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Mysterious ‘Ratatouille Ride Element’ uncovered

Friday, 5th February 2010 at 03:52

Mysterious 'Ratatouille Ride Element' uncoveredLast time we talked of the hallowed Ratatouille dark ride in an in-depth roundup, sources had told us it was in the hands of the financiers. Strange then, to just a couple of weeks later be looking at what might be the first "element" under construction...,

STOP PRESS! The mystery has been solved — click here.

When was the last time you got excited about a steel cage sitting in a warehouse? Well that’s exactly what we’re all doing, folks. Found on this vague website about drywall construction based in Burbank, California, the image sits inconspicuously in the sidebar, labelled “Disney Radius Dome Construction” and then… “Ratatouille Ride Element”.

Mysterious 'Ratatouille Ride Element' uncovered

Follow a few links around that website, and you can stumble upon a photo of drywall construction for a “Disney Sound Booth”. Both short-lived blogs were last updated in December 2009, though it’s impossible to tell exactly when the photo was posted.

But what is it? A cage? A giant colander?

Maybe we shouldn’t think about it sitting there on the ground. Imagine it higher up, and suddenly…

Mysterious 'Ratatouille Ride Element' uncovered

…it seems…

Mysterious 'Ratatouille Ride Element' uncovered


Mysterious 'Ratatouille Ride Element' uncovered


Mysterious 'Ratatouille Ride Element' uncovered


Mysterious 'Ratatouille Ride Element' uncovered


Those domes on Tower of Terror arrived pretty much complete at the resort and were only lifted into place a year before it opened. If they were already preparing this “element” as early as November or December 2009, that’s some head-start they’ve got. Not to mention a little presumptuous since, as far as we know, the ride hasn’t been fully green-lit just yet.

But could Rémy really be bringing another dome to the Walt Disney Studios collection, as part of his Parisian attraction façade? Well, there are plenty to inspire in the city itself…

Tip of the (chef’s) hat to fcoyote on Disney Central Plaza, RnRCj on magicforum
Images: Davidmackeydrywall.com, DLRP Today.com

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  • Maybe this will result in some sort of anouncement at the Shareholders Meeting.

  • Thank god, finally the plans DLP made will be executed, we’ve already seen so many plans which never been build.
    What exactly are they waiting for in order to green-lit the ride?
    When is the next Shareholders Meeting?

    hope DLP will be more open about their plans, like WDW does with the blog the have. DLP could have a page on their website with developments like TSPL and refurbishments. There’s no reason to be so mysterious…

  • Looking at the architechiture of Gusteau’s are there any domes?

  • Well it seems (according to the drywall contractor, sometimes you just have to ask) to be a spherical (3D) movie screen wich is intended to be inside the ride …
    This picture is dated from summer 09.

  • You’re right Philippe, received the exact same reply! Follow up now online…

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