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New Generation Festival Press Launch – In Video

Sunday, 28th March 2010 at 16:17

New Generation Festival Press Launch - In VideoYou've seen the pictures -- and now, the New Generation Festival press launch in motion. For the first time, the Stunt Arena hosted a completely different kind of show -- Pixar Play Parade meets Cirque du Soleil... meets French Discotheque! The New Generation lands here...,

Yes, it was probably pitched something like that.

But first, a nice compilation from behind-the-scenes at yesterday’s press events, as a Disneyland Paris video camera follows the press around the new shows and events to give a feeling of these busy press days in the parks:

Now that’s got you warmed up, onto the main show!

Titled “The New Gen Show”, the opening ceremony and dedication of the New Generation Festival has all the usual ingredients of these one-off Disney grand opening spectaculars — a ridiculously large cast, jazzy projections and an “interesting” mélange of music.

On the one hand we have Buzz Lightyear reliving his French disco days, on the other Nemo coaxing Dory (right?) into the arena in something out of an arty theatrical show. All wrapped up with music from… Pixar Play Parade at Disney’s California Adventure.

Yes, it’s an eclectic, enormous and show-stopping opening ceremony for the year ahead. Might they have actually outdone all past efforts? Perhaps — in numbers and scale — even the opening of the resort itself!

It’s a shame, of course, that these kind of lavish events are reserved only for “VIPs” who probably couldn’t give a hoot about seeing a show like this. We have to wonder how much of the footage and how many of the images shot this weekend will really make an impact, or be featured in the media. It’s a tradition now that Disneyland Paris puts on one show for the visitors and one superficial blow-out to look good for the cameras. It’s something for the archives, for them to pull out and say “remember 2010?”.

Although given that they used the stunt arena this year, which has 3000 seats, this would have been a good chance to say, give away a few extra tickets in a prize draw to Annual Passport Dream holders… if only to see the show, to spread word of mouth, and not to enjoy the free food.

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  • Wow… if only we had this quality of show IN the park… we can but dream…

  • There’s actually a lot missing from the video, some of it really good.

  • It would be perfect for THE night-time show at the WDS, so they could open their second park at night too!

    But, indeed Columbiad, we can dream…

  • I like some parts of the video, but they should kick out tiesto for good. I hate it how his songs ruin almost everything. A classic song from lilo and stitch would have been way better!

  • Why on earth are they mostly NOT using the music that fits with the characters!!! Seriously! When are they going back to the Disney roots!!??

  • I agree with all the above comments. Why can’t we have even a scaled down version of this show as a nighttime spectacular for the WDS. The venue is excellent. If the quality of the live entertainment we see here matched what we get day to day we would have so much to look forward to on our visits.

  • The video is already a scaled down version, but realistically, the cost of such a show on a daily basis would be prohibitive.

  • Amazing, and for WDS! this is more DHS :) lOVE IT!

  • If you ask 1 euro for seeiing this show that 65 million euro’s
    will be gone in a minute…

  • junglebaggie  29th March 2010, 09:06

    I agree with the comments made so far. It would be amazing to have this as a nightime show at WDS but the cost would be so high with so many cast members taking part and all the special effects but at least we get to enjoy these videos in the comfort of our own homes which is better than not at all, imagine if it had rained for this event there is no protection from the elements!!! The studios really do need an evening show/parade and to stay open a little later especially in the winter months.

  • i honestly dont understand why they spend so much time and money creating these events when they arent anything that is going to be shown in the parks. it is actually depressing to watch people who get this free and we pay to ride dirty teacups and stay in rundown hotels and have almost all of the live entertainment in the parks be cancelled. they really need to get their priorities in order. i would be interested to know what sort of impact these events actually have.

  • Mickey the Scot  8th April 2010, 13:14

    They should put a show like this in the park all year round…It looks great!!!!

  • I can’t wait to see the new generation festival, this will be my 5th time there in 2yrs. How miserable can some people be, I’m the female Peter Pan, you’re never top old for Disney Magic.

  • Sarah  7 days ago

    OMG! That show is amazing. Why can’t that be a nightime show like wishes and the light one. All that for publicity. They are tricking people into spending alot of money on a holiday at DLP to see the show that has been advertised to find it was a one of for V.I.P’s thats just shocking!

  • Mmmmm – not sure about all the New Gen stuff. The classic Disney magic is at risk of being erased by a Pixar overdose.

    Have just seen videos of Toy Story land – sooooo disappointing. Parachutes = Jumping Jelly fish ride from California (yawn!!!), RC Racer is a variation on the old “Pirate Ship” back and forth ride and as for Slinky Dog, it’s a basic kids round you find in many ageing parks like Chessington. Come on Paris, we deserve better.

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