long Big Tunder is close?

  • Will Glossop  27th April 2011, 15:51

    I had fast-track tickets for this ride an hour later!!!

  • I was on this ride the day before

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