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Andy’s first Tinkertoys constructed in Toy Story Playland

Saturday, 27th March 2010 at 13:51

Toy Story Playland constructionLooks like Andy has arrived at Toy Story Playland, bringing with him a full set of Tinkertoys to be constructed along the land's future pathways -- the first (at least visible) standalone toys on the construction site.,

Not heard of Tinkertoys? No, actually not many of the visitors to Walt Disney Studios Park will have done. A quintessential classic American toy, they were invented in 1914 and allow younger children to build simple models from coloured sticks and wooden spools.

Toy Story Playland construction

Anyway, on to the park — and look at that, our favourite nondescript walkway has reopened to its full width after being closed during the installation of the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop ride seats:

Toy Story Playland construction

Still just as plain as before!

And that really stands out because, just by turning to your left, you’re now confronted by more colour and more fun-looking props and attractions than the whole rest of the park put together. The Tinkertoys have arrived:

Toy Story Playland construction

This collection of the construction toys roughly mark out the future entrance of the land. Just in front of these, we’ll see our giant Buzz Lightyear figure and ‘Playland’ letters made out of building blocks:

Toy Story Playland construction

Added to the purple and orange of RC Racer and the greens of Parachute Drop, the Tinkertoys add red, green, orange and blue, all slightly lighter and closer to pastel shades than the primary colours seen in the classic real-life set above.

These giant-sized Tinkertoys had actually already been Imagineered before Toy Story Playland — like several of the props on their way to Paris, they were designed for the Pixar Place and Toy Story Midway Mania area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Our new land takes this idea of an oversized playroom and expands it to a garden setting (unfortunately, no interactive dark ride included).

Don’t forget, things like lampposts won’t exist in the fully scaled-up world of Toy Story Playland, so these building sticks will have a variety of functional uses — either supporting cables for over-sized Christmas lights, strung up above the walkways or, as below, carefully concealing human-sized lights:

Toy Story Playland construction

In fact, turn 180-degrees and you can see more newly-concealed lights:

Toy Story Playland construction

The Leaning Tower of Tyres outside the Luigi’s Cassa Della Tires façade of Cars Quatre Roues Rallye has had its top tyre modified to include two spotlights, pointing towards the future Toy Story Playland entrance. A clever way to unobtrusively illuminate the giant Buzz Lightyear?

Photos by Dlrpteam for DLRP Today.com

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  • Looks so cool…cant wait to see it when its finished!

  • I agreed… personally I think that people are being too harsh on DLRP and that this land will be a fantastic addition ONCE finished.

    Yes it does look like an eye sore at the moment, but hey, that cannot be helped – they are building the place.

    I can’t wait to go in August with it being the opening and suspect that it will be great!

  • It’s a really nice touch.

  • When in August is it opening?

  • I can’t wait. Me and my family love toy story. It is opening when the film comes out.
    People are being way to harsh.

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