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19 Today – Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris!

Tuesday, 12th April 2011 at 18:13

Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris

Exactly nineteen years ago today, at 9.01am on 12th April 1992, Euro Disney Resort officially opened its gates to the public. Euro Disneyland brought a magic kingdom more beautiful than any other to a whole new continent, bringing home its tales as old as time; allowing a whole new audience to “leave today and enter worlds of history, discovery and ageless fantasy”. Festival Disney was a bold nighttime entertainment district designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, whilst a record number of five Disney resort hotels (the sixth, Sequoia Lodge, would open in May) and nearby Camp Davy Crockett would give the resort an impressive first phase… that revenues just couldn’t match.

With now less than one year to go before the 20th Anniversary, let’s not overlook how much the resort has managed to grow since that over-ambitious opening. A second park, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Toon Studio, endless shows, parades and seasons, numerous Disney Village additions, the busiest high speed rail station in France, seven more nearby partner hotels — even a whole town centre! — and so much more. Whilst we might be in a lull between new attractions, the next year will see the biggest slate of refurbishments in the resort’s history, polishing and embellishing this astonishing achievement of Walt Disney Imagineering’s own golden age. And further into this decade, we’ll see World of Disney transform the hub, the vast Villages Nature holiday complex and water park, a groundbreaking dark ride, hotel expansions, major Disney Village expansions and even, with luck and money, that second park becoming what we can call “a whole second park”.

Here’s to the ever-outstanding cast and crew, and here’s to the future!

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  • Happy Birthday Disneyland!

    Hopefully the next 19 years will be more successful!

  • My first visit with my then girlfriend, now wife was in May 1995. We were waiting at the ropes at the castle end of Main Street for the opening fanfare as Mickey drove up in his yellow car. He took hold of Elaine’s hand, invited her past the ropes and posed for photos. She was wearing a blue demin dress with a white pinafore front and what with her long blonde hair looked like a “reverse” Alice in Wonderland.

    We were disappointed not to be there for the grand opening of Space Mountain (scheduled for the following week) but we kept on hearing a periodic loud “boooom – sssssssshhhhhhhhh”. A first we thought they were testing SM, but no, there were people on the ride. It was a beautiful sunny spring day and almost had the park to ourselves. We rose SM time and time and time again feeling very special.

    Since then we’ve had 13 more trips to Disneyland Paris – the park needs some investment here and there but it’s still a very special place.

    Happy Birthday!

  • cuanto me,alegro por el cumple,dentro de mes y medio nos vemos,felicidades

  • Happy 19th Birthday Disneyland!! Our little Euro Disney has become really old!! :) Where has the time gone?

  • Happy Birthday DisneyLand Paris :-)

  • Today is also my birthday! I’m two years younger than DLP. ^_^

  • happy 19th birthday disneyland paris from molly,lucy,mason,poppy and mia we will be there for you 20th birthday

  • me acuerdo de la inaaguguracion del parque, era pequeña y lo vie por la tele en españa, un año mas tarde mis padres nos llevaron por primera vez, mi sueño de pequeña era ser parte del cuerpo de baile y de la magia. en el verano 2006 me converti en cast member merchandise Fantasyland….Dreams can nerly come true! quien sabe si alguna vez formare parte de la parade, ya que yo estudie danza en el conservatorio. siempre llevo en mi recuerdo el verano 1993
    bisous a tous les castmembers qui on fait de la magie une façon de vivre. :-D

  • Happy birthday Disneyland!

    What better way would there be to celebrate than to spend it at the resort itself!?
    I leave at 4am to be there this morning. So excited!


  • Mark Stothard  13th April 2011, 08:03

    Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris, I was one of those lucky few from the UK that went to Euro Disney on it’s opening day, 19th years ago.

    It just gets better and better,

    We will see you again in a next few days.

  • Robert/Cologne  13th April 2011, 10:42

    I was there for the opening and still have my opening day ticket,which looks absolutly amazing(still intact as I bought a regular ticket when I arrived ).
    The resort was perfect back then,every meal in every hotel a show for itself.
    Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday my special place on earth!! ??? Miss you

  • 4/12/1992 changed my life. happy birthday.

  • Happy belated birthday Disneyland Paris. I am so happy to share my 19th Birthday with you.

  • Belated birthday wishes to Disneyland Paris! My first trip was for the opening of Space Mountain,and 6 trips later (including getting engaged there in 2008, and spending part of our honeymoon there in 2009), we’re saving for a 20th birthday trip with our little boy, and the new arrival (due Nov 2011)!! Keeping the family traditions going, it is such a special place to us. x x

  • I have been going to Disneyland Paris since 1992 and have been going ever since before I had children, for part of my honeymoon and when my daughter came along and now with my son. Back then it was amazing so new and everything was a great experience from the little yellow plastic character picks in your burger, to everything having a character on them such as individual sugars. The park was open until midnight then ending with the night parade and fireworks. We would be shopping at 11 at night! The queues were longer back then without fast pass as I queued for 3 hours for thunder mountain back then However I was there when Michael Jackson visited and saw him around the park 3 times! I still love Disneyland and took my daughter for her birthday last year. A trip for Christmas is already booked for this year, we all love going and we all get excited to go. It is a special place and I love going as you can be a big kid there! Long may it be open, thank you Disneyland for giving me so many great memories.x

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