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Captain EO returns to Disneyland Paris, 12th June!

Thursday, 29th April 2010 at 17:10

Captain EO returns to Disneyland ParisHere To Change The World... all over again. The rumours were true: 'Captain EO', the 1986 3-D musical starring Michael Jackson WILL return to Disneyland Paris this Summer, as part of an international rollout to all its former parks. Press release, pictures, video!,

Remember last December, when Disneyland Paris clarified to Cast Members that they wouldn’t be following Disneyland Resort in California by bringing back the previous Captain EO 3-D film to what we’ve more recently known as Honey, I Shrunk the Audience?

Oh, but then 23rd February this year came and went, and the slightly re-titled ‘Captain EO Tribute’ opened in California, proving an immediate crowd-puller — especially compared to the tired old tricks of HISTA. As MiceAge calculated, the theatre was now welcoming not 1,500 to 2,500 visitors a day but more like 15,000 or 16,000, clearly using the space much more efficiently.

So it’s confirmed: ‘EO’ will return to ALL its former locations, officially opening (or re-opening) on 12th June 2010 at Disneyland Paris. This of course means we have to say goodbye to Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, which closes in just a few days’ time on 3rd May 2010, giving around six weeks for a swift changeover of the theatre to get it looking a little more like its original 1992 state.

Still don’t believe it? Here’s the press release:

‘Captain EO’ Returns to Disneyland Paris

Classic Attraction Featuring Michael Jackson to re-open in June

Captain EO returns to Disneyland Paris

LONDON 28 APRIL 2010 Due to the overwhelming response from both guests and Michael Jackson fans at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim since February, “Captain EO,” the classic musical spectacular that thrilled Disneyland Park guests from 1992-1998 will return to Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland Resort this summer.

The attraction’s return to Disneyland Paris’ Discoveryland on 12 June 2010, provides new audiences with the opportunity to experience the original 3D production for the very first time, as well as a nostalgic look back for longtime fans wanting to see “The King of Pop” in a rare performance created for the big-screen.

Twenty-three years ago, at the height of his phenomenal entertainment career, Michael Jackson joined forces with Disney, producer George Lucas and director Francis Ford Coppola to create a groundbreaking 17-minute 3D film experience starring Jackson as Captain EO performing two original songs, and featuring Academy Award®-winning actress Anjelica Huston, and a cast of merry, mythical space characters with dual personalities who undergo magical transformations to become Jackson’s electronic band in conquering the forces of darkness.

The colorful Disney-created characters include: Hooter, the little green elephant-like creature who sneezes wild musical notes through his flute-like trunk; Fuzzball, the orange-haired space monkey with butterfly wings; the Geex, a golden-haired, two-faced personality with two left feet, one right foot and two shaggy heads named Idy and Ody; Major Domo, whose mirrored silver costume becomes a complete set of drums, and Minor Domo with his sparkling purple torso that turns into an electronic synthesizer played by Hooter.

For all its technology, “Captain EO” is first and foremost a musical spectacular and a thrilling space-fantasy adventure. The realism of the 3D process will once again make it seem that Jackson dances right out of the screen into the theater. It will boast a new 70mm print of the film and sound better than ever thanks to acoustical enhancements made to the theater since the film last played there. The total effect is one of motion, color and high energy filled with Jackson’s musical brilliance and various illusions to create an exciting and realistic journey in space for the audience.

During the journey, Captain EO and his merry crew discover a colorless planet where they are confronted by the Supreme Leader (Huston) and her forces of darkness. Using the power of music, dance and light to fill the planet and the theater with all the shades of the rainbow, the EO crew turns the black and white land into a magical world of color and happiness.

“Captain EO” makes use of more famous-name talents than any other film of its length ever produced. The production called on Hollywood’s finest choreographers, set designers, costume creators and special effects artists — all of them excited by the challenge of shooting this kind of imaginative film in three dimensions.

