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Refreshing new views on the magic kingdom

Saturday, 15th August 2009 at 00:34

ImageTime for a little diversion... As the the real-life parks continue to be snubbed for photoshopped scenes and garish character designs, it's refreshing to see a new -- if very limited -- series of views from the most beautiful Magic Kingdom of them all.,

Popping up out of nowhere, and only so far on the German press website, these few images are a rare delight worth sharing. Apparently someone, somewhere, realised that there’s a luscious, extraordinary Disney park behind whatever theme year is currently being peddled.

Looking through the latest official brochure (PDF), you could be forgiven for thinking the park was yet to open its gates with the airbrushed, photoshopped and hazy imagery filling page after page. Between the huge, fake images of the Mickey’s Magical Party events being previewed, guests are given little to no real glimpse at the parks themselves.

Well, flying cowboys! Is this really Disneyland Paris?

Of course, there is reason for this — since the start of the 15th Anniversary, the resort has been on a new drive to promote limited-timed offers and calls to action.

People were found to wait until their children were older before visiting, whilst Disneyland wanted their custom now. But how are these potential guests to know that this place really is so beautiful, so much better than any other theme park on the continent, and worth the high prices listed on later pages?

Images like these might help…


Several of the photos focus on Frontierland, with an eerie mist rolling around Phantom Manor and the Molly Brown standing proudly in the dock.


Even classic E-Tickets, like Phantom Manor itself, rarely seem to be given much attention these days. The opening of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was criminally glossed-over in favour of the extended 15th, the consensus simply being that this €180-million attraction wouldn’t be enough for the bookings to roll in — people would conclude that, unlike the anniversary events, “it’ll still be there in a few years” and postpone their trip.


As recently as 2001 and 2002, however, each land would be given its own lavish, themed page in the brochures, filled with photos of the environments, attractions and entertainment. After all, it’s these legendary attractions and the landscape of the park — the things designed and built by the Imagineers — that we visit time and time again for… isn’t it?


Say, the Disneyland Railroad majestically skirting its way around the greenery of the berm…


Or the spires, towers, walls, windows, tapestries and pure beauty of the Castle…


No wonder some people think we’re mad to be in love with Disneyland at our age, considering the “kids’ crèche” style of recent advertising, completely shunning any images like this gorgeous new view past the Walt’s restaurant sign…


Or this stunning, elevated view right down Main Street, U.S.A...


You can click any of these new official images above for a large 1600px version. We’ll probably never see them make the brochures or advertising, so go on — stick them on your desktop and show people what Disneyland Paris is really like.

Pictures © Disney.

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  • Oh how I agree!!

  • Stunning pictures! With all the stuff being said and being maybe not the best choices overall, it’s still is one magical place!

  • Disney had better be careful because with their over reliance on targeted a childrens market, the appeal to adults who travel without kids is being lost. Halloween is a good example went in 2006 it was fantastic and creepy and unique, then in 2007 it was child focused, just come back and again it didn’t satisfy as it has in the past. I remeber the day when shows and parades when requiring participation would call up grandma, the kids, Nicole and Papa but now its purely driven towards a childrens audience and market perhaps when the kids go free promotion is over this will change?

  • the picture of Main street is beautiful – but is also giving away a problem the parks has had for years. No trolley, no cars, no caracters roaming this street. Empty. Just shouting banners of a noisy and uninteresting party that does not belong in this themepark.
    There is lots of quality stil available, but it used to be so much better!!!!


  • stunning pictures! it shows a more ‘grown up’ side to the park.

  • I am so glad I am not alone in these thoughts. DLP used to be a place for the whole family to have fun together, where the attractions opened at rope drop and closed at the publicised closing time (and sometimes even later). Much better than all the photoshopping and lousy kid focused approach. Walt designed the original Disneyland to be a place for the whole family to have fun, and in Paris, Tony Baxter plussed it. Shame that the management team in Paris has forgotten this.

  • Beautiful photos!

  • Brilliant photos! This shows disneyland is for grown ups too! The photo of main street in particular is really special! Only another 13 months to go 4 me to be there again!!!!

  • I couldn’t agree more… It is like they’re afraid of themselves somehow. The total reliance on their movie franchises and characters is just as pathetic as the fact that they don’t dare to show the beauty and perfectionism of the original park. Stunning theming, original attractions and great shows (like the original Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show)…

    It’s that why I keep coming, I’m not dropping by and spend a few hundred bucks or Euro’s to see some characters jump up and down at the end of Main Street… Those characters, of course, are important, but they are not the core of the park, they are only the finishing touches. Please Disney, never forget that!

    Seeing those pictures would draw me in, I would want to see the real thing. Even as a little kid, I wanted to go to Disneyland, because I’ve seen some beautiful pictures of it on TV in reports, not because I’ve seen some dumb advertising with happy characters all around. Walt Disney himself did know how to interest people in new things, with his show Disneyland he created interest in that thing in Anaheim he was building… maybe some marketing managers should have a look at that period, it might still work today… Actually, I would bet a lot of money on it, that it would work a lot better than the marketing bling they’re trying to push down your throat today.

    The whole Disney’s Magical Party is pathetic in it’s own right though. Even as a kid I wouldn’t be interested in it… What’s there to see? A redressed castle that EVERYBODY seems to hate? A yeah, those dancing characters… Not just once, but twice: on Central Plaza AND in Discoveryland… yeah, that’s what little kids want…

    Additionally, those TV spots they’re showing are outright awful, they’re clearly targeted at 6 year olds… Is that the audience Disney is targeting? 6 year olds? I’d rather go to one of the Plopsalands in Belgium then. They even don’t manage to show the right castle in the end of the advertisements, like it doesn’t care anyway…

  • Going again in November we travel to DLRP twice a year for a week and we love it soo much, even as adults the most magical place ever and we are looking forward to some real Christmas magic!!!

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