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Ent programme goes topsy-turvy in latest tweak

Wednesday, 16th September 2009 at 20:24

ProgrammeLast week saw the launch of a new, slightly tweaked version of the Entertainment Programme leaflet, giving each park its own half and turning the whole thing on its head...,

This new design solves a few of the flaws in the old version (introduced in June 2008) and allows for the folded paper guide to be a little more “customised” to each park.

Well, look at this:


As you can guess, the Cast Members are now able to place the Disneyland Park side face-up under Main Street Station and the Walt Disney Studios Park side face-up at the entrance of Disney Studio 1. Very smart.

Unlike the old design, which wasted a lot of space on its cover and reverse, each park is given its own little “notice board” to boldly display the times of the main featured events, park opening hours and any attraction closures.

Then, when you open it up, the times for your current park are shown straight away, with the times of the other park upside down, making the divide between the two much clearer (who knows, maybe guests were looking for Minnie’s Party Train in the Studios?).


The sensible change here is that now the events being pushed are on the front cover, this clever grid can fill the whole page — and crucially, include all the events. The previous design didn’t feature the times for say Disney’s Stars ‘n’ Cars in the main grid if it was also in the “featured” column, making the whole idea of having this hour-by-hour grid quite pointless. Problem solved.

Also pleasing is the new typeface used throughout — rounder and more legible in small print. The only downside to the whole re-think is that the resort still provides a PDF download of the Programme as an answer to providing entertainment times on its website, rather than having a fancy calendar like Hong Kong or California.

So, anyone who doesn’t want to print and doesn’t know of the “rotate” function in Adobe Reader… will be getting a bit of a twist in their neck.

The Programme was re-introduced back in 2006. Always looking for shameless promotion, this is a good time to mention that you find various versions of this new-generation Programme — and several fascinating old programmes — on our Memorabilia pages, well worth a look.

Images © Disney.

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  • I just LOVE that new program! I’m a cast member, and how many times guests ask us “Please, I cannot find this character, blablabla”, and have to explaine them they have to go in the other park, etc… They should do something for the map too, because people think all attractions are in the same park… “‘scuse me I cannot find the ToT, where is it?” “Well, you’re on Main Street right now…”

  • @Joey: Haha those people are probably not that familiar with Disneyland Paris! I do think these new maps are a good idea, however I think they look to neat, not enough Disney-feel in it.

  • Yes and that’s probably something “green”. Guests can spend the whole day with just one map, intead of taking one in a park, throwing it away if they go out, take another one, etc

  • Looks like someone listened – the online version of the programme this week has been flipped so that everything is the right way up!

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