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Refurb roundup: From Peter Pan to Castle Bridge

Sunday, 31st January 2010 at 18:18

Refurb Roundup: From Castle Bridge to Peter Pan'Tis the season to be refurbishing. The time between New Year and February half term is traditionally a busy time for refurbishments at Disneyland Paris. Here's a look at two ongoing projects in the parks yesterday.,

First, a scheduled refurbishment for Peter Pan’s Flight, which began on Monday.

Refurb Roundup: From Castle Bridge to Peter Pan

Refurb Roundup: From Castle Bridge to Peter Pan

With major modifications in recent years such as the “air gates” in the loading area, the work this year is focusing on pure refurbishment. On the outside, general repainting and restoring details in the queue area.

Refurb Roundup: From Castle Bridge to Peter Pan

Refurb Roundup: From Castle Bridge to Peter Pan

The attraction reopens, all freshened up next Saturday, 6th February.

Retracing our steps through Fantasyland, we stumble upon the big one: the Castle Bridge. A couple of weeks ago we reported the sudden, unannounced closure of the bridge, which was swiftly wrapped in scaffolding and tarpaulin covers on all sides.

Refurb Roundup: From Castle Bridge to Peter Pan

Refurb Roundup: From Castle Bridge to Peter Pan

While the front of the bridge has a pleasing Sleeping Beauty theme, the sides are as wrapped up as could possibly be — we’ll likely see no sign of changes or improvements at all until they come down.

And when will that be? Still no date, sorry. But we do have a few new details since the last report. Though not being completely replaced as some rumours suggested, the bridge will see indeed a part of its structure replaced, along with extensive works to rewire and upgrade its lighting.

Refurb Roundup: From Castle Bridge to Peter Pan

Refurb Roundup: From Castle Bridge to Peter Pan

So, it could well be another month or more. And when the scaffolding comes down, it’ll look fresh and new but not any different — the original plans are being strictly stuck to.

Until then, as mentioned previously, there are still many places for that classic photo in front of the Castle, such as the Adventureland and Royal Castle Stage areas. Or stand a little further back up Main Street, U.S.A. and you won’t see it at all (although you might need to use someone’s head to block out the persistent Mickey’s Magical Party decorations).

Photos by Dlrpteam for DLRP Today.

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  • Thanks for posting the useful photos.

  • It didn’t look much different today. No real progress to be seen. I did a sneek peek into the construction side trough some holes in the fencing: a large pile of dirt. The water below has been drained.

    I would be lying if I could call this thing unobstrusive, it sits there right in the middle of the park of course.

    They were test-driving Peter Pan yesterday, so I expect it to be up and running again tomorrow, as planned.

    Some other things I did notice:

    1) Why do so many attractions break down those days? Yesterday, all major rides in Discoveryland were down for several hours. Today, Big Thunder Mountain broke down for a couple of hours.
    2) Has anybody noticed the state of Captain Hooks ship over in Adventureland? What’s the deal behind this? If they wait another year they can just rebrand it as the Black Pearl, without ever touching it again. Is that the deal? I suspect the whole thing is a total loss already…

  • Well I must say that the state of Captain Hooks Ship is no news to me.
    The foodstalls are always closed and there is nerver been any maintenance to it (not that I remember)
    When I was there last Nopvember there weren’t That many rides broken down.
    But I think They should open the whole park again and not close some parts of it because ther aren’t enough people.
    I don’t see parks like Efteling( in the Netherlands) or Phantasialand or europapark(in Germany) close a part of the park because there are not enough people as they would like.
    Hope The bridge will look great again.
    But I think they waited for some of the parks refurbishments for some rides just a little bit to long.

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