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Magical Moments Festival park ticket and annual passport designs revealed

Wednesday, 23rd March 2011 at 13:35

Your Disneyland Paris park ticket will be celebrating the Disney Magical Moments Festival very soon. Like the past three celebrations, a number of different coloured ticket designs will be available, each featuring one of the key characters of the year. Whilst last year was all about the New Generation, this year sees some old favourites such as Timon and Pumba, Captain Hook and the Queen of Hearts given their own design. The golden tickets also now clearly state “2 Parcs” and the logo used this year is the main Disneyland Paris logo, rather than the festival logo. Although the tickets still have some way to go to beat the boldness of the 1990s designs, they might become even more collectible. As more and more visitors now print out their own rather drab “E-Tickets” at home, these “proper” tickets must surely be beginning to drop in circulation.

The resort’s four Annual Passports will also be updated, with Rapunzel’s huge box office success in Tangled scoring her the prized “Dream” spot already, from Woody and Buzz last year.

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  • is there anywhere i can get used or old tickets these look great!

  • Those look nice, although did anyone else notice how odd Cinderella’s hand looks? The artist/designer has gave her a left hand on the end of her right arm. That’s what I love about Disney, they’re perfectionists. Well, used to be.

  • I don’t understand how anyone can just print off their tickets?! There’s such magic in using the proper tickets to enter the park. Maybe that’s just me. But I like to save my tickets. I’ve got my past 3 years worth of park tickets and fastpasses :)

  • I don’t like the new tickets, except the ones with Sorcerer Mickey.

    Compared to the US tickets, DLRP’s always looked cheap. Until a few years ago DLRP had beautiful park tickets with pictures of attractions and parades, but now they become worse and worse. And I’m so tired of characters.

  • Thanks for the pictures. Like Jen, I would not like e tickets even if they are cheaper! We also keep all our park tickets, and most of the leaflets etc that I pick up in resort.
    Our loft is rather full of BBWWS hats as well!

  • Forgot to say – we usually have a fight over who has the Pluto ticket if we have one, but I do rather like the Mickey sorcerer design.

  • @dagobert, same with me and what are those ugly annual passeports ??? They just added a character with a quick copy and paste + a very bad drop shadow and that’s all ? Seriously Disneyland Paris you can better than that. (or maybe not ?)
    In other news I came across these pictures :
    Can they do something like that ? more original and personnal ?

  • we keep all our park passes of the last 10 times and all park maps .

  • I’m not enthusiastic nor disappionted with the designs. Truth is, recently they havn’t been much different in the American parks (with the exception of WDW’s 2009 passes… loved those!). At least we get to see some otherwise ‘forgotten’ characters.

    Just curious though, is there a difference between the blue and green ticket designs, or are they just given out randomly? Also, does DLRP tend to give out the hard plastic credit card-type tickets or paper ones? I’ve found that the designs can sometimes rub off paper.

  • Hi everyone! Does anyone knows how to get a brochure of the ‘passport annuel’? I wanted to buy one this year and order the brochure three times on the DLRP website but I never got one (I live in Belgium)…

    Personnaly I liked the old tickets more.. They used to be made out of some sort of plastic and they had a picture of a show or something else that was going on at that moment in the park… Now it just a piece of paper for me!

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