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X-Ray checks at the Disneyland park gate

Thursday, 17th September 2009 at 19:47

X-Ray checks at the Disneyland park gateA fancy camera, a bottle of water, a sweater for later... and those extra croissants you stole from breakfast. What's in your bag when you visit Disneyland Paris? Now they've got a new way of finding out...,

Chances are you’ve had your baggage, err — examined — when entering either park at Disneyland Paris. A quick look inside, a hesitant squeeze from underneath and a blank nod to let you through.

…As if they couldn’t tell already from the Donald Duck baseball cap, Walt Disney Studios jacket and array of cameras that the only ones who need be worried about you are the other people running straight to the Big Thunder Mountain Fastpass line…

Next time, though, things might go a bit differently. Spotted at the gates of Disneyland Park on the final Wednesday of August (still catching up a bit on news here), was a full airport-style X-ray machine and metal detector, housed in a special green tent next to the regular bag checks.

X-Ray checks at the Disneyland park gate

X-Ray checks at the Disneyland park gate

Guests entering the gate with suitcases (say, heading to the Guest Storage or to Disneyland Hotel) were asked to move across and join the extra line, as were a random selection of other guests waiting in the queues to enter. The check was treated just as another line, and in fact appeared to be gone (or out of use) just a few days later.

These security measures appear to be a new addition to the park gate, though they have been spotted at the park entrance by the side of Disneyland Hotel in the past. The machinery here was hidden well behind the tent and no doubt made things much easier for people with large luggage, worried about having to open up and display their worldly possessions to everyone else in line.

Over at Walt Disney Studios Park, the security check remained a quick look inside your bag. And of course, once inside, you can hop between both parks. Probably for good reason, it all remains more about deterrents than an exhaustive process.

Pictures: DLRP Today.com

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  • I saw that when I went to the park between the 24th and the 28th. Why don’t they build proper buildings for these check points?

  • When we there in June the X-ray machines were there. Can’t remember exactly but I seem to recall it was for the staff entering the park through the main entrance.

  • This was here in February, and to my knowledge, even earlier than that! We had to go thru them when we had some luggage with us that we wanted to store at Guest Relations at the Park entrance.

  • We see these in June and April. We had to go through with our bag in April. It was just a standard, “Put your bag on the belt”, and it was scanned. Did have a concern about my Digital Camera being in the bag?! It is a MUCH better idea for people who have to go through with suitcases – much more private!

  • I agree Meph, making a permanent well-themed security check point would be much nicer than the tents.

  • Ive been through the so called security several times and it seems a waste of time…. Either check the bags properly or not at all!!! In the photo the new x ray type machines look like they create quite a queue… not a good start to any day! Also i noticed in May they have stopped the (so called) security bag checks at the entrance to the village….

  • We used this in April when we stayed at the DLH, it was much better than having to open 2 or 3 large cases right in front of everyone. I’d be happy if they did every bag with these machines.

  • I had to go through this in September it was there for the whole week. Good idea if you asked me. Try going to Thorpe Park they search mostly all men with bags on ! And its a full search with them patting you down all over the body a bit ott if you ask me. It was very quick and easy to go through.

  • Yeh we also saw the xray machines when we were there in March/April

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