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Late-night shopping – with 15% discount

Friday, 11th September 2009 at 15:03

Late night shopping with 15% discountAny visitors feeling a little short-changed that the hours of Disneyland Park were shortened to 10pm for the last week of Summer 2009 were at least given an extra treat in return...,

For the first time in years, Disneyland Park didn’t make its Summer season a clean sweep of 11pm closures right through from July to August. For the week of 24th – 30th August 2009, guests would hear the park closing announcements at 10pm, instead.

The real turn of events were hardly dissimilar to every other week of the season, however, as anyone who has following the resort’s hugely unpopular “limited attraction hours” programme this Summer will know. Several of the smaller attractions still opened late and closed early, at the same hours. And, rather than performing at 22:25, Disney’s Fantillusion rolled out just 25 minutes earlier, bang on the advertised closing time of 10pm, with The Enchanted Fireworks following soon after at around 22:35.

Late night shopping with 15% discount

But perhaps sensing that these slightly earlier showtimes would give visitors less time to browse the park’s boutiques beforehand, a popular old trick was pulled out again — late night store openings.

As advertised at each and every entrance turnstile, and at many of the shops in question, the stores of Main Street, U.S.A. along with Constellations and Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building, near the entrances of Discoveryland and Frontierland respectively, kept their doors open until gone 11pm. Such a tactic has been used many times before, such as during busy Halloween and Christmas periods when the park’s high attendance contrasts with shorter hours.

Even better, if you’d happened to do a little shopping earlier in the evening, a brand new ploy would be handed right to you — a voucher for 15% off your next purchase totalling €30 euros or more that same night, after 9.30pm. The ticket was printed automatically along with all receipts.

Late night shopping with 15% discount

This is the very first time that Disneyland Paris have offered such merchandise discounts to the general public, coming after tests earlier this year saw the resort’s new tills (now identical at every single payment location) printing out vouchers for free hot drinks at various counter service locations.

At a time when the resort is reporting much lower guest spending, late-night shopping and a hefty 15% discount was a pleasingly pro-active way to keep the tills ringing.

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  • I had something similar to this, this last week as when having food from Videopolis we were given a voucher between the hours of 1500-1900 to get a free 40cl drink from a varity of food outlets it was very good i thought :D

  • The only thing was – you couldn’t use it with your annual passport discount, I asked. But the free drinks offer was useful on a hot day.

  • I had the drinks vouchers too. Unfortunately only read the voucher on the last day (were there for 3 days) and gave it to someone.

  • I cannot believe how badly DLP are screwing over their guests this year. Some people specifically pick that week because of the hours and a final blow out of summer. I am livid with how little regard the management team have for their guests. And in the current climate, they should be thankful people are choosing them.

    I no longer am, and it is not for financial reasons.

  • David Heremans  5th October 2009, 08:06

    Dave – we continue to feel the same way – I remember both of us being absolutely fanatic in our visits, and am happy to see that I’m not the only one concluding the same…

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