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Showtime Spectacular in even more photos… and HD video!

Saturday, 27th March 2010 at 23:43

Disney Showtime SpectacularFull show video. What a difference a year makes. Remember the fuss this time last year, when the first photos and videos of 'It's Party Time' came rolling in? For this year's hub show, Disneyland Paris finally appears to have the "wow" it wants.,

Lay those memories of polyester costumes and embarrassing toddlers’ games to rest. If you liked the first photos of Disney Showtime Spectacular from our friends at Photos Magiques (and it looks like most of us did), what do you say to the whole show — in high definition?

Part 1:

Part 2:

Yes, we may finally have a show worthy of this overwhelming stage. If we must see the whole hub of the park enveloped in an inescapable live show throughout the day (and it appears we must), then this is really the way to do it. Countless characters, great new and specially-rerecorded music, clever costume changes and oh yes, quite probably some real “wow” moments that justify the hyperbolic title.

A few criticisms could still be put forward — It’s a fairly young-leaning show and might still not have the broad appeal such a focal point of the park should have (though compared to Party Time‘s nursery school focus, it’s positively geriatric). Mickey’s costume changes are fun, but his yo-yoing up and down that stage lift can be a bit disruptive to the flow of the show. And unfortunately Minnie still appears to be the only “VIP” to speak English, making the opening scenes a little off-putting (and hey, imagine if you’re Spanish, German…) — but then, we’re suddenly treated to a whole load of brand new character voices, convincing sound-alikes for Woody (Tom Hanks) and Mike (Billy Crystal) and possibly even the “real” Tiana, Anika Noni Rose… or another very good impersonator.

This is a show that could well make other Disney resorts — even the hallowed hub stage of Tokyo Disneyland — a little jealous. Finally, this true “new generation” of Pixar characters that have been so left out of park entertainments in Paris for a decade or more are given centre stage, in a production that brings back memories of the old musical revues of “Disney Classics: The Music and the Magic” (Videopolis) and the original “C’est Magique” (Fantasy Festival Stage).

Want more? Here are the new official publicity photos released today:

Disney Showtime Spectacular

Disney Showtime Spectacular

Disney Showtime Spectacular

Disney Showtime Spectacular

Disney Showtime Spectacular

Disney Showtime Spectacular

Disney Showtime Spectacular

And look out for a few more in our coverage of today’s big press launch, with unfortunately less appealing weather — yes, the curse of the Disneyland Paris press event strikes again!

Now: The clever choreography of the Lilo & Stitch scene, complete with palm trees and circling birds, or the transformation of Naveen from frog to prince, and the superb subsequent New Orleans musical number? Maybe something else… What’s your favourite Disney Showtime Spectacular moment so far?

Videos by Photos Magiques, Photos © Disney

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  • I LOVE the music as Prince Naveen transforms from the frog… that true ‘Disney’ feeling… and then that awesome number right after. So fast-paced and ‘Disney’ again! The purple and gold flags really get my attention :)

  • I love, love, love this show! I just wish Mickey could change without an excessive ammount of smoke to take him out.

  • I think it looks absolutely great. I can’t wait to see it this summer. Way to go Disney!

  • This show is what we’ve all been waiting for! I love the Costume Changes and the music is something thats been missing from a DLP centre show for some time! Truly “spectacular,” And DLP bringing in NEW characters! Wonders will never cease! I can’t wait to go and see it myself!


    I was a bit sceptical when I first heard of the new Characters in the MK, and thought maybe better in the Studios only, but this show is brilliant. I was singing along with tears in my eyes. You have made my day with this video, and what lovely weather.

    Well done DLP! Can’t wait to see it for myself- many times. I think my favourite bit has to be the Can Can with Ratatuoille- pure genius, and very French!

    WDW, eat your heart out!

  • Jens Bernhard/Germany  28th March 2010, 16:40

    I think this show sucks! Take Mickeys Magical Party time, the music make you wanna dance, there great cheographic and the dancers of course gives you a great party feeling.
    Take Candelabration, where every time when the lights turns on the castle you have this “wow”-effect. That`s all gone in this show now… the only party feeling is the stich part, which I must say, it is cool! The Music, the Dance, thats a good show. But Toy Story with it`s boring “You`ve got a friend in me”, the Incredibles, Ratatouille, nothing special!!! And the Monster Inc. the part is taken from Dance time with stitch(!) that show, that so many people hate! And now this is for all of you a good show, which the other disney parks can be jealous? Come on! That`s in fact not true!

  • Mickeys Magical Party Time was a disaster, i can’t wait to see the new show! I love it.

  • Ok Thomas imagine this… I think you also dislike the castle lighting on Mickeys Magical Party at Christmas Time (which I think was also not that bad)… when they use this show also on Christmas for the Castle Lighting, at what part will the castlelights turn on? When the Can Can of Ratatouille began? The Stitch part ist great and the princess Tina part ok, but the rest of this new show – no comment…

  • Jens Bernhard/Germany  1st April 2010, 15:41

    Ok Thomas, imagine this… I guess you also dislike the christmas zeremony with the magical party (which I think that wasn`t that bad at all) … when they use this new show on christmas for the lighting zeremony, which part the light will turn on? when the can-can of Ratatouille began and the vegetables fly around? “Of course that would be great”, will the people say that hate the magical party. I do not know why so many hate the magical party, she makes fun, make you wanna dance, lots of sweet dancers. At this Show you only wanna “swing” with the Stitch part (which is the greatest at the show) and a little bit by the Princess Tina part. But the rest…. no comment! And the Final, where all casts stand on the top from left to the right and the cheography was completely stolen by the last years not so scary-halloween show. Also the Monster Scream cheography from the Monster Inc. Part was taken from last years Dance Time with Stitch… but this is so much better because the show is so great …
    People who don`t like the magical party and like this now, lie to itself because many parts where taken from the last year

  • I looking for the music of this spectacular but no the original but these live? Can you help me.

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