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New Generation decoration mixes old habits, new ideas

Tuesday, 30th March 2010 at 23:58

New Generation Festival decorationsThe New Generation Festival hasn't just arrived in new shows and events -- special decorations at Disneyland Park installed last week show that whilst old Disneyland Paris habits die hard, there are still new ideas to be tried out.,

These days it only happens at Halloween and Christmas, but there was a point in the recent past, around the time of The Lion King Carnival and similar events, when it seemed Main Street Station was never without decorations.

But, those seasonal logos have made a comeback. As spotted in a behind-the-scenes video, concepts prepared by the Entertainment department called for a return to Main Street Station decorations — although we couldn’t quite get a good look at them. Last week, they began to appear.

New Generation Festival decorations

First with a new idea, at least for seasonal decorations at Disneyland Paris: Ruffled semi-circular fabric bunting in red and yellow, a common way Main Street is decorated for Halloween in the overseas parks — where there’s no orange paint in sight — and a welcome idea for Paris.

And then, the old tradition: A large logo plaque and sculpted character models.

New Generation Festival decorations

Models that are, it’s been noted… a little off-model. The tacked-on Mickey is oversized compared to his new friends, and we’d better be careful what we say about that Woody and his eyes… there must be something in the s’mores at Cowboy Camp!

So far (perhaps there’s more to come?) there are only additional characters to the left of the main logo, with Tiana and Frog standing in front of one window and Remy in front of the other.

New Generation Festival decorations

New Generation Festival decorations

As we saw in the concept art, the Baroque style of the logo frame is continued through the new Main Street lamppost decorations, although the colour scheme seems to have become darker and less symmetrical.

The final colours of the ribbons under each frame are blue, yellow, red, green and purple, rather than the fresher pattern of purple, white, yellow, green, yellow, white and pink promised…

New Generation Festival decorations

New Generation Festival decorations

New Generation Festival decorations

Still, we can probably all agree this is how Main Street should be decorated. A big, big improvement on the mess last year; at last a reasonably subtle way to extend the year’s theme and bring the current advertising campaign into the parks.

Perhaps, then, it simply fell to Main Street Station to be this year’s sacrificial piece of Disneyland Park for the less successful decorations, now that the castle is finally off-limits. At least, better to have Woody frightening children there than from somewhere on our dear château!

Now, about Tinkerbell…

Photos by Dlrpteam for DLRP Today.com

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  • I can grin and bear decor on Main Street Station any day instead of on the castle! Is it a crime that i actually really like the decor this year, i mean all of it! :) Its fun yet not overdone as it normally is at DLP! Good job! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  • I agree, the statues add a cool look on the front as you walk in and the poster picture things are quite cool too!

  • I can’t stand that new sign, seeing ‘Main Street USA Disneyland Paris’ is something I love. Now there’s a monstrosity ruining that special ‘I’m in the park!’ moment.

  • I don´t like the new sign, it looks a lot better on the pictures than in real!

  • I love this new idea about the new generation and everything it always seems to be the same characters for dlrp , where as over parks like the ones in america have a big range of them all so why don’t dlrp get these characters:
    Chicken Little, Characters from Meet The Robinsons, and Bolt or are they not new generation then ????

  • oh and more characters that i’ve found that are missing too to add to my list:
    Bugs’ Life, Brother Bear, Enchanted, Treasure Planet, anymore anyone???

  • I like the statues… but I can’t appreciate the huge sign, which doesn’t match with the Main Street styling… A more subtle design would have been better. Also the styling of the colored ropes under the signs could have been better.

  • I don’t like garish signs on Main Street Station either. The whole idea of Main Street is supposed to be old fashioned Victorian elegance of bygone days. Keep the tacky stuff for the Studios.

  • Nos gusta mucho, son más acorde con Main Street y la estación ha quedado muy bien decorada.

  • Woody looks a little crazy,but i have to agree they are better than the mickeys magical party banners they had up everywhere last year

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