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Fountain tests in Sleeping Beauty Castle moat hint at big splash for 20th Anniversary

Monday, 18th April 2011 at 23:47

20th Anniversary fountain tests

It may just look like a few pipes in the waters around Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, but this is the photo everybody’s talking about. Because those aren’t just pipes, they’re fountains. Tested for a short time last week in the water behind Castle Stage, exactly one year before the date of the resort’s 20th Anniversary, it’s our first hint that something big is in preparation for next year’s anticipated celebration. We may not be talking World of Color given the space, but we could certainly be talking about at least un petit morceau of that experience as part of a big nightly event.

There may be a whole year to go, but these tests have still come relatively out of the blue for the park. World of Color has been mentioned as an aspiration for Walt Disney Studios Park in the past, but given the huge costs of installing the show (not to mention building a lake for it to actually perform on) it’s exciting to see that the technology at least might find a way to arrive in Paris much sooner than expected. And with that, anticipation for the 20th just rocketed. Less than 360 days to go, folks!

Update 19/04 — Our photo reporter Dlrpteam has sent over photos of more temporary installations around the area, being used as part of the current effects testing. It’s likely they’re “testing the waters” so to speak, to see just what can be achieved here before working on more in-depth plans:

20th Anniversary fountain tests

20th Anniversary fountain tests

20th Anniversary fountain tests

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  • parcorama.wordpress.com  19th April 2011, 10:13

    What makes you think that this would be “part” of a “big nightly event”, judging on this single picture?


  • I’m sorry, but I don’t get excited about a fountain. At DLRP plans change a lot and I wouldn’t expect a World of Color type show. I hope I’m wrong, but DLRP disappointed us too many times.

  • Such small base can’t carry much of watereffects. Don’t expect to project on this. I think it will be an add-on for a new firework show with small colored fontains.

  • Guillaume — Perhaps that information isn’t based just on this picture? ;-)

    Dagobert — It won’t be a World of Color type show, no, but it could incorporate some of the effects, and that’s exciting, isn’t it? Given that before now we were just expecting another generic show on Central Plaza Stage for the 20th…

    Kwik — Well, this is only a “test” one year in advance, so who knows what they can achieve in the castle moat…

  • arent the fireworks supposed to be new for 2012? maybe this will be part of that?

  • Castmemberland  20th April 2011, 07:50

    It’s all to do with the big nightly show for the 20th that also includes fire, projections on the castle and a certain shadow that escapes from his owner!!!

  • Talking about fointains… is the “Aurora and Philip” little fountain upstairs the castle working nowadays?
    As far as I can remember it was once fixed and restored as it was in the old days; it actually worked and looked really nice! But is it switched on ?

  • maybe that’s just for summer fireworks but of course it will be used in 20 year aniversary don’t u think?

  • nep — It definitely wasn’t working at the end of March, no. Quite a shame when it was fixed just a couple of years ago (and you’re right – looked wonderful!).

    Castmemberland — Secrets at Disneyland Paris are never secrets for very long, are they? ;-)

  • Next year is the 20th anniversary of the studios park and 25th anniversary of DLP opening.

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