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Animagique’s brief step into the home video spotlight

Wednesday, 24th February 2010 at 23:54

AnimagiqueNormally kept strictly under UV blacklight, live theatre show Animagique at Walt Disney Studios Park recently took a surprise move to allow photography and video recording ...before promptly banning it again this week.,

Since the blacklight trickery of this unique show relies on props being moved around the stage by performers dressed all black, making them appear to “fly” in thin air, all photography of any kind has been banned right from the 2002 premiere. This was taken up a step in recent years as the Guest Flow cast members who manage the audience were given orders to run up and down the aisles with warning signs showing a crossed-out camera flash. (Shame the same can’t be done on Pirates of the Caribbean, eh?)

Given as a cute warning by the recorded voices of children, the bid to keep the theatre camera flash free and “not scary dark, just really dark” serves to ensure the show isn’t spoiled for guests and (more importantly) that the performers’ retinas stay intact, since they have to prepare their eyes to move around on the pitch-black stage. A bright, dazzling flash could cause those magical Jungle Book palm trees to wobble for the wrong reason.

So, when our photo reporter Dlrpteam sent these photos over recently, it was a surprise to say the least. Real photos from inside Animagique? Why, you’d be more likely to get a photo of Disney Studio 1 without a tower of scaffolding stuck to the front…







The explanation? When Animagique returned from its brief hiatus-slash-refurbishment on 30th January, the pre-show spiel had been changed to read more along the lines of the Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage! warnings, which state nice and clearly that whilst flash photography is prohibited, you’re more than welcome to photograph and film the show.

Besides the great plus that the show’s many fans could finally capture it on camera, the move appeared to have other positive implications — no need for Cast Members to wave the warning signs; no need for them to patrol the audience with a torch, disturbing the show. And, with pictures or video on film, the show might be remembered and recommended by visitors a little more. Despite playing up to 5 times a day almost 365-days a year, it sometimes feels all but forgotten about.

Alas, pointless to continue with those positives. The spiel has now apparently reverted back to the original and all photography is now once again banned. The reason? Too many LCD screens floating around!

Hope you enjoyed your time out of the blacklight, Animagique!

Photos by Dlrpteam for DLRP Today.com

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  • I can see why it has been banned again, I would find the LCD screens irritating too, shame I wasn’t there, however, for those few days to get some photo’s of my own but nevertheless thank you dlrp team, I now have the opportunity to print the posted photo’s and put them in my album alongside the photo of the animagique building!

  • Now you will see several camera’s pop up when the show begins. All with there very bright lcd screens which are configured for filming outside. And most of the people are probably not able to change the brightness of film without lcd. Club house is diffrent.There it’s not “dark”.

  • I did manage to video this show years ago no one told me not too or maybe they were having a slack day lol it is nice towatch back on dull wet mondays

  • I was there in 2008, and watch the show and i recorded practally the whole show and I was never told once to stop. In fact I didnt know until reading this article that all photography was banned! Oooops

  • Damn, I was really hoping to be able to video the show at long last on my trip this weekend. The English speil only says about Flash Photography thought but in other languages you can hear them say the word “video”

  • I was there at the beginning of feb and recorded the lot on my camcorder as it said before as long as there was no light on it was ok…i knew previous times i had been it said no photography at all so jumped at the chance…there were still stewards having to run round and stop people taking flash photos though…

  • I took some nice pictures last year. Too bad, they stopped allowing it.
    I made the pictures with my camera hidden, so the castmembers don’t stop me.

    Here you can see my pictures and one movie: http://www.disneymagique.nl/thumb.php?location=54&location_detail=2

  • I agree that it is totally offputting to be watching the show, seeing loads of video camera screens in front of you, especially when you are sitting towards the back of the theatre. As soon as the show began, on came all the screens until the CM’s went round with the torch. Flash photography would spoil it for everyone too.
    Thank goodness for my little old Sony Handycam, that has no screen, which I can discreetly hold up to my eye without bothering anyone, and not noticed in the dark by the CM’s.
    Naughty Figgy.

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