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Disney All Stars Express rolls onto the parade route

Saturday, 27th March 2010 at 16:37

Disney All Stars ExpressThird time's a charm: The "all new" Disney All Stars Express has made its debut at Disneyland Paris for the New Generation Festival, bringing several new characters to Disneyland Park for the first time. Pictures and videos here!,

Though the advertising would suggest you won’t see a moment of the New Gen attractions until 2nd April, as with recent years that’s not quite the case. In fact, from Princess Tiana to Remy, the Showtime Spectacular to this here All Stars Express, the events have been performing in the parks for up to a week now, ready for the press launch today, and will almost seem like old news come next weekend.

Just a couple of weeks after Minnie’s Party Train departed the parade route, the Disney All Stars Express suddenly steamed in, transformed (almost) from top to bottom with the multi-coloured design seen in its concept art and carrying characters such as Remy, Emile and Mr Incredible, previously reserved exclusively for appearances at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Disney All Stars Express

Those nasty spots have finally cleared up to give the old Casey Jr. a clean complexion of white, red, yellow and green, though several elements of the old Mickey’s Magical Party design remain — such as the Mickey emblems on the top of each carriage.

Disney All Stars Express

A collection of flags on the first carriage feature designs and logos from the featured Pixar films, and the “All Stars Express” banner across the front of the train even uses the animation studio’s logo typeface, Charlemagne Bold, with its recognisable not-quite-Serif “X”.

Disney All Stars Express

And then, of course, there’s WALL-E!

Disney All Stars Express

The most anticipated aspect of the redecorated character train since his reveal last month, this marks the first time the character has ever appeared in any Disney parade or event. He’s hardly all-singing, all-dancing: he remains static and silent throughout, but the production quality is top-notch.

Disney All Stars Express

Despite all this Pixar celebration, Disneyland Paris is still keen to emphasise the “Disney” in this New Generation (which is why they insist the event be titled “Disney new generation festival” in all official texts). And so, the final two carriages aren’t all that new at all — the second even keeps its old Minnie Mouse theme! Here you’ll often find more classic characters, such as Pinocchio or Chip and Dale, with the likes of The Incredibles and Ratatouille kept on the first, fully-redecorated carriage.

Disney All Stars Express

To see it in motion, check out these first clips to appear on YouTube:

As you might notice, another aspect of Disney All Stars Express (there’s that “Disney” again) that’s only half-new is the soundtrack. Fans of the now-infamous “Tous en Train” will be glad to hear that the song is still used, albeit in a remixed form, now fading into versions of “It’s a Small World” and “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” to continue the friendship theme we’re seeing.

Again, changed just enough that it can all be called “new” without really any massive change — though certainly preferable to the incessant Minnie Mouse clips played at full volume over the top last year.

Even more photos now, direct from Disneyland Paris, all the new official press shots:

Disney All Stars Express

Disney All Stars Express

Disney All Stars Express

Disney All Stars Express

Disney All Stars Express Disney All Stars Express

Finally, for those with a patchy memory, a look back across the character train eras:

Disney All Stars Express

So there we go. And we’ll see you all here again same time, next year, right? Who knows how many more times we’re going to be re-sold this event as something brand new!

Photos by Photos Magiques.com (more), Videos by cafemickey1, gochaton

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  • Personally i find that this new characters express is too colourful. :/
    I prefered minnie’s party train or even more so characters express.

  • I am going to Disneyland tommorow and very, very excited!!!! I am wondering why this isnt showing up on the daily park schedules, does anyone know??? (If you do that would be very helpful!!

  • Hi Matt, That’s because these performances are still technically counted as “soft openings” or public dress rehearsals. It gives time for things to be tweaked or problems found before they’re committed to a show schedule (although of course, they’ve had 3 years of rehearsals for this already!).

    Just ask the Cast Members at the Tips Board if they know the current showtimes, or hang around in Main Street late morning.

  • Well, it’s certainly not as bad as last year’s version — what a low point that was! Look at it amongst those banners. Good riddance, Mickey’s Magical whateveritwas.

  • We are just back from 5 great days at dlrp. On Tuesday we saw what I believe may have been the very first showing of the new show. It took place on Central plaza at approx 4.15- right before the parde. It was fantastic.. so many characters in so many costumes. The characters walked down the parade route (not sure where they started) to the stage and walked back again at the end

    We saw the train go up main street on Tuesday just after official park opening at approx 10.15am

    Later in the afternoon we saw the train from a distance .. it was moving in the area of central plaza but never came down main street

    On Thursday we saw the train come up main street approox 3pm.. it parked at central plaza stage for about 30 mins and then left (not sure where it went)

  • I loved Minnie’s Party Train last year!

    I think that Casey Jr looks great, there’s a nice mixture of new and old characters on the All Star Express, and it fantastic to hear that the haven’t gotten rid of “Tous en Train” just yet. (I spent the whole of October and November 2009 singing and humming that song, although I must admit, I actually enjoy Minnie’s high pitched schreeching of “l’attention!”

    I do have one question, have the changed the route this year? Last yeah Minnie’s Party Train made it way from the gates by the pavillion, down Main Street to Central Plaza where it stopped and the characters all got off for meet and greet for around 15 mins. Then the train went around Central Plaza and made it’s way back up Main Street to exit via the same gate it entered from. The second youtube video above shows the All Star Express going past the Castle Stage and into Fantasyland before exiting through the gates inbetween Fantasyland and Discoveryland, without making a stop! Is this just because it is a “reheasal”, or do they plan to not make any stops this year?

    It would be a shame if they don’t stop, we got to meet a lot of characters that way on our visit!

  • I can not wait to see it in Sept, It looks great! my Son will LOVE it

  • Thankyou DLRP Today!

  • @Stacey – Oh yes, forgot to mention the route! The performances so far have seen the train leave via the Fantasyland/Small World gate, which I presume is so that the guest flow cast members don’t have to clear Main Street twice each time, which can be very disruptive on busy mornings.

    The train *does* still stop at Central Plaza for meet ‘n’ greets.

  • you forget music of lilo end stitch!

  • I am so sad that I misses Minnies! I am going tomorrow and I thoud it still was the old one!! DAMN!!!

  • Oh gosh,,,It’s same as Tokyo Disney’s Disney Express parade in2001!

  • I…don’t understand why Casey, Jr. can’t run in his real colours. Sure, it’s not as garish but he’s more recognisable, truth be told I think Disney forget a lot of people DO recognise him. In the past I’ve heard people ask why he’s in such a strange paint scheme and I have no idea how to answer it. Imagine Walt’s criticisms as a train buff!

    If he was original paint and without that banner smothering his view he could count as another classic character, from past experience kids love his scenes, not to mention John Lasseter, etc!

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