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Toy Soldiers hoisted up as Parachute Drop testing begins

Wednesday, 21st April 2010 at 21:27

Toy Soldiers Parachute DropThe first of the three Toy Story Playland attractions has begun testing already! Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop saw its six large parachute ride seats lifted into the air for the first time last week, catching the eye of many passing visitors...,

Although the green army men’s parachutes themselves have yet to arrive, the six ride seats, each able to carry six trainee toy recruits, managed to stay up in the air for some time, before being lowered again back to the ground.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

When the ride opens, the seats will rise and fall gracefully to simulate a lightly bouncing “parachute drop”, inspired by the famous scene in the original Toy Story — the first to be animated in the entire film — where the green army men jump through the bannisters of Andy’s staircase on their mission to relay news of his birthday presents.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Other visible progress on Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop can be seen with the fine mesh which is now covering the lower half of each of the six arms, from a distance thankfully giving the tower a bulkier, more solid appearance, hiding the thin, human-sized safety rails.

On the opposite side of the tower, a new first corner section connecting two of the arms together can be seen, with a staircase leading up to it, appearing to emerge from out of the tower itself. Concept art for the tower has differed on whether all of the arms will be joined together like this, even if purely for decoration. It would certainly make sense to create an even appearance all the way round, but so far no fixings for additional sections can be seen on the other arms.

Thanks to John for the pictures!

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  • I think it looks quite good and cant wait to ride it. Once the whole area is finished and themed it will be an excellent addition to the park – dont doubt the skills of the WDI’s.

  • I agree with you owen lol

  • Walter E. Disney  23rd April 2010, 22:40

    Cant wait until it opens in August, I would love to go to the opening!

  • I like the idea, and it looks really good on the photo, but am I the only one who’s afraid this is going to be a terribly slow loading attraction?

  • when does it open?i´ll go there in june , and i want to ride it!:):):)

  • I wonder how many rise and falls you get in one ride? I can see it being very popular, so will it merit a FP? Still waiting for one for Crush’s Coaster ( badly needed).
    Thanks for the photos and info.

  • Can’t wait to visit this on my visit to Disneyland this August – I hope Toy Story Playland will be already open.

  • it looks quite good but im more excited for the return of the Captain Eo Ride in mid June, the honey i shrunk the audience ride closes begining of may!! so Excited

  • when does the toy story land open? we are going 21st august :)

  • wow! awesome! spectacular! disneyland imagineers are fab & im sure they’ve put alot into this ride! i have got to ride this as it is surely going to be one of dlrp’s elite!

  • I am the only one who see this just as that, what it is? I’ts not more than a small Funfair-Attraction. A Terrortower for Children of the kind you find in every cheap Funpark – far down under the normal level of Disneyland.

  • Ahh this is making me want to go even more than I already do. I really hope i get to go again this year. x

  • I´m going to disneyland paris this summer, and I hope it´s clear then!
    I really want to on that carousel, when I´m there. xD

  • I heard it was late summer 2010, probably late August.

  • does anyone now of a date when the toy story new rides will open? we go 18th august……

  • Anonymous  5 days ago

    Same, im goin on the 18th and someone said that RC Racer is opening on the 17th so hopefully, so will the rest!!

  • Are the Toy Story rides a permanent fixture in DLRP? I heard they were there for just 12 months?

  • No, definitely permanent!

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