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Visitor attacked by “ticket tout” on parking lot walkway, reports newspaper

Wednesday, 19th January 2011 at 13:34

British newspaper the Portsmouth News has reported a distressing incident which took place with a local visitor on the walkway between the main Disneyland Paris parking lot and the Disney Parks. Going back to his car during the day, the 39-year old man was twice pestered by a “ticket tout” for his park tickets, presumably so that they could be sold on by the tout for profit. Upon refusing a second time, returning to the parks, the visitor was apparently punched repeatedly in the face and left needing emergency surgery to remove two teeth and a piece of his jawbone.

Fans will be well-aware that this area and all around the resort’s train station is officially classified as public land, outside the control of Disneyland Paris. It’s through this “loophole” that the area immediately outside Disney Village is almost always filled with unpleasant vendors, selling cheap gifts such as wind-up kittens, plastic models of the Eiffel Tower and even potentially dangerous laser pens. Will this attack on a guest finally convince Disney and the French government that something needs to be worked out with the security and status of this incredibly busy, sensitive spot of land?

According to the article, a Disney spokesperson said: “This incident took place on public land, which Disneyland Paris security is not permitted to police. We continue to work closely with the authorities to ensure an incident like this does not happen again.

Those authorities should be aware that, even on a good day, cheap vendors don’t sell a great image of France to millions of international visitors. Being punched in the face is an altogether different league. It could happen anywhere, but it shouldn’t happen at Disneyland.

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  • Terrible. It’s ridiculous that Disney don’t own the land.

  • Is there no way possible for Disney to purchase and own the land?

  • I agree

  • The French goverment should be ashamed and hand the area to Eurodisney SCA asap.

  • In my first visit to disneyland on 1998, I travelled alone and stay in Sequoia. One of my travel plans was visit the village by night to see discos and meet new people.. but.. the “new” people who I meet the first night was the reason to no back alone at night anymore. I know, is a public place, but in disneyworld and pleasure island (with more nightclubs and people)i don’t feel this unsafe feeling at any place, public or not.
    I love the park in Paris, but just when I cross the exit door I know that is the real world.

  • I’m going alone with my 2 year old in March, and this has made me feel very insecure now.
    I didn’t realise that land wasn’t owned by Disney – I too hope this incident forces someone into doing something about it, whether it means there is a police presence, or that the land is turned over to Disney themselves for them to manage.
    We also went last March, and we were accosted by a young lad, on our way out of the Disneyland park heading towards the studios – I am quite sure that this was Disney land. A little un-nerving, but didn’t feel too bad, but then, I was with my husband, and there were 4 of us altogether.

    We were also pounced on in a store in Disney Village, by some,I can only assume locals?, pestering us for money.
    That shocked me too, and that did make me feel extremely nervous. I guess there’s some things that Disney magic just can’t control. =(

    I agree though – things like that just don’t seem to happen in WDW.

  • I too never realised the land was not owned by the Park, and we have gone this past 3 years. Buy the land and protect your customers and your name.

  • Unfortunately this sort of thing happens even on Disney owned land or at least I presume that they own their parking ?

    The parking is also not secure and many people have had their vehicules broken into to.

    I love Disney but there are too many security issues that they refuse to address

  • One main difference between WDW and DLP is that DLP has a railway station in resort with easy links to Paris in just 40 mins. Although this makes it easy for people to visit Disneyland or for guests to visit Paris for a day, unfortunately it also makes it easy for dishonest people to travel from the City. Paris has its own problems with scammers, pickpockets, and beggars, which seems to be getting worse, so it is not surprising that they are now targeting what is a major tourist site.
    WDW is a much much larger resort area, but they have problems too, although they are not near a major City like DLP.
    I know that someone had their new pushchair stolen from outside Cafe Mickey, along with bags of merchandise that they had left on it.It didn’t occur to them that it might be stolen. Anyone taking their own buggy should also take a padlock to secure it both inside and outside the parks.
    Treat the Village as you would any high street or shopping centre at home.
    Having been visiting DLP regularly since it opened, I have obviously seen changes over the years, including the arrival of the vendors by the station.I do wish that Disney could have more control over the whole area, but I don’t expect they could afford it anyway……

  • Just to add –
    Last August was the first time that I noticed mounted police riding around the perimiter of Lake Disney, although I have seen security guards in cars driving round at night. We were stopped by one some years ago, who asked where we were staying, as it was probably around 1am. We showed him our NBC hotel guest passes.
    Last August there were also mounted police standing on duty inbetween the Village and the parks during the day, and also handlers with sniffer dogs.
    We wondered what was going on, if this was a particular alert, or now the norm, but I didn’t see them again a few weeks ago.

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