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New Generation Festival logo, key visual revealed!

Friday, 11th September 2009 at 20:16

New Generation FestivalPreparations are well underway for the resort's 2010 "theme year". As announced previously, it'll be called the New Generation Festival. Want a world exclusive, first-look at the logo and key advertising image? They've just parachuted in...,

Here we go, the official logo of the New Generation Festival…!

New Generation Festival

As you can see, the design takes on a modern and very “Toy Story”-inspired design, with big, ,3D yellow letters for “New”, a slimy green “Generation” and a “Festival” built out of… building blocks, just like the word “Playland” will be at the Toy Story Playland entrance.

Naturally, the logo comes in a couple of additional variations.

First, we’ve the new resort logo for 2010:

New Generation Festival

As with Mickey’s Magical Party, the name of the event is slotted in across the top. Unlike 2009’s logo, however, there’s no balloon or extra graphics on the end.

Note also that both here and above the classic ‘Disneyland Paris’ logo is back to its good old navy blue self. No shoehorned “Resort”, no having “Paris” in a separate colour, nothing. To long-time fans, it’ll feel like an old friend has returned.

The third and final logo is the largest:

New Generation Festival

Here we see the first, main logo above — but with a scattering of the characters who’ll “star” in next year’s events. Lightning McQueen, Princess Tiana, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Sully, Rémy, Nemo and Stitch. The idea is to contrast between the very classic characters of the current year (Donald, Goofy, Peter Pan), making 2010 seem as fresh as possible.

Phew. Are you all New Generation-ed out? Sorry, but there’s yet more…

Finally, here’s the key visual for the New Generation Festival. As promised in the earlier reveal, balloons are out. In 2010, it’s all about — erm… parachutes!

New Generation Festival

Buzz Lightyear leads the image as Lightning McQueen, Rémy, a Toy Solider, Slinky Dog, Princess Tiana, Nemo, Sully, RC, Woody and Stitch glide towards Sleeping Beauty Castle behind.

This “key visual” is the main piece of advertising imagery we’ll be seeing throughout the entire promotion of the event. You might remember those for Mickey’s Magical Party, and this here is our brand new one. Get used to it, we’ll be seeing it a lot.

Thoughts? Opinions? Ahh, we’ll leave that to you for now!

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• If you missed our original exposé on the events of the New Generation Festival, including the new Toy Story Playland and new parade characters, click here!

Images © Disney.

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  • I don’t like it. The general design looks very quick made and without “soul”. They can do better than that.

  • is it me, or does it look way to cheap… “new generation festival” what’s that gonna mean to anyone? oh, dear and I was so much missing going this year….

  • I think the logo is good as it matches the toy story playland logo but why is Buzz the only leader? Shouldn’t they hav posters with more than one leader e.g. woody or mickey instead of Buzz so everyone feels comfortable as not everyone has Buzz as their favourite character!

  • I like the visuals, except for the resort logo, it just doesnt look good. its good to see some kind of minimalistic style after these overloaded balloon-ads…

  • That is one bad looking logo

  • Oh I agree that this looks so cheap but hey, we are 8 months away from the event…
    I like the logo and the parachutes picture. About Buzz being the leader, I’m almost sure that another pictures will be released with other characters…

    For me it is going to be a year so much better that MMP year and I should go to DLRP next summer, untill that, I’ll be waiting for more news about NGF (New Generation Festival).

    PS: Oh I hope they put the castle back with no decorations…

  • Hmm, I have mixed feelings on this. I really don’t like the green writing on the word “generation”, it really stands out – in a bad way!
    That said, the logo with the characters is quite appealing – I’m glad to see Mickey on there!
    I’m a classic Disney fan, so I can’t say I’m greatly looking forward to this theme, although I can see why from a Disney marketing perspective it’s a good idea for the resort.
    Just why the slimy green writing?!

  • Am I the only one to niotice that the green “Generation” with its sparkling stars is a littl bit Princess and the frog like ?

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