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Toy Soldiers unboxed as Parachute Drop climbs

Thursday, 4th February 2010 at 17:40

Toy Soldiers Parachute DropWell, well, well. What's that on the horizon? Bearing camouflage patterns surely just for ironic value, one of the least subtle attractions to ever be seen at Disneyland Paris has climbed into the sky over the past two days...,

And so, Toy Story Playland really is coming.

Groundworks, foundations and queue buildings have been worked on for months already, but this is our first real look at the “look” of this new mini-land. And a first look for any Hong Kong fans, too.

These pictures from yesterday caught Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop just as it was topping out, being pieced together from large, tubular sections just like a toy set.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

From this angle next to Cars Quatre Roues Rallye, it fits in quite well, doesn’t it? No? OK…

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Our photo reporter Dlrpteam even caught the moment the construction crews, after about two hours of confusion and checking under all their tables and chairs twice over (“Well it must be here somewhere!”), found that last important piece — at the bottom of the box all along…

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

In fact, this is just one of several pieces which will hold the all-important rope/wire of our parachutes — note the wheel at the back, for feeding it down the tube into the ride mechanism.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

The Parachute Drop tower is a considerable height, touching 25-30 metres, roughly as high as the front body of Tower of Terror. Now just about up to its full height, it can be seen between Studios 1 and 2 as you enter the park — and from the end of Hollywood Boulevard.

But it’s not the first piece of the Toy Story Playland playset to make an impact on the park. Even before the Parachute Drop tower, the queue buildings for Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin, RC Racer and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop itself have grown as concrete and steel shells, becoming hard to ignore in the still rather plain landscape of the Studios…

Toy Story Playland

Above, the box of Slinky Dog has its ends ripped open, whilst below, RC Racer is due to be accompanied by a collection of Hot Wheels-style garages and playset buildings.


Whatever you call this Imagineering creation — Toy Story Playland or plain Toy Story Land of Hong Kong — both names have unfortunately become poison in the Disney fan world. When the concepts were shown at the D23 Expo last year, they even apparently drew audible boos and unhappiness. Blog upon blog and countless forum comments have trashed the development at every turn.

It’s lacking in imagination, it’s cheap, it’s ugly, it’s just for kids… they say. And that’s before you even get into the lack of a restaurant, toilets or a shop (in the Paris version, at least). Or the minuscule capacity of sure-fire hit RC Racer.

Being the first piece that all Disney fans in the world will see of this development, the Parachute Drop tower is unlikely to win over anyone just yet. It’s unashamedly in-your-face — its plastic, simplistic pattern clashing completely with the course the park appeared to be heading with when it opened Hollywood Boulevard.

But — perhaps ignoring the bright orange Hot Wheels track of RC Racer — that’s the “worst” over with. From here, the land will be filled with a huge variety of props, details and in-jokes from the Toy Story films, all surrounded by 5 metre tall bamboo plants, like you see in Adventureland, to double up as tall grass. Should we be worried, or should we even be excited?

Since this project got going while DLRP Today was offline last year, it’s snowballed. From the original rumours to the Hong Kong clone, there’s a lot to catch up on now. And with the Parachute Drop now standing alongside Tower of Terror and the Sorcerer’s Hat, there’s no chance of leaving it on the “To Do” list any longer.

To be continued…

Photos by Dlrpteam for DLRP Today (1-7: 3rd Feb; 8-9: 16th Jan)

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  • sweet lord, are they building that at a Disney Park! It looks truely, truely shocking! I go to Disney for quality, such as TOT and big thunder, I even think they did a great job with a limited budget on crushes coaster. But this looks sooooooo cheap – this needs surrounding by 35 metre tall bamboo plants never mind 5meters. Least I going to WDW this year and will not be at DLRP until late 2011 at the earliest so the bamboo may have grown by then, if not I’ll photoshop it out of my holiday snaps!!

  • Dont like it ,its like some cheap fairground and not very Disney i thought hey had a little more imagination ,and i definatly hope this is not at the expense of the shows we have lost like lion king,tarzan and now hsm ,hope i am proved wrong when i go in july at least we have the tot now that shows imagination and disney at its best.

  • Looks like Disney goes the way of the most normal Funparks – some cheap funfair-attractions with just a little bit of addon-ambience. Sad. I had come to disneyland since 15 years for the quality of the attractions.

  • Why are all the today articles so negative lately? i know you love the resort and i see your points- but i think your complaining for its own sake- you should be glad we are getting anything at all- and the kids are bound to love this new bit of the park- a great idea that will undoubtedly look wonderful when its finished. and the tower doesn’t look too bad on the horizon

  • It looks like cr*p.. but it’s not finished yet.. so maybe we should all wait until de Imagineers have finished building… Have we all lost faith in the Imagineers???

