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“New” Molly Brown riverboat nears completion after complete rebuild

Tuesday, 15th March 2011 at 10:56

Molly Brown

Well, just look at this grand old dame! The Molly Brown riverboat is finally nearing the end of her complete bow-to-stern refurbishment, much needed after several years of problems and neglect. A refurbishment that has lasted almost an entire year and has seen the side-wheel riverboat, unique to Disneyland Paris, practically rebuilt from scratch. Indeed, back in July the boat had been stripped back to nothing more than a shell in the dry dock. This weekend, the dock is filled with water and Molly Brown has never looked better.

She’s even been given a refreshed paint design, with the old turquoise rim around the lower deck turned maroon and two more matching maroon accents added around the other two decks. The old dark green single funnel now appears more black in appearance, with a gold band around its top. If all goes to plan, the rebuilt boat will steam out into the Rivers of the Far West for her maiden voyage next week.

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  • I guess it’s more along the lines of what guests expect from an Old West Riverboat. It does lose a bit of its unique identity, though, since the Mark Twain uses essentially the same colors.

    What’s more, she’s no longer the “Queen of the River,” apparantly. The text on the side has reportedly been replaced by the rather unimaginative “Western River Line”….

  • Good to see her back. I didn’t know that the boat had to be rebuilt. What exactly happened to Molly Brown. I know she caught fire a few years ago, but I thoight that had already been fxed.

    It seems that’s the Disneyland Paris way of refurbishment:
    First wait until something is completly damaged and then rebuild it from sratch. The same is happening with the pirate ship in Adventureland.

  • Why did they replace “Queen of the River” with “western River Line”?

    That’s really unimaginative, although most visitors will not even recognize that. I’m sure most people will not even recognize that the boat was green where it is red now, which looks indeed a lot better.

  • Nice to see her ready to set sail on the Rivers of the Far West again.

  • Nothing in particular “happened” to it. After almost 20 years of wear and tear in Paris’ extreme weather conditions, the regular refurbishments it received just weren’t enough any more. From what I hear and read, the Mark Twain is supposed to receive a similar treatment. I hope they keep that one’s color scheme, though.

  • Very good news.

  • She looks good, I saw her last year in dry dock and it looked she was going a complete refurb, well done DLP, be there in August.

  • Thanks for the photo and news. Glad to see that Molly Brown will soon be back in use.
    They really do need both steamboats operating at busy times.

  • Greetings! As a former pilot/engineer on the Walt Disney World “Ports O Call” and “Southern Seas” side-wheelers (cir late 1970’s-early 80’s), I am begging for additional technical specs on the Molly Brown.

    Can anyone assist?
    Thank you,

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