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TV Studios now in technicolor as refurb wraps

Wednesday, 25th November 2009 at 12:36

Walt Disney Television StudiosThe Walt Disney Television Studios, home to Stitch and Playhouse Disney, has just had its picture upgraded to a warmer new palette, as the first results of its lengthy refurbishment are revealed.,

We’ve been waiting a long time for this. Nothing compared to Disney Studio 1 just across the way, of course, but with scaffolding going up back in early April and the first tarp sheets only coming down, the former Television Production Tour building has enjoyed a good — and much needed — 7 or so months of TLC.

First — remember how it used to look?

Walt Disney Television Studios

Walt Disney Television Studios

Walt Disney Television Studios

Walt Disney Television Studios

Arguably one of the nicest buildings of the park in 2002, with a smart Streamline Moderne art deco design, it nevertheless began to look more than a little out of place one the warm, detail-rich buildings and sets of 2007/08’s Hollywood Boulevard sprung up opposite.

Where they had intricate, saturated palettes of colours, realistic weathering and period features a-plenty, the old Walt Disney Television Studios had a whitewash — or rather a yellow-wash — of one single colour with cold turquoise details.

This contrast difference became especially clear when walking down the route (perhaps known as Vine Street) in front of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, with the monotone, concrete building now forming a landmark at the end.

Walt Disney Television Studios

Walt Disney Television Studios

Add to these differences the fact that portions of the building had become dirtier than perhaps anything ever before in Disneyland Paris, the “fins” in particular looking as if they were about to crumble, and you’ve got the format of a desperately-needed refurbishment.

Fans could barely believe their eyes when Mouetto on Disney Central Plaza posted this photo last week… had it just blown down?

Walt Disney Television Studios

But their hopes came true — the refurbishment wasn’t stuck in the legal nightmare of Studio 1 but ready to go live! The first half of the building was fully uncovered by the weekend, as captured by NewsDLRP:

Walt Disney Television Studios

The new colours match exactly those on the covering used during the refurbishment. Under the windows and at the top, the sleek lines are now picked out in a light yellow with a darker gold-brown in between adding a further sense of detail.

Walt Disney Television Studios

The building’s main colour is now a slightly deeper orange, similar to that applied to Front Lot a couple of years ago, and the fins have warm red accents rather than turquoise, as spotted several months ago.

Whilst the rest of the Stitch Live! / Playhouse Disney building remains wrapped in scaffolding, the only thing missing from this first section is the old ‘Walt Disney Television Studios’ sign itself…

Pictures: DLRP Today, Mouetto, NewsDLRP.

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