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Pizza Planet to become a Buzz Lightyear buffet

Tuesday, 16th February 2010 at 05:23

Buzz Lightyear's Pizza PlanetIs the Pizza Burger about to get a promotion? Following rumours late last year of changes coming to Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet restaurant in Discoveryland, here's the word from inside the resort: It'll change to an "all you can eat" format starting July 2010.,

Back in December 2009 there were reports that guests were being surveyed in Videopolis / Hyperion Café about changes to the offering over at Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet, the popular land’s only other restaurant. Currently a counter service location serving pizzas and other American fast food, the questions apparently only suggested an “all you can drink” option for meals costing €15.

Now, sources are stating that the restaurant will become a full “all you can eat” restaurant from July this year. Our friends at Photos Magiques posted the information via Twitter.

To accommodate the changeover, the restaurant will close from 1st April to 30th June 2010, though no further information about the exact changes due to be made is available yet.

Those changes are important to know, because otherwise we’re left wondering…

An all-you-can-eat restaurant, here… ?

Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet

There were suggestions with the original rumours that the décor could also be changed or updated in the process, and you’ve got to hope that’s the case. Disneyland Paris gets a bad enough reputation for its high food prices and low quality counter service without suddenly charging a top-up to eat in this tired space.

Whilst the Pizza Planet in the original film is a wondrous, technological space filled with features like those giant drink dispensers and automated pizza-based announcements (yes, they’re a thing…), the Discoveryland equivalent is a black tent with fluorescent strip lights. We attempted to explain why the restaurant is located in a tent out the back of Discoveryland in our earlier article. It was used for a ‘Space Festival’ exhibition during the opening year of Space Mountain and then seized upon for a quick tie-in to the Toy Story films …and here we are more than a decade later.

The date this new format is set to be introduced will of course come as a huge coincidence what with the opening of Toy Story Playland (sometime in “Summer”, still no date) and the première of Toy Story 3, the long-awaited new addition to the series.

Though Toy Story 3 will be big news all over, Toy Story Playland will surely become the real “centre” of all things Woody and Buzz at Disneyland Paris when it opens. Keeping a lacklustre restaurant dedicated to the film hidden away over here in a whole different park, especially when Walt Disney Studios Park will be so lacking dining on its Toon Studio side, is a silly situation for the resort to find itself in.

Toy Story Playland won’t have a single dining location, leaving Toon Studio’s grand total at zero.

Future Discoveryland restaurant
Discoveryland restaurant that never was, or has yet to be?

And, though Discoveryland still needs more dining capacity to take the strain off Hyperion Café, is this place hidden away behind the forgotten Honey, I Shrunk the Audience the best place to achieve that? Will we really never see that planned restaurant right at the entrance to the land, opposite Constellations boutique? Surely a much more tempting prospect.

Perhaps Tour Guide Barbie will drive by and explain the short-sightedness involved on both sides.

Picture by DLRP Today; Concept © Disney.

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  • What’s with all those stupid all-you-can-eat buffets? They lock you out of the notion of getting a quick byte somewhere. I also want some locations left to have some kind of lunch… Ah, and maybe I also want a little bit more diversification than just the same burgers, pizzas and hot dogs all over again?

    I can live with buffets, I actually like them if there is some decent choice to be made. Take what you want and pay for what you need. But I hate the all-you-can-eat everywhere:

    Disneyland Park:
    – Plaza Gardens
    – The Lucky Nugget Saloon
    – Agrabah Cafe
    – Rendex Vous des Stars
    – Billy Bob’s Saloon – La Grange (at least here you can choose for a normal menu too if you want)
    – Inventions
    – Parkside Diner
    – Cape Cod
    – Beaver Creek Tavern (here you have to choose what you want to eat, but how much you eat from it is unlimited)
    – Hunter’s Grill
    – La Cantina

    So, do we need another all-you-can-eat buffet? Answer: NO!!
    Last time I ate at Pizza Planet, they also didn’t have the dreaded counter system, where you queue for ages and have to choose between “Menu 1” or “Menu 2”. No, they had this traditional buffet/food court concept where you pick what you want and pay for it at the counter (you know, just like Backlot Express/Blockbuster Cafe).

