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Watch the full New Generation Festival TV spot!

Monday, 1st March 2010 at 17:23

New Generation Festival TV SpotToday's the day! After months of preparation, the New Generation Festival is finally landing in advertising across Europe -- starting with the UK -- with one of the resort's biggest campaigns for quite some time. Print, online... and of course, TV!,

If those stills from the epic new Disneyland Paris TV spot whet your appetite and you’ve yet to catch the ad on any of the major broadcasters in the UK, we’ve got a treat.

The full, 40 second commercial for the New Generation Festival. Enjoy:

Produced by Motion Theory — whose past credits include Honda, McCain, Nintendo and music videos such as Adele’s Chasing Pavements — for the resort’s agency EuroRSCG, this spectacular advert combines live action footage filmed in California with all-new animation of Disney and Pixar stars.

You’ll be seeing it for the next month across all the major TV networks. As well as this full 40 second version, you’ll see two 30 second versions and three 10 second spots, which we’ll be sharing soon!

In the UK, the commercials are trailing a new ‘Save up to 40% plus Kids under 7 stay and play Free’ offer, a quite unexpected return to such heavy discounting — the validity period even running right up to 8th November. Pushed with such a professional and genuinely exciting TV spot, Disneyland Paris looks set to be making quite a big impression in the UK over the next few months, as it attempts to win back the visitors lost through the credit crisis and poor exchange rates.

TV spots and advertising should launch outside the UK from next week, 8th March.

Video © Disney, Disney/Pixar.

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  • It’s a very nice commercia (the earial view doesn’t show Paris, does it?), however (might say I’m complaining) for people who haven’t ever visited DLP it doesn’t show what the parks have to offer. They don’t show Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Crush etcetera. So I’m not certain if they reach as many people as possible…

  • Perhaps apart from the Christmas ones, that’s the best DLP ad I’ve ever seen.

  • Very good point Brian

  • jennytablina  2nd March 2010, 01:32

    While this doesn’t show much of the actual park (but what Disney Park ad *has* in the past decade? Most Disney Park ads sell more the anticipation or magic of visiting Disney) I think its a *very* positive step in the right direction and makes me ponder

    Isn’t this like the first time any animation has been done *exclusively* for Disneyland Paris since the opening year ads? It reminds me ever so much of the flying star ads but on a much larger scale. Considering this and the new character renders from Pixar I wonder if Disneyland Paris has finally stopped getting the cold shoulder from Disney themselves?

    Also good to see the 40% offer returning!

  • The aerial view in the beginning seams to me as a fictive Disney-Park: The castle and the maze and Space Mountain from Paris, the Monorail from Anaheim. Still a nice spot. But did you see the insert when they show the Toy Story Playland? Its the main attraction and it opens in LATE Summer 2010 – disappointing many visitors until then :((

  • Ça c’est realment súper! :D. The best Disney Add! Très très bien :P

  • “TV spots and advertising should launch outside the UK from next week, 8th March.”
    Sorry but that’s not true. In Portugal I saw it last Sunday (1st March) oh and I got surprised ’cause it was like the first time I saw a DLRP TV spot here so YAY :D

    Also, I don’t think that you can answer me but, do you know what they try to say with “Opening late summer 2010”? Is it like the end of August (end of summer season at DLRP) or the end of September (end of the REAL summer)? Because I’d like to know when I have to visit DLRP to ride the new attractions. Thanks

  • I gotta say the prices for staying in august are very apealling i just compared a 3 night stay at the cheyenne with a 2 night stay at alton towers hotel in the uk and disney is cheaper and a much better quality experience. And to add as brian pointed out ok your right but surely everyone knows what to expect at disney in rides and this is showcasing the newest additions with even though the negative hype from people on here it is and will be a great edition to the park and the kids and adults will love it.

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Ad: Book your return to Disneyland Paris with confidence