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Flora, Fauna and Merryweather finally give Sleeping Beauty Castle a decorative scrim!

Thursday, 3rd March 2011 at 10:56

And, as if by magic… A decorative covering has finally appeared on Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant this very morning, the hide the major refurbishment works which began last month! We’ve just been sent this live photo minutes ago by discoponies on Twitter (click to see the full view), enjoying a beautiful blue sky over the park.

The new scrim, hiding the lower middle section of scaffolding which was previously covered by a plain white tarp for some time, features the three good fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather hovering above the drawbridge and a stylised impression of the Sleeping Beauty Castle façade. A similar idea was used the last time the landmark of Disneyland Park underwent a complete renovation, in 1998, although then the fairies were pasted on a plain white background. Today’s new cover doesn’t yet hide the upper portion of scaffolding, around the feature window, nor the additional scaffolding which has grown around the Castle’s right-hand extension over the past week. This has caused the walkway next to the wishing well from Le Théâtre du Château to be closed, which joined with the ongoing repaving works past Pizzeria Bella Notte has severely limited access into Fantasyland. Nevertheless, as you can see this morning, the Castle itself remains completely accessible to guests.

This isn’t the only portion of the Castle being worked on, however. Nighttime works have brought the first fresh paint to the top of the highest tower, which has had its many holes and war wounds (from Anniversary decorations past) filled in. Look closely and you might just see the difference — Le Château is starting to shimmer again, already. In fact, as the fast pace of works so far might suggest, it’s looking hopeful that the refurbishment could be done well before the earlier September end date. Guest Communications are apparently now advising the work will “continue until June” — all done by July, ready for the Summer season!

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  • can anyone help me , will the castle referb be nearly finished by the beginging of August or will most of the scaffold be taken down, five months to go!

  • legin: Why not read the last few sentences of the articles? I’m almost sure your question will be answered there.

  • Thanks for the news and photo. Good that they have tried to make it look better for visitors, and great if they do finish earlier than first expected, in time for Summer Time.

  • sven,thank you for the response, I was wondering if anyone knew a little bit more than what the article stated, I have a very large family and I am sure this will be the last time my father will be able to travel and he would like a photo of all of my family with the view of the castle behind and not lots of scaffolding, he has cancer.

  • It is very clever how they are working on the top of the castle with cranes at night slowly repainting the exterior of the castle.

  • i am disgusted going next week why are u not told theese things when u book i certainly would have waited so cross

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