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“Magic begins the moment you tell them” joint Paris, Florida campaign hits British TV

Wednesday, 16th February 2011 at 17:46

Here it is, the joint advertising campaign for both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida we teased a couple of weeks ago. The spots, almost entirely consisting of user-generated videos, launched on TV networks in the UK on Sunday and will run for two weeks, until 27th February. Coming in 20 and 40-second editions, they show real children being told they’re off to Disneyland (or Disney World) as their parents watch — and film — on, hoping for a reaction that might just make the Disney cut.

The ads have already run in some high-profile slots, including two in a single break during last night’s primetime broadcast of The BRIT Awards on ITV1. Curiously, the “2 destinations, one single emotion” tagline has been dropped, with only the two resort logos and a new web address — www.disneyparks.co.uk — offered instead. For the UK market at least, the commercials could show the start of a new, more joined-up approach to marketing the two Disney resorts, which could particularly help Disneyland Paris as it is often publicly perceived as a much lesser destination.

Once this campaign ends, similar ads will start up again from 1st March all the way into April, focusing specifically on Disneyland Paris and the Disney Magical Moments Festival. Such a heavy advertising spend, also including TV on demand platforms, print advertisements and outdoor poster boards, could be an attempt to address the falling visitors from the UK continually reported in Euro Disney SCA’s financial results.

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  • now, the 5th resolution for the General Meeting makes sense to me: “renewal and extension to other Walt Disney Parks destinations … to which each of them shall endeavor to facilitate within its sales regions the sale of the products and services of the other”

  • The advert is good but when you see the logos at the end of the advert your eyes genrally go towards the left so you don’t notice the Disneyland logo as much as the Disney World logo. With most people from the UK going to WDW this is just cheap advatising for TWDC’s american arm.

  • I never understood, I don’t understand, and I will never understand why it is the general belief that WDW is so much better?!?

    Fair enough, it is ENOURMOUS in space, you have Animal Kingdom and epcot which we loved, but having said that, I truly think there is a LOT more magic going on the Paris than we experienced in WDW.

    For instance – ven though the Paris cast members have ben sent on an education mission to the states for “acting as a hotel CM in the Tower of Terror”, we have done TOT several times in WDW. Not one single time did we get a CM performing in their role; they just load the elevators, and off you go. In Paris, they are really into their role…

    Honestly – I REALLY don’t understand why people think so little about Paris, because the MK is just a lot more beautiful, more detailed than the WDW version too.

  • I personally have not been to WDW however I have friends that have been to both. Some say that WDW is better because of their are more parks and more choice for hotel. Whereas others said WDW is too big and therefore the magic is lost compared Paris where you are never too far from anything.

    So mixed bag really but also I think that most people prefer WDW because it is a bigger name. If you ask people/talk about DisneyLAND they automaticcally assume WDW Florida. Most people don’t even know about Disneyland California/Tokyo/Hong Kong.

  • This campaign was also showed in Portugal as a travel agency made a “Magic Disney Party” offering meals and a 15% discount (as well as the less than 7-years travel, stay and play free) for bookings untill February 28th. The persons showed in the campaign aren’t the same but the concept is equal and it’s only promoting Disneyland Paris :)

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