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This week – news, reports and surprises from an exclusive Disneyland Paris fan presentation!

Sunday, 27th March 2011 at 02:19

Friday, 25th March 2011 — what a wonderful day! Not just because the sun was shining brightly over Marne-la-Vallée, nor because temperatures hit a delightful 20 degrees Celsius. No, this was the day a unique gathering of Disneyland Paris blog authors, fan website creators and forum moderators were invited to an exclusive presentation about all the current and upcoming developments in 2011 at the European magic kingdom. As the guy behind both this website and DLRP Magic.com, I was lucky enough to be invited along — the only attendee from the United Kingdom!

Peggie Fariss, the new head of Walt Disney Imagineering Paris led a fascinating meeting with contributions from several more key figures in the upkeep of the parks and resort, unveiling perhaps the most expansive programme of refurbishments and renewals ever seen at Disneyland Paris. With two presentations revealing umpteen pages of news and surprises, a tour of the projects and of course the re-dedication of the Molly Brown riverboat in a fantastic ceremony at Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing, there was a lot to take in and a whole lot to be excited about. So this week, DLRP Today.com will tell you what’s new and what’s next… direct from Disneyland Paris!

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  • This sounds very exciting!

  • Looking forward to reading all about it.

  • Bring it on!!

  • when when when?!! cant wait!!

  • I can’t wait to read about everything.

  • Great! And I hope there’s been some more infor…..mation about a particular attraction based on one of Disney’s currently favourite….rodents? (o:

  • (EDIT to add) And I wasn’t talking about THAT mouse, LOL! Ah Remy, the things I do for you, you little chef.

  • Please tell me that someone is going to do something about the rotting Pirate Ship and cracked paving.

  • Nrthwnd – No, no rats here! The event was specifically about the programme of refurbishments for 2011…

    Kristian – Yes, that’s exactly what we heard! We saw the plans for the “new” Pirate Ship – rebuilt exactly to the same design, but with the more dramatic original colour scheme from 1992.

    Full write-ups of everything we heard to come…

  • Looking forward to reading anything you can tell us. Glad that the pirate ship will be refurbished. It used to look great and bright red, but now a very tatty pink.
    My boys used to like going on board, and we lifted them up to ring the bell.
    Then later they had the very good Peter Pan show there. It was a good idea to use the ship for this I thought.
    Now it just looks sad and forgotten. It has always been such a major photo point with skull rock behind, but now it looks more like a wreck than a grand pirate ship.

  • Proffesional Dreamer  31st March 2011, 04:06

    I know most of the Disney Parks are concentraiting on water shows, and would like to bring up the existing Thunder Mesa Geysers and hope they and the mud pots, will also be rejuventaed and installed. Not only a show for walking guests but River boat and Steam train travelers alike. Would be great to have them activated for the 20th Celebration. PD

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