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E-Tickets finally meet Fastpass

Monday, 12th October 2009 at 12:32

E-Tickets finally meet FastpassCould this be the end of those dummy Fastpass machine tickets -- and confirmation that E-Tickets are here to stay? The first Fastpass distributors are now accepting optical barcodes.,

If you’ve tried the print-at-home E-Tickets from www.disneylandparis.com already, you’ll know how convenient they are. Sure, you’re left with a boring, printed sheet of A4 paper — hardly something to keep as a souvenir — but they mean you can grab tickets almost instantly, days or even minutes before heading to the parks, skipping that queue at the gate.

But until now, there’s always been a critical downside — how do you collect Fastpass tickets? The short-term answer from Disneyland Paris has before now been to hand out blank or “dummy” collection tickets to E-Ticket holders at the gate, causing some long, slow-moving queues on busy days as the system is explained. The same size as regular park entrance tickets, these simply let you collect Fastpasses from the regular machines.

Now, at long last, a far better solution has been spotted by member LHDN92 on Disney Central Plaza forum:

E-Tickets finally meet Fastpass

Fastpass machines at Big Thunder Mountain have been given brand new ticket readers. The reader on the right is for magnetic strips, allowing you to collect a Fastpass by vertically swiping your regular park entrance ticket or Annual Passport. This is different to the old style machines, which required guests to insert their entire ticket and wait for it to be ejected back, taking a considerably longer amount of time.

Brand new, however, is the reader just to the left. As the simple illustration suggests, it’s an optical barcode reader specifically for print-at-home E-Tickets!

Why is that so great? Aside from the natural behaviour of a Disneyland Paris fan being to jump with excitement at any minor change — because it might finally return some fairness to the system. Those white dummy tickets, if you’ve never encountered them, basically grant Fastpass-printing privileges for life. They’re like something those bad guys from Pinocchio might taunt you with as you skip innocently down Main Street. Once you’ve got one, it’s hard not to use it unfairly.

Here’s the thing: They still operate with the same delay for your next ticket, but aren’t dated whatsoever. So, if you were given one back in May, you can use it on your next visit alongside your new ticket. And again, and again. Some frequent and local visitors have built up such a collection that they rely on a pocketful of dummy tickets to collect up Fastpass tickets for everything, all at once, snubbing any queue over 20 minutes.

And if you thought those long-standing rumours from every Disney resort of Fastpass becoming a solely paid-for system were only that, you’re… almost wrong. Type “Disneyland Paris Fastpass” into eBay (well, don’t) and you’re confronted by a dizzying list of these tickets, priced anywhere up to, say, £40 (€43).

E-Tickets finally meet Fastpass

They’ve spawned a kind of “black market” that has reaped substantial profits for those hoarding the tickets, at the expense of regular visitors, which the resort appears to have turned a blind eye to. Hardly fair for those who play by the rules with tickets or queue up properly.

So yes, this Fastpass development should be very positive in the long run — the blank dummy tickets will begin to dry up, at least. But the thing is — and we hate to blow the lid on another Fastpass trick — according to members at Disney Central Plaza, old entrance tickets still work.

Yes, if you didn’t know, you can often just insert (or now, swipe) your ticket from your last trip and collect an extra Fastpass, just like that. This isn’t just the case in Paris though, but a flaw of the system at other resorts too, so let’s overlook it for now and instead finish on a spot of praise for the end of dummy tickets and the start of a beautiful new relationship between E-Tickets and Fastpass. It’s about time.

Images: LHDN92, Disney Central Plaza; eBay.co.uk.

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  • Use of older tickets in Walt DisneyWorld is not possible! I tried it at Big Thunder Mountain and a nice piece of paper stated that the (Magic your way) ticket had not been used to obtain entrance to the Magic Kingdom that day and therefor no fastpass was distributed.

  • Big news!! Hoping they bring this stateside…

  • We plan to go to Disneyland Paris in a few days. Can someone confirm that it’s really possible to use E-Tickets for issues Fastpasses – we’d like to use it for Space Mountain, Pirates of the Carribean, Big Mountain Thunder Railroad….
    They currently offer the One-Day-Park-Hopper pass for the price of the normal ticket via Internet.

  • Figgygirl  7 days ago

    I bought some of these tickets last year, just for when queues were very long in August. We used them again in December, just to see if they would work, but the parks were not that crowded, so we didn’t need them on that trip. They worked fine though. However, I am now receiving reports that they no longer work in the new FP machines in the parks, so beware of buying any unless you can be positive that they will work in the new machines. If sellers have stockpiled the old tickets, they will still be trying to sell them. Notice that many ebay FP sellers state ‘ no return’.

  • Photographe paris  10th July 2012, 05:24

    Excellent cet blog! Merci bcp ^^

  • […] According DLRPToday, Disneyland Paris’ E-Ticket system has now been integrated into select FASTPASS machines across the park. At both Disneyland & Disneyland Paris, you can buy and print out tickets online before arriving to the park (just like most airlines). It’s a neat system; you save time in line waiting to buy tickets, Disney saves paper and staff. Now these printouts are first-class ticket citizens: at DLRP they can be scanned at FASTPASS booths just like regular tickets (prior to this, they gave out these blank FP cards, quickly found on the black market–aka eBay). In Disneyland, if you bring a printout, an official ticket will pop out when pass through the gates that you can use for FP booths. […]

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