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Digital cheeseburgers arrive at Café Hyperion, on new video screen menus

Sunday, 16th January 2011 at 22:46

Café Hyperion

Successfully tested last year at Restaurant en Coulisse, the concept of digital video screens for menu boards has now crossed over to its fast food cousin in Disneyland Park, Café Hyperion. Under the shadow of the Hyperion airship in Videopolis, guests now choose their counter service meals from five LCD monitors mounted above each serving area. The advantage presumably being that, aside from the menus apparently looking more enticing and being better illuminated, they’re easier to update with new food choices — or rather, prices.

Disneyland Paris has led the way with technical innovations like this, the most notable being its two park “Tips Boards”, which use LCD screens linked directly to the turnstile counters at each attraction, while other resorts still use chalkboards and stick-on wait times. However, digital technology in counter service restaurants has arguably been put to much better use around the world — the self-service ordering kiosks at locations such as Disney California Adventure’s Taste Pilot’s Grill, for example, should have been introduced over here long ago, reducing painful wait times at that first ordering stage and of course, providing perfect service in every language.

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  • Nice to see updates to this Site! Thank you for providing Disney News again!:-D

  • very true about the ease of increaing prices.

  • Taste Pilots Grill got rid of that self-service system awhile ago. It’s much better to have a real person to order from. Plus you have to think how kiosks or LCD screens really fit in with the theme.

  • Thank you for all the latest news – not being a Twitter or Facebook user, this is much appreciated. I do like this format – very easy to scroll down, great info and interesting photos.
    I saw the new menu boards in En Coulisse, but they are forgetting one thing – not everyone can look up if they have neck problems. These boards are quite high.If you stand further back to read them, they are too far away! Not easy for some.

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