“Captain EO” will be presented multiple times daily at Disneyland Paris from 12 June 2010

Along with the video above, several stills have been dug out to accompany the press release:

Captain EO returns to Disneyland Paris

Captain EO returns to Disneyland Paris

Captain EO returns to Disneyland Paris

The attraction will also re-open at Tokyo Disneyland on 30th June and at Epcot in Florida on 2nd July, making Disneyland Paris the first park beyond California to welcome back the sci-fi adventure film. Something that, given the resort’s past reluctance to catch up (‘EO’ was already almost six years old when it opened, ‘HISTA’ took over five years after its Epcot debut) comes as even more of a surprise.

Of course, though 16th August 1998 was the last time you could see the 3-D George Lucas “space opera” in Paris, guests actually enjoyed it under the name of ‘CinéMagique‘ (probably making our Disney resort the only one to have had two completely different attractions share the same name). Like the Magic Eye Theater in California, this was the name given to the building — but also as the title on park maps and at the entrance. Captain EO just happened to be the film playing. So, in a round-about way, ‘Captain EO’ (or perhaps ‘Captain EO Tribute’) will be a brand new addition to the park maps come 12th June — that’s presuming they’re reprinted, since the current lot extend to 6th November but will now soon be out-of-date.

Captain EO‘s return to these parks will be on the same “limited time” basis as its reopening in California, though with no end date currently announced, serving both to celebrate Michael Jackson truly at his peak and to bide some time before a true follow-up to HISTA can be Imagineered. Rumours for California have suggested the interactive “living character” attraction Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, but this already being at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, would still leave Epcot needing a new filler for its Imagination pavilion, and for us, those Pixar monsters (even with a now-confirmed sequel on the way) might finally prove one step too far from the original Discoveryland concept.

But back to today — let’s say our fond farewells to HISTA, the mice tails and dog sneezes which so entertained us on our first visit, and prepare to welcome back an unexpected piece of the past — a rare chance for the visitors of today to experience some Euro Souvenirland history… in 3-D!

Pictures, video © Disney

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  • I’m genuinely surprised to hear this! We’re usually left out on these things, and Euro Disney is never one for “tributes” and other such fan caterings. But good — Honey, I Shrunk The Audience is dead dead dead, so a new impulse is very welcome.

  • Robert/Cologne  29th April 2010, 19:28

    Glad HISTA is gone at last ,I always thought it was at it best in summer in shorts ;-)but the effects lost their appeal after a while.Captain Eo is a classic disney attraction and although somewhat dated still manages to give me goosebumps.

  • I heard it was for limited time only, is this true? Because I want to see it and I am thinking about going to DLRP next year’s summer…

  • Yes Sil, as mentioned in the article, it’s “limited time only”. Although the press release surprisingly doesn’t mention this, and there’s no end date even so much as rumoured yet…

  • Thank god the ‘honey I shrunk the audience was getting tiresome I’m glad I will be able to see it,as I didn’t see it the first time round

  • !!! I’m so excited now !!! :D I really want to go there!

  • Thats exciting and dissapointing at the same time because EO is awesome but I was hoping that the cinemagic building would be demolished for a new attraction like a more modern Submarine Voyage or a Around The World In 80 Days themed Soarin. Oh well, but why does every park nowadays especially WDW have to do everything that Disneyland does, especially since EO opened at Disneyland first?

  • Great news! I’ll visit DLRP on Halloween, can’t wait to see Captain EO!

  • i´ll visit it on halloween too , my parents always told me from captain eo they said it was so great! i´m happy to see that !

  • That’s great – can’t remember when I last saw it now. How retro!! Its actually one of the few major changes to the park since my first visit in 1997. I have a photo of my other half stood under the CineMagique sign from thta 97 trip

  • I’m glad to lose HISTA, but I’m not an MJ fan: here’s hoping EO has a short run and then Mickey’s Philharmagic takes over?

  • Allright !!!!

  • Vegitabeta  3rd May 2010, 12:11

    No end date yet, however apparantly anyone going to Walt Disney World can expect it to be there until December at least.

  • I love michael jackson ans disney so both of these are magic for me, i cant wait to see it :)

  • Look forward to seeing this again in August. My sons used to love Captain EO, and we saw it many times before it was removed. My son was 5 on our first visit in 1992, and is now 23, so I will keep it as a surprise for him in August, when we return for our annual summer visit.
    I think HISTA has run its course, so good to see it being replaced. When Captain EO finishes, it would be great to have a really good interactive 3 or 4D show, like the Shrek one in Universal Studios. What about It’s a Bug’s Life, like the one in Animal Kindom?

