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Change coming to Discoveryland’s Pizza Planet?

Thursday, 3rd December 2009 at 20:14

Change coming to Discoveryland's Pizza Planet?Rumour has it, the old tent out the back of Discoveryland might be about to see some changes, as Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet is given fresh hope of an update and some much-needed attention.,

As 2010 and the opening of Toy Story Playland draws nearer, we’ve no doubt all begun to wonder what will become of the other Toy Story outlets across the hub. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Woody’s Roundup and the Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade float will all stay for a good while yet, but what about that forgotten corner… that quick tie-in from back in 1997, when Disneyland Paris jumped (rather slowly) on the Toy Story bandwagon? Will it finally be put out into the yard sale?

Change coming to Discoveryland's Pizza Planet?

Far from it. The Pizza Burger could be about to stage a comeback. According to Fab’, a Cast Member posting on Disney Central Plaza, the dated Pizza Planet restaurant in Disneyland Park may well soon be offering a new menu concept with one interesting resort-wide exclusive: unlimited drinks.

Stating that they had taken part in a study about changes to the counter service location, the member suggests that the menu price would be elevated to around €15, with starter, main, dessert and that unlimited drink all included.

At the same time, it seems the tired décor could be in line for changes, too. But no removal of Woody and Buzz — no return to the Discoveryland of visionaries and science fiction. No, the theme will apparently “still be based on Toy Story“. So a higher price, a quick fix-up here and there, and has a perfect cash-in for next year’s New Generation Festival and the release of Toy Story 3 been found?

Change coming to Discoveryland's Pizza Planet?

Change coming to Discoveryland's Pizza Planet?

Change coming to Discoveryland's Pizza Planet?

Wondering why this place, very faintly based on the far more wondrous Pizza Planet of the original Toy Story film, is housed within a badly-concealed tent just beyond the berm? It was originally an exhibition space as part of the Space Festival in 1995 and 1996, tied into the Space Mountain opening, but was craftily repurposed the following year to fill a need for more counter service provision. All a far cry from the lavish Vulcania restaurant which was originally meant to sit at the other end of the land, opposite were Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is now.

No dates have been set since this is still to be taken as a pure rumour, but it does come just after Toy Story characters apparently began to make appearances at the restaurant once again. It’s just unfortunate that, even if they make it less of a hole, it’ll soon be on completely the wrong side of the resort to where it needs to be…

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  • I dont see why they should change it.
    or anything for that matter.
    going to pizza planet the minute we get to dlrp is like family tradition.
    i dont think pixar should actually be in the park [with the exception of toy story of course]
    i [personally] love the way the park is. but s’not up to me :(

  • This place definately needs a shot in the arm – it always seems a bit grotty to me, tucked away outside the actual realm of the park. This toilets always seem to be partly out of order too

  • If standards were just a teensy bit higher, they would realize that this thing is never going to work as a proper restaurant. It’s a tent, it’s in a dead end of Discoveryland.

    They should just forget it and look for another piece of real estate if they need another fast food place so badly. Plenty of space. Particularly at the Studios!

  • Would be a good place for the Annuel-Office – and a chance to put back a restaurant into the current place.

  • I agree with it being grotty!!! Its freezing cold even in the summer not to mention the winter when you want to come inside and get warm, not even colder!! Anyway i think they missed a big opportunity here in the first place…. If they had spent a little more money and made it as close as they could to the Pizza Planet in the film they would get much more guests thats for sure! By the way can some1 seriously look at the menu its horrible!!!

  • I don’t think they should change it. They have already taken away the Rex slide so it is just a bunch of stairs in the play area and my little sister and cousins were less than impressed.

  • The Prince Of Persia  2nd March 2010, 11:06

    I think they should move it to the new toy story palyland that they are building as it fits in with the toy story theme (^_^) i would curtainly get more money from being there. what would also be nice as if they could make it more like the film version with the robotic gards and alien slushie dispencer (^_^).

  • I totally agree that it should be moved to the Toy story Playland besides the Walt disney studios could use with some more fast food places, they really should make it look more like pizza planet from the film :D and with that space hey could turn it into a ride from a current disney film just to update it

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