Frontierland Depot loses last remaining ‘Euro’

Monday, 7th December 2009 at 11:15

Frontierland Depot loses last remaining 'Euro'Disneyland Paris might have lost a lot of Euros this year, but he's one we, as fans, will really notice -- the last remaining 'Euro' at Frontierland Depot on the Disneyland Railroad...,

Taking advantage of the refurbishment penned in for the “grand circle tour” from 16th to 26th November, the resort’s maintenance team finally got the chance to correct a bit of history still in place at Frontierland Depot.

Spotted by Mouetto on Disney Central Plaza, the water tower at the station was fully refurbished — its “Euro Disneyland Railroad” lettering repainted in the process as simply “Disneyland Railroad”.

Frontierland Depot loses last remaining 'Euro'

Well, it only took 15 years!

But in fact, many fans will no doubt feel a hint of sadness to see the old “Euro” lost forever. These little details from the past — like the “EDLRR” letters at Main Street Station or the “DM” (Discovery Mountain) letters still hidden around what became Space Mountain — add to the history of the park, provide fun little secrets for us all to discover as the magic becomes an obsession.

The trains themselves lost their original “Euro Disneyland Railroad” paint details in early 2002, when the railroad’s entire rolling stock was gradually repainted.

Frontierland Depot loses last remaining 'Euro'
Spot the ‘Euro’ — it had almost faded away on its own in recent years

For any nostalgics, though — don’t worry. We can never say for sure, but it’d seem like this is the last “Euro” we’ll see the place lose — financial terms not included. The details all over Main Street Station in particular would be extortionately expensive to replace.

And, for the refurbishment of a Disneyland Railroad icon, one Euro is a pretty good deal.

Pictures: Mouetto, DLRP Today.

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  • Bastiaan  3 hours ago

    The old Euro Disney logo can also still be seen around lake Disney on the lanterns.
    Do you know any other Euro Disney references around the resort?

  • I was just about to mention that, Bastiaan! Yes, the lamps still have it embossed on the bottom of the lamp. No one ever notices them.

  • Euro Disneyland Railroad still has the EDLRR initials in the rails at the MS USA Station, as far as I know.

  • Everything about FrontierLand is fantastic I adore it I am going on Sunday and just cant wait to hear that train roaring around the track and hear the music of the land
    Just cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We used to love the man’s voice saying ” Your attention please…………” before the train left the stations. Have not heard that for a while. Has it been stopped?

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