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First Toy Soldiers parachutes touch down in the Playland

Monday, 8th March 2010 at 23:03

Toy Story Playland constructionAs the path between the back of Toon Studio and Hollywood Boulevard is closed completely to guests, Toy Story Playland has just seen its very first ride seats land -- three of the six parachutes at Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop.,

Now attached to the cables installed just last week, the frames of three “parachutes” can be seen over the construction walls, yet to receive their final parachute-themed canopy and finishing touches:

Toy Story Playland construction

Toy Story Playland construction Toy Story Playland construction

Each parachute is currently attached to one arm of the tower by four cables, with the first three all sitting on the front side of the tower, facing the existing Toon Studio.

If the final design matches similar rides like Jumpin’ Jellyfish at Disney’s California Adventure, a further winch cable (or cables) should be added to actually pull the seats into the air, with these four cables serving only to keep them properly aligned and steady.

As mentioned previously, the parachutes have six seats — compared to just two on the jellyfish in California — allowing the ride to achieve a higher capacity of 36 riders with just one tower.

Toy Story Playland construction

The arrival of the first parachutes and the positioning of those cables appears to have also confirmed one important aspect of this towering ride that has changed relentlessly between almost every single concept we’ve seen: the direction in which guests will be facing.

And the good news is, it looks like we won’t be facing straight outwards (or inwards) like on the off-the-shelf versions of this ride (and as even shown in the final concept), but seated at a right angle (90 degrees) to the arm of the tower above (like on the model/maquette), meaning you’ll be facing other guests — and less likely to focus on what will surely be less than magical views of the Art of Disney Animation air conditioning system and empty expansion land beyond Studio Tram Tour.

Toy Story Playland construction

Meanwhile, the fences which squashed the path behind Art of Disney Animation last week, giving very little space to navigate this route between the back of Toon Studio and the (premature) end of Hollywood Boulevard, have now… closed the area off completely!

Toy Story Playland construction

Toy Story Playland construction

The area between Crush’s Coaster and Cars Quatre Roues Rallye is now a dead-end, as work continues…

Photos by Dlrpteam for DLRP Today.com

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  • Is it just me or did it looks every day a little bit cheaper? :)

  • The frightening part is that this ugly tower is probably almost finished. If I look at the concepts, the only thing that’s missing are the horizontal beams connecting those overhanging platforms, but maybe they just omited them in the final design. The pesky railings on top also aren’t in the concept, so there is hope they might remove them too.

    Even Jumping Jellyfish in DCA looks better, with at least a minimal level of theming tacked onto it.

    They should move over some of those already nicely grown sequoias surrounding Sequoia Lodge and fence off the whole area with it. Something with considerable height is needed to make this disappear.

  • I agree John. I have vented my frustration elsewhere on DLRPtoday blog – more to do with opening date of Toyland. Tower of Terror is hideous, now this!

    I appreciate DLRP is a smaller park than in the US, but the latest attractions are so small-scale in terms of ‘Wow-factor’. A series of houses with balloon clusters that rise and fall at some falls – all directly based on UP! would have been nice.

  • ^ I think the Studios need a lot of trees, just like the Disneyland Park. Not only to cover Toy Story Playland, but also in the rest of the park. When you look at the Disneyland Park, you’ll see that trees cover other themes from eachother, so you won’t be ably to see Big Thunder Mountain from Adventureland and the Orbitron from Fantasyland.

  • IMO, I think that we should all just hold back and take a deep breath – we don’t know exactly what the Disney team have in mind as the designs are simply that – designs! What we need to do is stop with the negativity and think of some positives as we don’t have a clue what the finished product is going to be like.

  • Lets hope after all the commotion at DCA John Lasseter and Robert Iger will point their concentration to our slice of the Disney magic here in Europe. The damage from Mike Eisner is still left and we need help!!!!

  • I think the whole of WDS needs some serious vegetation added to it. The main thing that comes to mind when one is in there is the amount of concrete. If you compare Disney’s Hollywood Studios in WDW one can see how lush it looks with the amount of greenery there.

  • The railings on top are there for safety when the workers were attatching the cables, so i think they will come down. It needs alot more themeing for it to look any bit ok! I dont know what they were thinking when they designed Toy Story Playland! I wish they had spent the money on one GOOD ride and not 3 bad ones! and to make things worse its not even going to be open until august!! so disappointing!

  • I’ve said it before, and I will say it again- one Great Movie Ride for everyone!! Although a more modern version than WDW. That’s what the Studios is all about.

  • I agree with Twiddy. Enough with the negativity guys! We can all say what we want when we have seen the finished product but for now, let’s just hope for the best.

  • Its a theme park, not a nature reserve, if you dont like the eye sores of tower of terror, or the lack of greenary, then dont go! the new bit isnt even open and already people as normal are jumping to the wrong conclusions, then they should just stay at home. if there not as good(as say) the florida parks then go to them instead, the parks are mainly for children, never hear them complaning about the sceenary do we?

  • Disney is more than just a normal ‘theme park’! Disney is more than just rides!

  • Anonymous, I might say somewhat otherwise. In the eyes of the public, it is an entertainment venue with rides. More expensively themed, but still an entertainment venue. It ain`t the vegetation or sproud with themening that keeps the crowds coming back, it`s the attractions.

    And why does everyone say this is “just for small kids”? I know something about Intamin Half Pipe`s, and one thing is that they`re not kids rides. They`re more popular with teenagers than kids, and based on the sucess of Disney bringing in larger thrill rides to their parks (Everest, Test Track, Tower Of Terror etc.) I say use it. Based on the design of the vehicle, I say it`ll also be a little different experience since the car looks almost nothing like the usual Halfpipe car. The parachute drop and Zigzag Spin is more family attractions, yes, but not the Halfpipe.

    Obviously the resort is saving money. DLP lost 62m euros last year. Ovbiously you can`t just throw money at one expensive ride and themening after another. Maybe the whole idea of TSL is to make a decent crowd-puller to save money for bigger attractions later, like the Ratatuille dark ride (which some of you say is just a rumour but the recent appearence of the cage element seems to prove otherwise) and the rumoured Soarin`.

  • How did they ‘save’ money if it cost €70million! Ok i agree the rides are important but themeing is what makes you go to Disneyland rather than another theme park! It makes it different to other parks!

  • Oh god, it ruined the overall view of Disney studios!

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