    Well, yes, I actually liked that Pizza Burger thing and I even might come back for it one time. But not if they convert it into an all-you-can-eat location, where you have to pay EUR 15 or more for the privilege of dining in some worn out tent with cheap props and temporary structures all around.

    In my opinion, this place can have a future as a real Pizza Planet. Give it a final location, make it look good, give it some more capacity and some improvements on the menu. And keep the food court concept for gods sake, you also want to target people that just go there for a quick byte in the afternoon…

  • There used to be a restaurant in the Le Visionarium building (now Buzz Lightyear) called Café des Visionnaires. The space now houses the Bureau passeport annuel.

    You could still turn that place to its original use, although you could argue that it’s not really in Discoveryland. It’s to the left of the entrance to Discoveryland, and faces towards Fantasyland.

    Here’s the place in Google Street View: http://tinyurl.com/yjzl36y

  • Will this mean an end to the Pizza Burger?

  • Excellent article, couldn’t agree more. The buffets of the park are only worth it because of the scenery anyway — a bland Nestle dessert consumed in lovely Plaza Gardens is still pretty good — and Pizza Planet does not have a lot to offer in the scenery department. So unless they realize this and decide to offer a better food selection, this is bound to be one very large rip-off.

  • The buffett at Pizza hut in the UK is really popular so if it was like that I can see it working. 10 different kinds of pizza and pasta and salad would be good.

    I do hope for a major refurb though, don’t know if pizza planet will feature in Toy Story 3 but they should make it more ‘real’.

  • A nice Jules Verne themed table service restaurant would be what Discoveryland deserves…

  • If you’ve ever eaten there you’ll know what a dire experience it is. Personally, I think the whole of Discoveryland coul do with a re-boot.

    Honey I Shrunk the Audience and even to some extent Star Tours are very dated. Videopolis is now an often empty hanger mourning the loss of Lion King and other wonderful shows such as Mulan. Naultitils is fine for a quick in and out and so we’re saved by really by Space Mountain, Buzz, Autopia and Oribtorn (if you can stomach the wait for a 60 second ride).

    Not that Disney finances are going to allow anything to be done soon but I do wonder what is going to attract new visitors to the park and then also keep the more loyal fans coming back when the areas of newness are few and far between.

    Have just come back from 3 nights in the Disneyland Hotel and noticed quite a few cutbacks here and there in the parks on top of some questionable pricing for merchandise. But then I assume Disney knows best.

  • It must just be me then, but I really enjoy Pizza Planet – food and scenery! But if a change is to be made – they should close here and open pizza planet in toy story playland as a Toy Story character meal.

  • It’s now open as this and was actually a good place for my familly to go to – plenty of choice apart from the desserts

  • We ate here last week and thought it was much better than previously. The food was good overall and free drink refills are very welcome on a hot day. Also, it was much less busy meaning that the kids could have their run of the play area and we didn’t have to fight for a table. If they could just make the environment a bit nicer this would be a surefire winner!!!

  • I agree that it would be a good idea to move Pizza Planet to the Studios, to go with Toy Story Playland. When my sons were small, we only ate in the fast food restaurants, as that was all they wanted. Now they are grown, we all enjoy the buffets and table service restaurants, and I can spend a week there without eating a single chip or burger!
    I also agree that a good restaurant is badly needed in Discoveryland. We used to get our food early at Videopolis, and sit at a table with a good view of the stage so we could watch the show after eating. The Beauty and the Beast show was excellent, even though it was in French. Much better than the short version in the Studios in WDW.All the shows we have seen there have been good- such a waste of a theatre now, just showing Mickey cartoons. ( nothing against Mickey of course, but it does not compare with a live show.)

  • I m very glad there re doing Pizza Planet. It was becoming outdated.

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