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Crumbling concrete switched for paving stones in Fantasyland floor refresh

Monday, 7th February 2011 at 06:03

Those Disneyland Park repaving works causing Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade to loop back on itself down Main Street are now in full swing and hard to miss. An entire swathe of the park up through the Fantasyland gate towards “it’s a small world” has been closed to guests as the old, crumbling concrete is torn up ready for a much-needed fresh new floor. Seeing such substantial work going on in this area will be tough for all those fans teased by progress on The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure over at Disney California Adventure right now. That colourful new dark ride was actually born back in the early 1990s for this exact spot, to sit opposite Pizzeria Bella Notte, which has been temporarily closed by these works.

Still, we do have one surprising upgrade — the first block of repaving to be completed so far hasn’t just used the same coloured concrete as before. Oh no. Instead, the area outside the Annual Passport office has been repaved with more expensive individual paving stones, likely to fare better on this heavily-trafficked route and in Paris’ harsh winters.

It remains to be seen if the entire stretch up to “it’s a small world” will be given the same treatment, or if there might just be enough stones left over to finally finish repaving the rapidly disappearing entrance to Walt Disney Studios Park…

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  • I’m really glad you’re back to doing proper articles again =D

  • Do you think they’ll ever fill these void areas such as the space between Discoverland/Fantasyland and the large area of woodland in Adventureland?

    Also just read the article about the Tarzan show.

    As much as I love DP, I can’t help but think that it’s losing a bit of it’s magic. ??

  • This is very good news but what happened to the floor between the fountian outside Disneyland Hotel and WDS Park or the Pirate Ship in Adventureland.

  • Ewwwwwww, those paving stones look hideous! Just reminds me of Alton Towers now :(

  • I also really appreciate and enjoy the articles, photos and news that you post. Glad to see that they are getting on with repairing or improving the paving quickly. It was very bad. I like the look of the blocks – more character than plain concrete, as long as pushchairs and wheelchairs run easily over it.
    They definitely need to repair or relay the paving outside the Studios -there were some very bad cracks and holes when I was there in January.
    Why not sell more of the souvenir name stones? They were very popular, fun to read as you walk to the parks, and would help with the cost.I would certainly buy some!

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