  • GREAT news.

  • excellent, just booked to go to Disney land Paris without knowing this, my sister is gutted

  • Paul Breiveld  8th May 2010, 12:41

    I wonder if it will be in French? Since HISTA was always presented as if it was in 2 languages, everytime I saw it they said: this time it is in French…. I wonder who sings all the songs in french….

  • Donna Wells  31st May 2010, 16:38

    I was just at DLRP over the week of 24-28 May and we got to see a sneak preview of Captain Eo!!! There were a few discreet, small signs around Discoveryland saying they would be showing it once between 1 and 2pm. My husband and I went to lunch at Pizza Planet and hung around waiting for it to be time. There was a hefty queue by the time we got there, but we all got in. They have some things changed and some of the old HISTA stuff is still there right now. There were still plastic wrappings on the railings and piles of bricks in the corners, so there’s still a bit to do. But they managed to get us in. All the headphones have been removed. The version we saw had an introduction in French, but the rest was in English (how could you dub over Michael Jackson??). I never saw it the first time through, so it was a lot of fun. There are light effects and the seats move at certain times. Oh, it’s dated and a bit corny, but still great. And our audience applauded afterward, so I think we all appreciated it. I’m sure by 12 June they will have everything done and it will be brilliant in there. We are planning to return next summer, so I hope it’s still there!

  • Ihad 5 years old when i saw this movie in 3d :)

  • Oh my god! I just came back from my DLRP trip and I still can’t get enough of Captain EO although I saw it at least once a day. Let us all hope that it will remain there for a long, long time

  • Been at the Shareholder-Preview on 11th June, including a following Conference with the Disneyland Show Director Katy Harris where she reveiled details about the New Generation Festival and answered some question (mainly in french of course :-(

    Outstide the Theater, there are still HISTA-Props, such as the Mirror-Carousels with the “jumping” HISTA-logo, or the “logo-bush” (a bush cut to look like the HISTA logo). The banners have been replaced with Captain EO banners.

    As a pre-show we saw the making of Captain EO in French and partly English with subtitles in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch.
    For the Main show, no translation equipment was available. It was a bit tricky to always fully understand what they are talking about, but you get the essentials (the plot isn’t too complex ;-))

    The 3D-Effects and the special effects in the show room seemed – though coordinated – not fully approriate. The moving floor was sometimes used, but sometimes I missed it or experienced it as not appropriate. The movie itself: well, its obviousely from the 1980s, and measured by contemporary standards, one can see that not only from the effects, but also from the somehow “naive” atmosphere.
    After all, it is a nice recap to see Michael Jackson, when he still was handsome and innocent, and to remember the times when seeing it the first time (and beeing scared back in Disneyland Anaheim in 1989 :-)

    oh, btw: One of the Shareholders asked for Plans for the 20th Anniversary of DLP, and Katy told him “we don’t have anything…..concrete, yet. We are in the blue ocean brain storming phase” and further, as he wanted to know about “World of Color” coming to Paris she just said: “It premiered just yesterday in Anaheim, didn’t it? We have no plans with it”

  • I saw CAPTAIN EO in 1988-1989 at W.D.W. with my wife it was my favorate show at the time and still is cant wait to go back and see it again

  • Woo I cant wait to see it this week! Im going to see it with my sister. We are both HUGE Michael Jackson fans.

  • I saw this last week in Disneyland California after seeing it first time round in Paris. Very enjoyable considering the somewhat aged special effects.

    Any StarTrek fans out there – look out for Borg/Borg Queen imagery – this must have given the Star Trek people the bulk of their inspiration. (if not all of it!!).

  • I saw Caption EO at Disneyland Paris in 1997 it was really called
    CineMagique and it was graet Pip

  • I saw Caption EO at Disneyland Paris in 1997 it was called
    Cinemagique and it was graet Pip

  • Quick Draw Mcgarw  25th June 2012, 12:17

    I saw CAPTION EO in 1990-1992-1993 at W.D.W
    with Baba Looey it was my favourite show at the time
    and still cant walt to go back and see it again

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