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Earl of Sandwich gets an opening date, Disney Village loses two toadstools and another column

Monday, 11th April 2011 at 22:50

Earl of Sandwich

See anything missing in the photo above? Yes, they’re going to be serving up mushroom soup for months at Rainforest Cafe! Two of the Disney Village restaurant’s three giant toadstools have just been completely demolished to free up space outside the new Earl of Sandwich restaurant. Even more dramatic, another of Frank Gehry’s 36 industrial pillars has been toppled at the same location — the seventh to be removed overall, leaving just 29 remaining.

The view above from the PanoraMagique balloon was captured by “manuchao” on Disney Central Plaza forum and posted with a “before” view by “Festival Disney” on magicforum. Meanwhile Disney Gazette just shared the new, opened-up area as seen from ground level, below.

Earl of Sandwich construction Earl of Sandwich construction

You’d think opening up this view of the bare white building would mean there are impending plans to do something with it, but who knows. Rainforest Cafe currently only occupies the ground floor (hence why the themeing only extended this high) with the upper floor vacant since Hurricanes Discotheque closed for good over a year ago, signs and theming for which still haven’t been removed. The only rumours for replacement so far have been an Italian restaurant or an extension of the Sports Bar. Hopefully this signals some major changes are coming, either way.

As for Earl of Sandwich, the opening date is set: 1st June 2011. Recruitment ads are now up and a website launched, both featuring a new, finalised version of the concept art for the new eatery:

Earl of Sandwich concept art

Large “Earl of Sandwich” lettering is now featured in the middle of the glazing on either side of the building, with the letters due to be curved around the circular tower removed. The bronze band around the building, between the ground floor and mezzanine, now has the company slogans and “Since 1762” imprinted into it and there’s a greater use of red and brown. Rather than a grey wall, the roof is now surrounded by an open railing. We can also see the huge historic map of Europe centring on Great Britain which will fill one whole wall, from floor to ceiling, inside.

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  • I hope all the towers will be removed by summer 2012

  • Oh no, I thought it was meant to open in May. It looks fantastic and I was looking forward to going there, but we leave on 31st May, one day before it opens.

    I’m starting to regret booking the holiday for May now, We won’t be able to eat here and we won’t get to see the castle properly. I don’t think that our 1st and only trip to DLP will seem very magical.

  • Oh!!! Stop tearing down these columns, they once looked so great with all the lights attachted to them…

  • @ Will:

    Those columns have looked great during night with all the lights, but since those lights have been removed they lust look tacky. The best would be to remove all of them. But that’s just my opinion.

    Does someone know if EoS offers vegetarian sandwiches? Is it possible to build your own sub.

  • I’m so glad they are removing the old columns!!
    They look old and tiered. I’ve the want to give Disney Village an now, open and fresh look in the future, the need to bring all the columns down.
    Gone with the past and bring on the future please!!
    Let Disney Village shine again for the 20ste birthday!!

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