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Roy E. Disney, saviour of the mouse, has died aged 79

Wednesday, 16th December 2009 at 21:47

Roy E. Disney, twice saviour of the mouse, has diedRoy Edward Disney, son of Disney Studios co-founder Roy O. Disney and nephew of Walt Disney, passed away earlier today following a year-long battle with cancer.,

Roy E. Disney, twice saviour of the mouse, has died
Roy E. Disney 1930 – 2009

Over a 56-year period with The Walt Disney Company, Roy E. Disney twice played a key role in saving it from creative ruin, overseeing a new golden age of animation that included Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, pushing with all his energy the need to preserve Disney’s historic legacy whilst looking to the future, embracing new technology to revitalise Disney tradition.

D23, the official community for Disney fans, just published a look back at his life and his legacy.

Roy’s resignation from the Disney board of directors in 1984, following his unhappiness with the company’s lack of direction, triggered a series of developments which saw the arrival of Michael Eisner and Frank Wells to revitalise the company and — of course — put together the most lavish magic kingdom the world has ever seen. A shining example of Roy’s constant push to maintain Disney values. A place that would have even blown his Uncle Walt away.

For keeping tradition; For looking ahead. Thank you, Roy.

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  • Andre-R.Lambert  17th December 2009, 02:08

    Very sad to hear that he died

  • He was a true ‘Mouse’ through and through – thank-you for our spectucular Park

  • One less person to push TWDC towards quality rather than cost cutting and short term Stock price while hurting the business in the medium to long term.

  • I saw him when Disneyland was 5 years old. for me and most of the fans
    Roy WAS WALT.
    he sure will be mist.

  • I had the great oppurtunity to meet and shake hands with mr. Roy Disney at the tower of Space Mountain, when I worked there. He was open and friendly, not a protocol kinda person and really interested in this great rollercoaster machine which was unique for Disney that time. I am honoured that I have this great memory and so I hope that he may rest in peace.

  • David Oppenheim  17th December 2009, 17:21

    Dear Roy….

  • We’ll sure miss him, and be grateful..
    He now got the peace and rest that he desurved!
    He died one day Walt, as if it was meant to be!

    We thank you…. We sure do..

  • I feel that a statue of Roy Disney should be placed outside the Art of Disney Animation Building simular to the one in Magic Kingdom in Florida where he is sitting on a bench next to a disney character as he was very involved in animation and Creativity across the whole Disney company especially the Studio and Parks operations.

  • what a shame? I’m a former castmember and met him on serveral occasions.a true impersonnation of all values the walt disney compagny stands for.
    thanx for all your great work.say hi to walt up there

  • r.i.p

  • Studio 1, completely agree. That statue is his father, Roy O. Disney, and dedications to them both would feel very at home in Walt Disney Studios/Toon Studio. I hope this happens in the future.

    In fact, this brings up another point – Roy (E.) is obviously featured in the introduction to Art of Disney Animation, albeit dubbed into French. Just brings home how sad it is to lose the last “Disney” who was truly active within the company…

  • Oh that´s so saaaaad!

  • aaww thats so sad! =[

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