Let it snow! Beautiful wintry pictures of Disneyland Paris

Wednesday, 13th January 2010 at 16:04

Disneyland Paris in the snowAnd still the snow comes tumbling down! This unusually cold Winter in Europe has brought extended periods of extensive snowfall to the lands around our beloved Magic Kingdom -- and, as these stunning pictures show, Disneyland Paris itself has been given quite a dusting, too...,

When our landscapes are given a white blanket like this, the whole world suddenly feels like a theme park. Paths don’t end where they normally do, the roads extend right up to the hedgerows, the fields and hills seem boundary-less.

If it seems unnatural having this much snowfall in our normal towns and villages, take a look at Disneyland Paris. The resort’s press department have been smart enough to brave the sub-zero temperatures to capture some beautiful views of the park with its current layer of strange white icing — from the “tropical” islands of Adventureland to the peaks of the Wild West!

As well as clicking the images to open up the normal, larger versions, we’re also sharing full size 1600px versions perfect for your desktop — just click the “Wallpaper” link below each.

Disneyland Paris in the snow

(Wallpaper version)

A medieval fantasy, frozen in time.

Disneyland Paris in the snow

(Wallpaper version)

The spindly, creeping gardens of Phantom Manor halted by snow…

Disneyland Paris in the snow

No better time to pop inside Bonaza Outfitters and wrap yourself up in some warm Western gear!

Disneyland Paris in the snow

(Wallpaper version)

Not many takers for the outdoor seats today, with Cowboy Cookout Barbeque offering a roasting hot fire and live country music inside.

Disneyland Paris in the snow

(Wallpaper version)

Pirates of the… Arctic Circle? Adventureland is a bizarre landscape of tropical snow.

Disneyland Paris in the snow

Steaming through the winter landscape, nothing stops the Disneyland Railroad‘s grand circle tour.

Disneyland Paris in the snow

(Wallpaper version)

As night falls, a warm Fantasyland tea party to celebrate your Unbirthday seems very inviting indeed.

Disneyland Paris in the snow

(Wallpaper version)

Sun fading, there’ll be no wedding today.

Disneyland Paris in the snow

(Wallpaper version)

A magical landscape lighting up the night, ready to brave it again tomorrow…

No Disney resort feels the full effects of the four seasons quite like Disneyland Paris. When you’re next gritting your driveway, imagine clearing and preparing every stretch of the two theme parks for guests each morning. If you’ve had trouble starting your car to get into work, imagine “firing up” the Disneyland Railroad engines on a bitterly cold morning and keeping them steaming around the park ’til sundown. Not to mention making sure the runaway trains of Big Thunder Mountain never get held up, and that Dumbo can can keep on flying.

In weather like this, the whole designed environment, the whole operation, is that bit more exceptional. And as you can see, exceptionally beautiful at the same time.

Pictures © Disney.

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  • looks great

  • Jen :)  3 days ago

    those pictures are absolutely beautiful :) x

  • luke85  3 days ago

    Great pics, makes me want to go so much!

  • Mollie  3 days ago

    I agree – it only adds to the magicial experience. Makes me very jealous!

  • Agree Jen!

  • Helen  3 days ago

    Wonderful pictures!

  • Andre-R.Lambert  3 days ago

    Please more photos they are just fantastic. First time I could see some snow on a DISNEY PARK they are just beautyful.

  • junglebaggie  3 days ago

    Stunning photos a real winter wonderland!!! Two sets of thermals required I should think!!!!

  • Nico  2 days ago

    AMAZING!:D When were the pictures taken?

  • Figgygirl  2 days ago

    We were there a week before the snow fell, so just missed it. Looks amazing.

  • we were there when the snow fell before christmas, made a perfect holiday even more perfect, just magical….will go again this year.

  • I was there last week, and I can confirm it was COLD!
    Also, the lake, the area around Big thunder mountain and all waterfalls were frozen. Something to see to believe.

  • great pictures.i,ve put them all in picture files so i can have a different wallpaper every week.it,s a pity the train picture wasn,t in wallpaper size that was my fave.

  • Andre-R.Lambert  25th January 2010, 11:40

    Hope to see some more of those Super cool photos they are just Fantastic Hope that you will put more tks for the view awesome.

  • I went when it snowed and it was absolutely beautiful. My sister loved it too. It was great to be at the magical place on earth during a magical snow full. Best part being on Dumbo when it snowed

  • Thanks so much for sharing the photos as wallpaper!

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