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1,690 Days later… The paint arrives for Disney Studio 1

Thursday, 1st April 2010 at 21:07

Disney Studio 1And this news isn't an April fool. But it is completely unbelievable -- after over 4 and a half years of being covered by advertisements and scaffolding; 20 months since the final refurbishment was due to begin, the return of Studio 1 is in sight.,

Last week, the scaffolding and tarpaulin covering finally expanded to cover the large number “1” at the top of the façade, as the first workers since July 2008 were spotted up high:

Disney Studio 1
Photo: Jake Sully, Disney Gazette forum

This weekend just gone, the first results — all the dirt and grime gone from the top of the number plaque, newly repainted at last:

Disney Studio 1

No photoshop, no joke — real progress at last! Congratulations, Disneyland Paris!

It’s been a long journey. After a master-stroke of corporate thinking between Euro Disney SCA and what was then Buena Vista International (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group) in 2005, the film distribution arm of Disney apparently paid its theme park operator cousin a nominal fee to use the front of Disney Studio 1 as a huge advertising billboard for new movie Chicken Little.

Eight months later, in April 2006, they continued their “sponsorship” with a new billboard, extending even further up the building, for Pixar’s Cars. Twenty-seven months — over two years — later, it was still there. With fans becoming exasperated, hope came in August 2008 when Studio 1 finally returned to its natural state… well, almost.

Disney Studio 1

Disney Studio 1 Disney Studio 1

Disney Studio 1
Cars on an official photo (2007), Chicken Little concept (2005),
Refurbishment cover (2008), Original façade (2004)

• 16th March 2002 – 8th August 2005: Original, uncovered façade (41 months)

• 8th August 2005 – 4th April 2006: Chicken Little advertisement (8 months)

• 4th April 2006 – 1st July 2008: Cars advertisement (27 months)

• 11th July – Today: Refurbishment covering (20 months)

Total time covered by billboards/scaffolding: 55 months

It was given a complete covering of scaffolding from end-to-end and one of the look-a-like tarpaulin masks we’re now used to seeing on refurbishments. Let the clean-up begin! But then — more trouble. Owing to what the resort would only term “technical difficulties”, the refurbishment covering stayed in place for month, after month, after month. Inside word suggested the project to repaint and uncover the façade was hit either by legal troubles with contractors or safety worries from departments within the resort.

And so we waited, until now, when it looks like our park landmark might finally be in preparation for its first close-up since July 2005. Only opened in 2002, we’ve known this tribute to Walt Disney’s Hyperion Studios for longer with scaffolding attached than without.

It’s time to put that right.

Photos 1-2: as credited; Other Photos: DLRP Today.com/Disney
Thanks to mouetto, DCP for exact billboard dates.

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  • Hallelujah! things are looking up!

  • So what exactly are they doing, anyway? Are they actually painting it, or what?

  • Yes, as you can see in the first two photos they’ve now begun to repaint the front of the building, as this scaffolding was intended for over one and a half years ago.

    …And when that’s done, maybe they should get to work on the other side, facing Hollywood Boulevard? ;-)

  • Can’t wait till its finished, as scaffolding really makes an out of this world resort, this world. :)

  • About time good to see Eurodisney SCA sees this as a priority now and hopefully will be finished for July 10.

  • People don’t know the real reason why it has taken so long for Studio 1 to get its paint job. I was at WDS 2 weeks ago and spoke to a cast member about it, it appears that Disney have been locked in a legal battle for the past few years with either the paint manufacturer or the painting company that was hired to do the work (she couldn’t remember which). The work was started,look at the top left of Studio 3, you’ll see painting has started but it is a funny shade of pink and it is a flat colour, no nice shading, this paint job has something to do with the legal battle.

  • I’m not happy about this until the scaffolding is entirely gone!!!

    I really, really hope they will do it right this time, as Front Lot is [was…] such a beautiful place…

    There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow :)

  • The picture from 2004 reminds me of back then when there was no-one there!

  • We see the workers on 18.03.2010…

  • Thank god they got rid of the billboards! I dont like the scaffolding but those advertisments looked awful! Finally going back to the original! :)

  • Pleased to say I managed to avoid seeing the Chicken Little billboard and head. I think I would have screamed. Yuk.

  • 6 times at disneyland  12th June 2010, 14:11

    I have noticed posters up there until I found out that it needed construction to finish the look of the studio. 1,690 is a lot of days to wait for paint!

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