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How much does a Disney Village Starbucks cost?

Friday, 11th September 2009 at 15:40

Starbucks CoffeeSince the new, most eco-friendly Starbucks Coffee in Europe opened its doors at Disney Village in June, it's the question on everyone's caffeine-parched lips: how much will it set me back?,

The multinational chain is already known for its high prices, so that combined with the strong Euro and prominent Disney location risked an inflated price rather too high for many regular guests — though you wouldn’t know it from the queues stretching back to the door for most of the day, particularly after park closing.

Starbucks Coffee

Still wondering? We snapped a quick photo just for you:

Starbucks Coffee
(click and zoom in to check out most of the prices)

Your Grande Latte or Cappuccino costs €3.90, whilst the simpler Americano is priced down at €2.80. Frappuccinos are up at €4.50 and above, Viennese hot chocolates priced from €3.60.

How are those prices for you? For comparison, a regular 40cl Nescafé in the parks will cost you €2.60, with a new 60cl option available for €3.00. Depending on your view of coffee, 90 cents or so might actually be a small premium to pay for a rather more “real” cup…

Pictures: DLRP Today.com

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  • I used my annual passport and got -10% discount and the staff are very nice!
    Well done Starbucks!

  • It is well worth the extra for real coffee. I refused the Disney coffee even when it was free on my last visit

  • It seems that the price are nearly identical with Starbucks at Wiesbaden, Germany.
    I just had a Mocca Blanc (tall) for 3,90€.

  • Absolute disgrace, £1.40 (Euro 1.54) for an Americano locally, here in the London suburbs.

  • David Heremans  5th October 2009, 08:01

    Don’t forget that the British Pound is at an historic low now! £1.40 was worth €2.10 a while ago ;) Perhaps you Brits should consider joining the Euro after all (I still don’t understand why you didnt’ in the first place…) – would keep me from having to exchange money each time I visit London myself!

    So blame your ministers for not wanting to joing the EURO when everything went great for the GBP… That decision now unfortunately makes you weaker in an international financial context… (not bad for me though – I can go to London MUCH cheaper now ;) )

  • yes greece is really making us regret now :) i don’t think it’s that bad a price. can anyone tell me if they sell the same sort of food as they do in the uk?

  • I’m from USA…does anyone know if the Starbucks take gift cards in France?

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