    Just give them some time, when it’s finished.. and it still looks like sh*t.. we’ll all start being negative (including me).

  • I’m sure my kids will have fun riding on some new, fun rides in a Disney park.
    Or am I missing the point?

  • Well Said Dave!!

  • I don’t like all these rides!!! They look EXTREMELY CHEAP!! WDS is a half-day park, and these three “rides” are not going to make it a full-day park! Look at DHS at WDW, and take example, Disney!!

  • I think it would have been better if the budget had been spent on 1 attraction in stead of 3 quite standard funfair attractions. Although it regards toy soldiers, a ‘war element’ in a Disney-parc does not really appeal to me and does not contribute to Disney’s brand image.

  • I don’t have a problem with it. Every park needs a collection of small rides to pad out the park experience, only I hope they turn around and give the park some big E-Ticket or World of Color-style show soon.

  • Nice, some new rides!!!! Cant wait to go there this halloween

  • I’ve seen it with my own eyes today. It looks ugly, there is no excuse for this in the park.

    The worst thing is, you can see it from miles, you can easily spot it from Frontierland, especially from Big Thunder Mountain. Now, I can perfectly live with ToT being visible from Frontierland and beyond, but not this ugly piece of crap in progress.

    There wasn’t any real progress today, the poles sticking out from it at the top were gone tomorrow. I didn’t see any orange track yet, so still no indication of how RC Racer is going to look like.

  • I don’t see anything wrong with it?
    To me, it’s a great way to keep some of the other attractions quiet as it keeps the kids occupied some more and keeps the adults occupied while they look after their kids.

    Yay for this move <3

  • Whilst it is good that they are building new attractions in the Studios, I feel that it is in danger of looking like a funfair, not part of Disneyland. We love Animal Kingdom in WDW, but not the Dinoland USA area, as it is just a funfair, and not at all in keeping with the theming of Animal Kingdom IMO. I wish they could have built something like the Great Movie ride, that all ages can go on and enjoy.Or what about something like the Voyage of the Little Mermaid show, Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular or Muppets 3-D? Again for all ages. I fear that the Toy Story attractions will only appeal to small children. It just doesn’t seem fitting for Disneyland to me. We shall have to wait and see how it turns out.

  • (I don’t see anything wrong with it?
    To me, it’s a great way to keep some of the other attractions quiet as it keeps the kids occupied some more and keeps the adults occupied while they look after their kids.

    Yay for this move <3)

    Well said, I'm an adult with grown up children who love the adult themes, but next time I go it'll be with my children, Grandson and Mother-in-law, there has to be something for everyone so I cannot understand the negativity, The Studios has always beeen aimed at the older generation so I think it will be nice to have more for the children. My sister has just come back from her first visit with my six year old neice, she was very dissapointed at the lack of attractions for her compared to the Disney Park.

  • i cant not understand all the negative comments on this page would these people that are complaining like it if we were given no attractions. there has been major growth in the walt disney studios park in the last 3 years (all brilliant esp tower of terror) hope it continues. to all the negative people at least wait until there finished and then give a verdict. headin to disneland paris in july cant wait!

  • John well said… stop all the negativity… “it looks trash” get over yourself…. Disney have always done things to a high standard… my most recent visit was excellent… shame about the break up afterward…. Holloywood tower to number 1 ride!!!! Amazing…. I feel you cant compare WDW to Disney land… the florida market is older children families adults… Disneyland is very convenient for a mother with a toddler… so rides for this age group are going to be used more…. Love all that those guys do!

  • I was in DLRP from 3rd Feb until the 7th so saw it going up….It doesn’t look great but its not finished yet! there is a lot of negativity here…maybe it will look good and will be great, I’m waiting til its finished and open before making a final opinion on it

  • We’ll never know what it will really look like until it is completed… I am guessing that it will look better when it is actually up. I have been to the ‘bug’s life land’ in California adventure, which is sort of the same idea. I know that Tokyo Disney Sea has a section with Little Mermaid themed rides, and it seems to do pretty well. Although it’s obviously not all meant for adults, you can see examples of this type of ‘land’ in other parcs. I don’t think that it ruins the entire parc. Let’s not put it down until we try it. Who knows, it could be really great!

  • I am going in about two weeks,and I can not wait until I go on these rides. :D I have only visited Disney Land Paris once before,in 2009 and I don’t think people should judge this until they have been on it or have seen it,been on it or seen it when finished.

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