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Davy Crockett, king of the air conditioned frontier

Thursday, 28th January 2010 at 17:53

Disney's Davy Crockett RanchDisney's Davy Crockett Ranch is updating its accommodation for the new season, introducing a brand new "premium" cabin with a raised terrace, extra space, air conditioning... and no mouldy bath?,

On the other side of the A4 motorway, a patch of Disneyland Paris magic exists that you’ve maybe never experienced. Peaceful forest lanes and quaint cabins; a whole village of amenities and the best swimming pool on-site.

However, as surprised as new visitors often are to discover this whole other side to the resort, Davy Crockett Ranch often seems to collect some not-entirely-positive reviews. Worn-out cabins, mould in the bathroom… For some reason, these issues appear quite common.

Perhaps it has been attracting the wrong people, more suited to the glamour of, say, Disney’s Hotel New York than the rustic charm over here. Nevertheless, the ranch may now be answering their complaints — it’s in the middle of its biggest accommodation refresh for many years, adding some modern luxuries to its trappers’ lifestyle.

We mentioned this new accommodation option when reporting the Rio Grande, Eldorado and Buffalo rooms at Disney’s Value hotels, but now the Shareholders Club magazine (the November 2009 issue, but delivered to many addresses just this month) reports some numbers — there will be 139 new cabins — and the first on-site photos:

Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch

The Spring/Summer 2010 brochure previously revealed the layout and a generous interior mock-up:

Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch

When these come into use from April, larger families will finally have a better accommodation choice at the resort. In addition to the extra beds, the cabins feature two shower rooms, a private terrace with barbecue, air conditioning… and no bath (except the bathroom sink, which can be used as a bath for babies). They’re also located on the “trails” (the loop roads around which the cabins sit) closest to the Davy Crockett Ranch village.

From the new photos, they’ll look very familiar to anyone who has stayed with camp site travel operators such as Keycamp or Canvas Holidays. They may even help to build up to the still-proposed Villages Nature, the Centre Parcs-style project which is still “just about to be green lit” for the forest area around Davy Crockett Ranch.

When — or perhaps if — Pierre & Vacances really do get going with that project and its far more luxurious accommodations, Davy Crockett will need to have lost its mouldy bath image. But hopefully, still have some rustic charm left.

And until then, any hope of a shuttle bus service returning? For all the “eco” claims of these new cabins, the people staying in them still all have to drive individually to and from the parks each day…

Images © Disney.

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  • Have just booked one of these for the summer…so glad there will be no mouldy bath!!!! They look great. Am still annoyed though that there is no option for a larger family, on a normal budget, to stay within walking distance of the park in a Disney hotel.

  • Why not stay at the explorers hotel I booked recently via a thomas cook web site called 4…… can’t remember the rest of the name but it might be hotels4u.com give it a try or look via google only cost me £50 a night rather than using official hotel web site or well known hotel booking sites via tripadvisor.com which came to approx £100-£120 a night.

  • I really miss an eco-friendly transportation system between Davy Crocket and the Parks. That must not necessarily be the shuttle bus (though it shouldn’t be that hard to add or extend a bus line), but what about adding bicycle-streets and a bike-rental service? I bet it’d be a big hit and fun to explore the Resort and Val d’Europe by bike.

  • I’ve just booked my family into one of these new cabins, and look forward to them as we’ve stayed in the 1 and 2 bed standard cabins many times and found them ok, but only just. Location is really important too, so if these are closer to the village – great.

    As for a shuttle bus, my first CDC experience was within the first 6 months of the park opening back in ’95 when there was a bus service. It was a nightmare – nowhere near enough buses for the end of the day, and with europeans refusing to queue and fights – yes fights – breaking out when they barged into families and women, I pray they never reintroduce the buses unless they do some serious maths on the flow of passengers. At least Disney realised it was dreadful and allowed us free parking in the main lot – but back then not everyone had a car with them and it was seriously dangerous to use the shuttle at peak times!

  • Just stayed in the new cabins and they are absolutely lovely

  • Does anyone know why Davy Crockett has lost its stars. We are due out there soon and just wondered. It’s normally brillant for a family and it’s just a shame the breakfast are no longer provided as they were great.

    Look forward to any ideas why?

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