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St David ends the Magical Party with a bang

Sunday, 7th March 2010 at 22:10

St David's DayAnd 338 days later, Mickey's Magical Party finally came to an end. The year had its last hurrah just hours ago as the St David's Welsh Festival fireworks lit up the night sky... one last chance for the departing theme year to spoil your photos!,

What’s been occuring at Disneyland Paris this weekend? The St David’s Welsh Festival, a now-annual event spread over three days, this year from 5th to 7th March, to celebrate the feast day of the patron saint of Wales (which is actually held on 1st March) — and no doubt tempt a few proud compatriots over to Disneyland Paris in the process.

As the schedule reveals, this is a rare chance to see Merlin calling up guests to pull Fantasyland’s sword from its stone, a location now used more frequently for the Sleeping Beauty “happening”.

St David's Day

It’s also the only time in any Disney park in the world you can see Mickey and Minnie dressed in traditional Welsh costume, be it at their special meet ‘n’ greets or riding the Main Street fire truck as a special pre-parade. Where the upcoming St Patrick’s Day has shamrocks all over, St David’s is all daffodils and leeks…

St David's Da

Between the “dathliad” (is that right?) of Wales came the eventual, anticipated end of Mickey’s Magical Party, the “theme year” which began way back on 4th April 2009 and brought us It’s Dance Time… in Discoveryland, Minnie’s Party Train and of course, It’s Party Time… with Mickey and Friends, which saw its final official performances on Central Plaza under a cold grey sky this weekend:

St David's Day Mickey's Magical Party

St David's Day Mickey's Magical Party

St David's Day Mickey's Magical Party

St David's Day Mickey's Magical Party

The pyrotechnics were a late addition last year.

What was that about spoiling pictures? Oh yes, the decorations. Though (if you can believe it) not as bad as they could have been, this was certainly a year to point your camera… elsewhere. Try a new angle rather than that generic castle shot.

Mickey's Magical Party

But, for one last bang before the year is locked away in the pages of Euro Souvenirland, our Mickey Moused medieval castle celebrated St David’s with the traditional fireworks display…

Mickey's Magical Party

Mickey's Magical Party

Mickey's Magical Party

Mickey's Magical Party

Mickey's Magical Party

Mickey's Magical Party

Mickey's Magical Party

Mickey's Magical Party

How do you say “what a relief”, “good riddance” in Welsh?

Photos by Dlrpteam for DLRP Today.com

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  • Thank god it’s gone! something that definatley won’t be missed… It’s great to see the Welsh fetival thingy happening Annually. I’d love to go to the one next year. I don’t think “what a relief” sounds too good in Welsh… “Dyna rhyddhad”, perhaps… “o’r diwedd!” (it’s about time”) works better.

  • Bye bye castle decorations! You will NOT be missed! :) It’ll be good to have the old castle back!

  • Yes it’s good to see that mickeys Magical party is over RIP

  • Disneymagique  9th March 2010, 12:21

    It was very crowded on Saturday with St. David’s day. It began to clear up around 9pm.
    I was surprised because there where fireworks just an hour later. I had no problem finding a good spot to film the fireworks.

    Next week St Patrick’s Day, I can’t wait!!!

  • Great photos. Now I just wish I could get that ‘ Mickey’s Magical Party Time’ tune out of my head…

  • William Sheakspeare  10th March 2010, 17:08

    What will they be doing for St George’s Day?

  • The welsh festival is awsome. Finally i can try and get the Mickey’s Magical Party Time song out of my head. And the decorations will definatly not be missed.

  • I am probably the only one who actually liked Mickey’s Magical Party! The reason is because last year was the first time I went to DLRP!

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