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Tiana’s musical meeting, first parade – pictures and video

Monday, 29th March 2010 at 17:56

Princess Tiana at Disneyland ParisDisney's latest royal couple have made their Disneyland Paris -- and worldwide Disney parade -- debut! Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen have commandeered the lead of the Dreams of Romance float and a new musical photo opportunity on Town Square.,

Imagine the royal scraps backstage! Even with its two articulated floats, the finale of Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade is now having to accommodate no less than five couples.

For Belle, previously leading the float with a profusion of red roses and the beastly incarnation of her love, it means moving further back (or perhaps, being “promoted” to stand alongside Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty) and seeing her Beast transformed back into a human prince, allowing him to move more easily.

And so the roses of 2007…

Princess Tiana at Disneyland Paris

…become the wild, yellow flowers of the bayou for Tiana and Naveen!

Princess Tiana at Disneyland Paris

The podium has also been modified with a new raised platform and safety railing, decorated with more yellow flowers, to give guests a better view of the couple. This is their first appearance on a permanent Disney parade float anywhere in the world.

Princess Tiana at Disneyland Paris

The Princess and the Frog has been welcomed into the parade with a new section of music added to the float’s medley: a new recording of Ma Belle Evangeline, with Tiana speaking over the top about — you guessed it — dreams.

The second half of the video above features the new musical meet ‘n’ greet on Town Square, which does appear to have so far replaced the previous Mary Poppins show. As you can see in the video, there’s a new (and nicely designed) noticeboard nearby to advertise the meeting times.

Princess Tiana at Disneyland Paris

Princess Tiana at Disneyland Paris

With no performance numbers like the Mary Poppins show, this new character event sees Tiana and Naveen meet guests in the gazebo, for a perfect photo with the Main Street backdrop, as one of the park’s live bands play dixieland jazz renditions of songs from the film (heard but not seen in the video).

Tout suite! Are you “goin’ down the bayou” to meet Tiana?

Photos, video © Disney

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  • :O where’d Belle go?!

  • i really like tiana and naveen:) they look cute toghter:) but i think they should have their own car. And then belle could still have the roses:)

  • It’s a shame, as I rather enjoyed the Mary Poppins musical performance the did in the gazebo, but then on the other hand it does provide an excellent photo opportunity!

    It’s great to see Tiana and Naveen settling in! (Although saying that, I will miss Prince Adam in his beastly form. Gotta love the Beast!)

  • I cannot wait to meet Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen!

  • maddie leriche  30th March 2010, 22:15

    bonjour i loved the clip :) they look soo pretty xxxx

    disney wishes xxx

  • Thanks for the info. I hope they do not abandon Mary Poppins altogether, as that film is a timeless classic, like Cinderella, B&TB, and Sleeping Beauty. I can’t see The Princess and the Frog lasting as long somehow. Very nice for a while, great to see new things, but I doubt it will ever be regarded as a classic. Children will always look for Mary Poppins.

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