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New Generation Festival TV spot in pictures

Wednesday, 24th February 2010 at 10:07

Disneyland Paris New Generation Festival TV spotThe plan is set, the New Generation Festival is almost ready to take to the air. From next week, the "new" characters of this all-new Disneyland Paris theme year will be raining down on TV screens across Europe. Want a sneak preview?,

Launching on 1st March (next Monday) in the UK and around the rest of Europe soon after, the TV commercial opens as the New Generation characters and stars begin falling from the sky (from a Dinoco helicoper!), descending over the classic fairytale worlds of Disneyland Park…

Disneyland Paris New Generation Festival TV spot

The advert is a mix of live action backgrounds with both computer and hand-drawn animation. Some of the characters have a less than perfect landing — Sulley falls straight through the thatched roof of the dwarves’ cottage…

Disneyland Paris New Generation Festival TV spot

Giving Snow White and guests, not to mention the monster himself, a sudden surprise…

Disneyland Paris New Generation Festival TV spot

Lightning McQueen, meanwhile, lands on the parade route, just missing Cinderella’s carriage.

Disneyland Paris New Generation Festival TV spot

The princess seems to take it all in her stride…

Disneyland Paris New Generation Festival TV spot

And watches on as Princess Tiana joins her exclusive circle of friends…

Disneyland Paris New Generation Festival TV spot

And then, what will be the most pored-over image of the whole commercial — a rather “playful” representation of Toy Story Playland. Donald Duck rides a (very oversized!) RC Racer up into the sky with Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop in the background, as Buzz Lightyear flies overhead…

Disneyland Paris New Generation Festival TV spot

The final shot shows the new and old joining together in a grand parade…

Disneyland Paris New Generation Festival TV spot

Whilst Goofy is pictured riding atop the opening float from Pixar Play Parade at Disney’s California Adventure (the parade that has been suggested may come to our Studios at some point), there’s little mention of the actual New Generation Festival events mentioned in brochures and press releases, such as Disney Showtime Spectacular on Central Plaza Stage.

There’s a chance that the use of Nemo and Lighting McQueen could make even several year-old attractions like Crush’s Coaster (which wasn’t all that heavily advertised upon opening) seem a part of the “new generation” offerings, for less frequent visitors.

The commercial was produced in California and features original animation of the characters involved. After the uninspiring balloons of Mickey’s Magical Party, the presence of a real narrative here, of the characters landing in the parks amongst classic set pieces, appears to be one of the best-executed campaigns from Disneyland Paris for some time, even in stills.

Keep your eyes peeled on major terrestrial and digital channels in the UK from Monday, with the “heavyweight” campaign running in several time lengths and formats right up to 4th April.

Images © Disney, Disney/Pixar.

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  • So they used two different shots of the castle for this commercial?

    They used a shot with and without the Mickey’s Magical Party logo on the castle.
    They should have seen this while creating the commercial.

    Nevertheless the pictures look amazing!!

  • Personally i think it looks great ! it has an all ages apperance ! Kids relate to the cartoon side of it ! :)

  • Wow they are actually showing some of the park.

  • This actually looks very good.

  • I really think this will bring back the magic to the festival. This looks great!

  • I think it looks great too! But they really wasted an opportunity with the huge popularity of Up, just imagine if Carl, Russell and Dug had a flown in by parachute or even from the house. All the kids know Up and they are definitely part of the new generation. And where’s Wall-E?

  • It looks very slick, I’m guessing it was done by Disney in the US? And at least there are plenty of shots of the park, or something like it at least.

    Just, you know, shame about the halfpipe.

  • I really want to see thi TV spot.It’s going to be perfect!!!!!!!!!!

  • So what happened to mickey at the final picture, he looks scary

  • I think it looks really good, compared to the drab we had for MMP.

  • ohh.. good ,so nice , im happy to see this in october , wow its reallly cool ,so lets visit disneyland paris its so cool and ive visit it 2 times :)

  • mickeys-fan  1st April 2010, 12:50

    i´ve got a question ,when are does the new attractions open?

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