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Wallets at the ready, the New Gen merch has arrived

Friday, 26th March 2010 at 21:13

New Generation Festival merchandiseWith each new theme year, a whole new load of merchandise floods the Disneyland Paris boutiques. This year, more so than ever -- from popular faces like Mike Wazowski to perfect tie-ins like RC remote control cars, is this the most marketable event ever?,

It’s certainly a merchandiser’s dream come true — free reign of the most popular Pixar characters and plenty of toy tie-ins for Toy Story Playland (even there’s still debate as to whether the land itself will have a single retail location).

Whilst the 15th Anniversary and Mickey’s Magical Party souvenirs largely featured the same design splashed over everything, the New Generation Festival already has a much more varied and modern selection of items. From simple logo T-shirts:

New Generation Festival merchandise

To fun character mugs and bowls:

New Generation Festival merchandise

It’s the huge expanded range of Toy Story items which take pride of place this year, however — especially with Toy Story 3 arriving in July. We’ve got cute plush toys of Bullseye, Rex and other Pixar characters:

New Generation Festival merchandise

New Generation Festival merchandise

Alongside the expected action figures and plastic toys:

New Generation Festival merchandise

New Generation Festival merchandise

Of course, you can pick up an RC remote control car after a ride on RC Racer, or a real (and much more conveniently-sized) Slinky toy after a ride on Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin.

Bored of the usual Sorcerer Mickey hats? Try out a funny triangular Buzz Lightyear hat for size:

New Generation Festival merchandise

Or any one of the endless spin-off toys and souvenirs:

New Generation Festival merchandise

And, to tie in perfectly with the parachute-themed ad campaign, there are these special Disneyland Paris-branded “Parachute Sky Diver” figures of Buzz and Woody:

New Generation Festival merchandise

Several other new merchandise lines have been added recently, including this range of “attractions” souvenirs featuring images and logos of Indy, Space, Tower and Pirates against a red graphic backdrop of other attraction logos such as Phantom Manor, Stitch Live and Studio Tram Tour:

New Generation Festival merchandise

New Generation Festival merchandise

The “I Heart Mickey” range of merchandise has also been expanded, with fancy new cups:

New Generation Festival merchandise

And some new mugs which state more elaborately, “I Am Madly In Love With MK.”:

New Generation Festival merchandise

Indeed, you’re never short of ideas for your next coffee mug at Disneyland Paris:

New Generation Festival merchandise

But be careful — too much caffeine (and shopping) can send you Plane Crazy…

New Generation Festival merchandise

Photos by Dlrpteam for DLRP Today.com

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  • Fine, Fine – looks like my money is safe this year :) …

  • Very cute. I totally love these.

  • I so want some of these souvenirs – I feel like a kid again lol!

    Looks amazing for both children and adults.

  • For me it seems that the new stuff looks good. Like it :-)

  • The RC/CAR and buzz lightyear are not new. I’m still waiting forks, knives and spoons for adults. Hello! Marketeers from Disney… If you read this :). I find the new mugs and bowls very nice. I expect much news here the next days. Keep up the good work DLRPT

  • I love this all but how do I take it with me home when I go there by plane??
    mugs can be broken in the suitcase!

  • Boring, boring, boring… Except the toys from Toy Story.

  • David Heremans  27th March 2010, 16:28

    Time to bring in more adult-oriented stuff, PLEASE :)

  • I’m thinking, I need to keep down the packing so I can fit things in to bring back!

  • I love these! I don’t think I am going till nxt year so all this proberly wont be there! :( By the way: Where is all the Princess Tiana stuff?

  • Just got back from dlrp on 19th march and most of this stuff was there when i was there, still awesome.
    By the way for getting breakable things back put them in your hand luggage, i collect tinkerbell glasses, so obvisouly got all of them at dlrp, and put them in my hand luggage and the airport were fine with it xx

  • I love some of the new mugs. Ina, I pack bubble wrap and sellotape so I can wrap souvenirs safely if flying.

  • The best merchandise ranges I have seen in 9 Years on resort.

  • lovely new stuff, need to put more money away for dlsneyland paris in august

  • The bowls and mugs are cute,but I don’t like the new red merchandise for the rides looks similar to what they’ve done before

  • Oh boy we go at the end of August, our 6th visit. All I can say is my 5 yr old son will go bonkers for the Toy Story goodies and my 9 yr old daughter will be nuts for the cuddlies. Am thinking we will need a bigger bed for her to put them all on! Can’t wait to go!!

  • I love the title of this news :)

  • We pack any breakables in out suitcases but wrap them in clothing first – never had anything break on us yet! (crossing fingers for our next visit on May 17th).

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