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Confirmed: No ‘EO’ return for Disneyland Paris

Thursday, 31st December 2009 at 02:29

Confirmed: No 'EO' return for Disneyland ParisSorry nostalgia fans, but it's confirmed: Disneyland Paris won't be following California's lead in returning Michael Jackson's 3-D space adventure Captain EO to the park in place of its Imagination Institute successor.,

Regaining interest since the death of its lead earlier this year, the short film will return to its original home in Disneyland, California, for a “limited engagement” from February 2010.

Since this rumour first appeared, and especially since these plans were confirmed, fans of the other international resorts have obviously been questioning whether ‘EO’ could also, even temporarily, replace ‘HISTA’ in their home park.

Now, Disneyland Paris have given their answer. As confirmed by the press department in Le Journal and reported by Photos Magiques on Twitter, Captain EO will not be returning to Marne-la-Vallée.

Confirmed: No 'EO' return for Disneyland Paris
Original CinéMagique: Captain EO entrance.

The 3-D special effects attraction originally played in Paris from opening day on 12th April 1992 up to 17th August 1998, when it closed to become Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (HISTA). On this date, Disneyland Paris was the last park in the world you could see the film — it having closed elsewhere over a year earlier and at Epcot over 4 years earlier.

Starring Michael Jackson in a film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, executive produced by George Lucas and featuring music by James Horder, it was one of the flagships of Michael Eisner’s arrival at the company when it premiered in the US parks in 1986. In Paris, the attraction was actually named CinéMagique, a variation on the “Magic Eye Theater” of California, making the resort perhaps the only one to have had two completely different yet identically-named attractions in its history.

With Honey, I Shrunk the Audience hardly doing a roaring trade over the back of Discoveryland, opening such limited hours as 11am to 6pm during the Summer high season, it remains to be seen what all-new replacement will eventually come about for the tired 3-D film. Rumours on MiceAge.com have suggested the limited-time showing of ‘EO’ in California could be followed by the arrival of Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, a living character show (think Stitch Live!) from Florida’s Magic Kingdom. Could this be rolled out to ourselves and Tokyo? That’d still leave the problem of Epcot’s theatre.

In any case, Paris will likely have to wait for the other resorts to make their move in replacing HISTA first. It doesn’t appear to be much of a priority and, with the Californians now buying time with a nostalgia trip, this firm “non, merci” to EO‘s return means Wayne Szalinski will likely be winning Inventor of the Year a good few more times yet — even if there’s hardly any Audience left to shrink.

Images © Disney.

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  • Inventor of the Year? More like Bore of the Year.

  • Oh please. Not one more of this living character shows. DLRP becomes more and more a “Parc for the realy little ones and a little bit for the Roundaboutten” instead a “Park for the whole family”.

    But yes, the whole station-area of tomorrow-land needs a freshen up.

  • R obert/cologne  31st December 2009, 06:53

    Especially in Europe could Captain EO be another big hit and even at its age much better than HISTA.After seeing Laugh Floor myself I cant see it being a big hit here,just think of the language problems and dont forget its not really a show you want to see more than once or twice.

  • They shouldn’t put the ‘new generation characters’ in de the original Disneypark, they can go to Studios in Toon Studios area. By doing this, they create a better line between the two parks.
    Unfortunately they already built Buzz in Discoveryland.
    So no Monsters inc in Discoveryland please.

  • Why not search a new inventor of the year, so you can the idea the same, but every year a new inventor of the year.. That makes sence, and it’s fun!

    If they keep this show for much longer, they can also do a show every hour, because nobody wants to ride it anymore, a shame, because it is fun!
    (better than captain EO)

  • I thought Monsters Inc Laugh Floor was a flop.

    In any case, quite frankly, I wouldn’t be queuing up for any of these. EO would be a cute little blast-from-the-past, but its appeal would wear off soon. (Michael Jackson has been overexposed since his death anyway.) Why not move the Pizza Planet there…

  • Andre-R.Lambert  3rd January 2010, 20:13

    I just love CAPTAIN EO when i say it in 188-189 at walt ney wouyld and always waited a copie of that i found one on the net on YOU TUPE and i put it on my FACEBOOK and i would like to share my found with all tha love the films. One thing there is noe title and no end credit but you have the film in ful not in two part like they have on YOU TUBE so enjoy CAPTAIN EO

    Michael Jackson – Captain Eo (Disneyland – 3D Glasses)envoyé par laingui. – Regardez plus de clips, en HD !Voir la suite

  • Andre-R.Lambert  3rd January 2010, 20:16

    I just love CAPTAIN EO when i say it in 1988-1989 at Walt Disney Would and always waited a copie of that i found one on the net on YOU TUPE and i put it on my FACEBOOK and i would like to share my found with all tha love the films. One thing there is noe title and no end credit but you have the film in ful not in two part like they have on YOU TUBE so enjoy CAPTAIN EO.

    Michael Jackson – Captain Eo (Disneyland – 3D Glasses)envoyé par laingui. – Regardez plus de clips, en HD !Voir la suite

  • I would also like to see something completely new here. This “Honey I Shrunk The Audience” thing is getting old and tired.

    Captain EO was impressive the first times I saw it. The 3D effects worked and worked great for that time. At least Captain EO will stand the test of time more than HISTA will ever do, so it could be a great stop-gap solution to bring it back.

    If they eventually decide to bring in something new, please make it something that can last a little. Make it something of enduring quality and not something childish like HISTA. The jokes don’t work, the effects are old and tired, so I suppose nobody will miss it.

  • Good morning all! Despite the fact that I’m a loyal MICHAEL JACKSON fan, I would like to express my opinion.
    Due to the fact that this year everywhere on earth, a Michael Jackson tribute is taking place (see flashmobs, ect), I believe everyone who visits Disneyland Paris, which is the only one in Europe, would be interested and would be a good chance for him/her to watch Captain Eo film and remember the KING OF POP as he used to be in his GOLDEN ERA!!! I believe if Captain Eo returns in Disneyland Park Paris for a short time, will mean the participation in this tribute, that occurs in every place on earth and of course will satisfy all people and especially MJ FANS in Europe who, believe me, are TOO MANY!!!
    Don’t you think that It would be unfair to deprive Europe MJ fans of Captain Eo film even for a short period of time?
    I’m encouraging everyone to ask for it!!! We MUST WATCH CAPTAIN EO one more time and PAY TRIBUTE TO THE ONLY ONE KING OF POP, MICHAEL JACKSON!!! Thanks for reading!

  • Andrew Nicholson  6th January 2010, 00:27

    With the recent advancement in 3D technology shown in UP and Avatar there is hardly any point having a dedicated 3D show in that theatre unless it is something REALLY special. I remember the intro for EO where there would be little sparkly lights around the auditorium and on the screen along with magical spacey sounds, it indeed felt like you were in space and even generated an applause each time. It was indeed quite magical but probably also long by its sell by date. HISTA is ridiculously awful (even back in 98 it was stupid I thought) and based on a bunch of films anyone under the age of 20 probably hardly ever have heard of.
    They should create a new 3D project which involves an interesting film (it should be good even without the effects), movement of the seats, water effects, some blow effects etc. Perhaps a Pixar / Toy Story 3-ish project would work or rather a new future based story, as long as it is funny as in Pixar funny and not HISTA “funny”. In the mean time perhaps they should just show UP 3D or Bolt 3D or some Pixar 3D shorts in that theatre. Almost anything is better than HISTA!

  • France has always had the most Michael Jackson fans in the World. France has always been the country that supported Michael Jackson through his ups and downs (unlike America). So naturally, if any Disney park is going to get Captain EO again, it should be Disneyland Paris.

    Of course, something new would also be nice, but I think the only attraction Imagineers have available is the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Comedy Club, which wouldn’t really fit into Discoveryland. There’s nothing about space or the stars in Monsters, Inc.

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